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The upcoming match of USFLs Houston Gamblers VS Pittsburgh Maulers is sure to give you a thrilling experience. This Saturday, These two powerhouses are in a clash for the first time this season. The match will occur at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, kicking off at 10 PM GMT+6 (USA) on June 03. Both teams have shown great gameplay this season. Here, We’ll discuss how to watch USFL – Houston gamblers vs Pittsburgh Maulers live stream. Also cover predictions, overviews, rosters, team, and key player stats.

How to Watch USFL – Houston Gamblers VS Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream

This USFL – Houston Gamblers vs Pittsburgh Mauler’s match will be officially broadcasted on USA Network. Moreover, Streaming services like PeacockTV, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Most of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. All these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly!

USFL – Houston Gamblers VS Pittsburgh Maulers Prediction and Overview

Houston Gamblers (4-3 · 4TH IN SOUTH)

The Houston Gamblers are one of the strongest titans of the USFL this season. At the earliest of the season, the gamblers lost their first 2 games against the Panthers and Breakers. But starting from week 3, The Gamblers started overpowering others. The Gamblers made a streak of winning 4 games, defeating the Showboats, Stars, Stallions, and Generals.  

The Houston Gamblers kept a phenomenal record of a 4-game winning streak this season. But last week, The Showboats took revenge and broke Gamblers’ steak. 

Showboats 23, Gamblers 20

Top Moments!

Following a delayed commencement, the defense of the Houston Gamblers initiated the game with an interception made by Manny Bunch, resulting in a field goal during Houston’s initial offensive possession.

Subsequent to a 45-yard kick return accomplished by Memphis speedster Derrick Dillon, the Showboats’ offensive unit embarked on a nine-play drive covering 50 yards, culminating in a five-yard touchdown pass executed by Caleb Kelley to Vinny Popale.

Memphis led 7-3 at the end of 1st quarter.

In the later stages of the first half, Greg Reaves seized an intercepted pass, which had been tipped, placing the Showboats’ offensive unit in an excellent position to potentially score. Leading Showboats 13-6 at the half.

Isaiah Zuber made of Houston made a 35-yard kick return that provided the team with a favorable field position later in the third quarter.

Nevertheless, the defense of Memphis emerged victorious, successfully preventing Houston from advancing and forcing them to punt. This conclusion of the fourth quarter resulted in the Showboats maintaining a 16-6 lead.

Houston’s fortunes turned around when Kenji Bahar connected with Josh Pederson on a 34-yard completion, placing them just one yard away from the Memphis end zone.

Mark Thompson made a 1-yard touchdown. Leading to 16-13 at the halfway of the fourth quarter.

During a crucial three-play drive covering 28 yards, Houston’s Tim Bonner made a crucial recovery after a forced fumble on a long third-down attempt. This turnover provided Houston’s offense with a favorable starting position at Memphis’ 19-yard line.

After three plays, Mark Thomson made an impressive 20-yard touchdown. This was his second TD of the day, giving gamblers their first lead of the day, 20-16.

Caleb Kelley connected with Dilon for an electrifying 64-yard touchdown pass. This propelled Memphis back into the lead, surpassing Houston by 3 points with only 1:32 minutes remaining.

In a last-ditch effort by Houston, T.J. Green made a crucial interception, sealing Memphis’ fourth consecutive victory.

The Houston Gamblers might have lost the streak but didn’t lose their hopes. There is a high chance that the next gameplay will be conquered by the Gamblers. As the offense and defense of Houston are pretty strong, the Pittsburgh Maulers will have to give a tough fight to win.  

Pittsburgh Maulers (2-5 · 4TH IN NORTH)

The Pittsburgh Maulers are having a tough time this season. With a winning record of 2 and a losing record of 5, Maulers are in 4th position in the North. Last week, Pittsburgh was defeated by the Philadelphia Stars by 37-31. 

Stars 37, Maulers 31

Top Moments!

After Stars wide receiver, Terry Wright returned the opening kickoff to the Maulers’ 47-yard line, the Stars took advantage of the favorable field position. During the sixth play of the drive, Matt Colburn II charged through Pittsburgh’s defense, gaining 22 yards and advancing the ball to the 1-yard line. Subsequently, Colburn swiftly ran in a touchdown on the following play.

The Maulers quickly responded by regaining seven points on their initial possession.

After advancing the ball into Philadelphia territory, Pittsburgh successfully converted a crucial fourth-and-2 situation with quarterback Troy Williams connecting with tight end Matt Seybert for an 11-yard completion. Continuing the drive, running back Madre London showcased impressive agility and maneuvered his way through the defense for a 23-yard run. This set the stage for Bailey Gaither, who carried the ball into the end zone just two plays later, adding to the Maulers’ point tally.

Once again, Terry Wright made a significant impact on the field by returning the ensuing kickoff for the Maulers, bringing the ball out to their 37-yard line. Subsequently, the Pittsburgh defense successfully halted Philadelphia’s offense, resulting in a stalled drive. Ultimately, the Maulers settled for a 30-yard field goal by Luis Aguilar to add three points to their score.

The game had an exciting beginning indeed. 

Following Philadelphia’s field goal, Pittsburgh swiftly turned the tide in their favor on the subsequent kickoff. Josh Simmons made an impressive 88-yard touchdown run, propelling the Maulers into the lead. As a result, the first quarter concluded with the Maulers holding a 14-10 advantage.

Luis Aguilar successfully made a 45-yard field goal. Moreover, the Stars gained possession of the ball beyond midfield due to a costly mistake by the Maulers. Which allowed the Stars to take advantage of the situation.

During the play, quarterback Troy Williams attempted to pass the ball to fullback Mason Stokke. However, Stokke fumbled the pass, causing it to be bobbled, and resulting in an interception by Stars cornerback Stanford Samuels III. Samuels then ran the intercepted pass back to the Maulers’ 43-yard line.

Despite the interception and the promising field position, the Stars encountered difficulties during the snap and hold for a field goal attempt by Luis Aguilar. As a result, they were unable to convert the interception into points during that particular sequence.

The Maulers successfully took advantage of Philadelphia’s mistake and converted the opportunity into their third touchdown of the game.

On the 8th play of the drive, QB Troy Williams connected with Isiah Hennie. Which resulted in a 17-yard touchdown.

Following the kickoff, Stars tight end Ryan Izzo returned it to the Maulers’ 48-yard line. The Stars benefited from a couple of defensive penalties, which aided them in advancing down the field. At last, while on the drive, quarterback Case Cookus successfully linked up with wide receiver Samuel Akem, who reached the ball across the goal line, resulting in a touchdown.

Before halftime, the Maulers managed to add points to their tally when Lirim Hajrullahu kicked the ball out of bounds, resulting in a penalty. This advantageous field position led to kicker Chris Blewitt successfully converting a 49-yard field goal for Pittsburgh. As a result, the Maulers held a 24-20 lead heading into halftime. To start the second half, Josh Simmons of the Maulers returned the opening kickoff beyond midfield. However, Samuel Akem managed to strip the ball from Simmons, and Amani Dennis of the Stars recovered the loose ball, running it back to the Maulers’ 47-yard line.

On the third play of the ensuing drive, Mauler’s safety Arnold Tarpley III intercepted a pass by Stars quarterback Case Cookus in the end zone, halting the Stars’ offensive progression.

In the late stages of the third quarter, Chris Blewitt of the Maulers missed a 54-yard field goal attempt. Seizing the opportunity, the Stars quickly capitalized on the subsequent possession. On the very next play, quarterback Case Cookus connected with Corey Coleman, who found himself wide open, resulting in a 56-yard touchdown reception. This touchdown allowed Philadelphia to regain the lead, with the score standing at 27-24 in their favor as the third quarter concluded.

Following a successful defensive stand that forced a three-and-out for Pittsburgh, Case Cookus found wide receiver Devin Gray with a pass. Gray showcased impressive agility by evading a tackle near the sideline and managing to stay in bounds, ultimately gaining 56 yards. Building on this momentum, the Stars orchestrated a six-play drive that culminated in a second touchdown run by Matt Colburn. As a result, the Stars obtained a 10-point lead in the game.

Carson Taylor showed his skills again by ending Pittsburgh’s drive.

Despite being pinned at their own 2-yard line by Pittsburgh, Philadelphia managed to navigate their way out of trouble and avoid a potentially dangerous situation. Meanwhile, quarterback Case Cookus encountered a personal mishap as he lost his wedding ring during the game.

Following a punt by the Stars, Isiah Hennie of the Maulers took advantage of the opportunity and returned the punt all the way down to the Stars’ 1-yard line. Demonstrating excellent field position, the Maulers swiftly capitalized on the advantageous situation. Just one play later, Garrett Groshek powered through the defense and scored a touchdown from the goal line.

The Maulers were unable to convert on the alternative kickoff attempt. Although they managed to limit Philadelphia to a field goal on the subsequent drive, Pittsburgh struggled to assemble a successful touchdown drive that would have given them the lead.

The Pittsburgh Maulers’ head coach Ray Horton should make some changes in the defense strategy as the Gamblers’ offense is very strong. Moreover, encouraging the offense to make big plays can lead to a winning position. 

USFL – Houston Gamblers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Team and Key Player Stats

Team Stats – Houston Gamblers vs Pittsburgh Maulers

Stats Houston Gamblers (2ND IN NORTH) Pittsburgh Maulers (3RD IN NORTH)
PASSING YARDS / GAME 180.3 137.0
THIRD DOWN % 52.4 27.5
YARDS / GAME 298.1 231.0
TURNOVER +/- -3 2


Key Players Stats – Houston Gamblers vs Pittsburgh Maulers


Houston Gamblers


Kenji Bahar QBPassing Yards 1181, Touchdowns 7. 

Mark Thompson Rushing Yards 416, Rushing Touchdowns 11.

Justin Hall – Receiving Yards 374, Receiving Touchdowns 4. 

Nick Vogel – Kicking points 40.

Anthony Ratliff-Williams – Kick Return Yards 410.

Justin Hall – Punt Return Yards 122. 

Manny Bunch – Interceptions 1.

Khalan Tolson – Total Tackles 66.

Reggie Walker – Sacks 4.0.

Mark Thompson – Points 66.

Anthony Ratliff-Williams –  All-Purpose Yards 634.

Nick Vogel –  Kickoff Touchbacks 2.

Hunter Niswander – Punt Net Avg 35.1.


Pittsburgh Maulers


Troy Williams QB – Passing Yards 880, Touchdowns 4. 

Troy Williams QB – Rushing Yards 258, Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Isiah Hennie WR – Receiving Yards 293, Receiving Touchdowns 2. 

Chris Blewitt K – Kicking points 39.

Josh Simmons WR – Kick Return Yards 683.

Isiah Hennie WR – Punt Return Yards 252.

Arnold Tarpley III S – Interceptions 2.

Kyahva Tezino LB – Total Tackles 77.

Olive Sagapolu DL – Sacks 4.0.

Chris Blewitt K – Points 39.

Josh Simmons WR –  All-Purpose Yards 752.

Chris Blewitt K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 2.

Matt Mengel P – Punt Net Avg 37.1.


USFL – Houston Gamblers VS Pittsburgh Maulers Roster 


Houston Gamblers Pittsburgh Maulers
OFFENSE Julian Allen #0 TE Myron Cunningham #74 T
Kenji Bahar #11 QB


Xavier Dampeer #52 C
Brandon Barnes #8 TE


Jon Dietzen #67 G
Nick Buchanan #66 C Tre’Quan Dorsey #69 T
Keke Chism #81 WR Justin Evans #51 T
Montell Cozart #6 QB Bailey Gaither #4 WR
Avery Gennesy #74 OL Duane Gary #21 RB
Justin Hall #17 WR Garrett Groshek #37 RB
Tyler Higby #77 G Isiah Hennie #17 WR
Brandon Hitner #78 T


Ishmael Hyman #14 WR
Braylon Jones #52 C


Leon Johnson #62 T
Shermari Jones #4 RB Madre London #9 RB
Jair Joseph #65 G Artayvious Lynn #85 TE
Bamidele Olaseni #0 T Jalen McCleskey #13 WR
Tyler Palka #16 WR James Morgan #12 QB
Josh Pederson #85 TE Brayden Patton #58 C
T.J. Pledger #29 RB Terry Poole #68 T
Rodell Rahmaan #86 TE


Connor Sampson #15 QB
Anthony Ratliff-Williams #1 WR Matt Seybert #80 TE
Teo Redding #9 WR Josh Simmons #38 WR
Na’Ty Rodgers #51 T


Mason Stokke #44 FB
Aaron Shampklin #32 RB Colby Thomas #50 G
Clint Sigg Jr. #42 TE C.J. Turner #13 WR
Jordan Steckler #72 T


Tre Walker #89 WR
Mark Thompson #7 RB Troy Williams #11 QB
Terry Wilson #3 QB
Isaiah Zuber #21 WR
DEFENSE Josh Avery #92 DT Terry Beckner Jr. #91 DT
Ronheen Bingham #15 LB


Malcolm Elmore #20 S
Tim Bonner #45 DE Reuben Foster #10 LB
Manny Bunch #22 S Mark Gilbert #30 DB
Isaiah Chambers #40 DE Keith Gipson Jr. #5 CB
Damion Daniels #99 DT Tyson Graham Jr. #27 LB
Nick Grant #20CB Sedevyn Gray #29 DB
Eli Howard #95 DE Izayah Green-May #99 DE 
Jeffery Johnson #55 DT


Malcolm Howard #6 LB
Jeremiah Johnson #2 S Ferlando Jordan #23 CB
Elijah Jones #33 CB Shedrick Kirk #34 CB
Bydarrius Knighten #5 CB Xavier Lewis #22 DB
Dayan Lake #25 S Will Miles #92 DT
Isaiah Lewis #23 S Christopher Okoye #90 DT
Chigozie Nnoruka #93 DT Nasir Player #95 DE
Ikenna Onwuasoanya #92 DT Boogie Roberts #8 DL
Isaiah Pryor #30 LB Olive Sagapolu #94 DL
Donald Rutledge Jr. #38 DB Beau Tanner #0 DB
Kristjan Sokoli #90 DT


Arnold Tarpley III #2 S
Andrew Soroh #14 S Vaughn Taylor Jr. #56 DE
Marcel Spears Jr. #27 LB Kyahva Tezino #31 LB
Guy Thomas #50 DE Bryce Torneden #1 S
Khalan Tolson #44 LB Eli Walker #3 S
J.T. Tyler #18 LB Dale Warren #45 LB
Reggie Walker #59 DE


Savion Williams #98 DT
Malcolm Washington #10 CB
SPECIAL TEAMS Andrew Galitz #13 P Luke Barnes #40 LS
Hunter Niswander #94 P Chris Blewitt #7 K
Ross Reiter #57 LS Riley Lovingood #46 LS
Nick Vogel #19 K Matt Mengel #19 P


The match of USFL – Houston Gamblers vs Pittsburgh Maulers is sure to give you goosebumps. Both teams are prepared to clash on the battlefield this Saturday, June 03. Again reminder, the game will take place at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium at 10 PM GMT+6 (USA). The Houston Gamblers are well prepared to take the rage on the Pittsburgh Maulers, While the Maulers are ready to take down the Gamblers. So make some space in your bucket list, this electrifying match is something you wouldn’t wanna miss!

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