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The upcoming UFC 291 event, Poirier vs Gaethje 2, is set to take place on July 29, 2023, at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, united states. Fans can witness this exciting mixed martial arts event by watching it live on tv.

To get the best information on how to watch ufc 291 live, follow the tv guide provided. The ultimate fighting championship (ufc) is producing this event, which promises thrilling fights between some of the top fighters in the sport. Don’t miss out on the action ‚Äď watch ufc 291 live on July 29, 2023.


Why You Should Watch UFC 291 Live: Poirier Vs. Gaethje 2

Exciting Rematch Between Two Top-Ranked Lightweight Fighters

The upcoming ufc 291 event is set to feature an electrifying rematch between two of the top-ranked lightweight fighters in the world, Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. This highly anticipated fight is a second showdown between the two warriors, with their first encounter ending in a thrilling knockout victory for Poirier.

The intriguing storyline behind this rematch adds an extra layer of excitement to an already action-packed event.

Here are the key points about this exciting rematch:

  • Poirier vs. Gaethje 2:¬†This fight marks the second time these two fighters will meet inside the octagon. Their first clash was a fierce battle that left fans on the edge of their seats, and the anticipation for their rematch is through the roof.
  • Explosive fighting styles:¬†Both Poirier and gaethje are known for their explosive fighting styles, showcasing a mix of striking and grappling techniques. Their aggressive approach to fighting guarantees an all-out brawl that fans won’t want to miss.
  • Title implications:¬†With both fighters ranked among the top contenders in the lightweight division, this bout holds significant implications for the title picture. A victory for either Poirier or Gaethje could put them one step closer to a title shot, making the stakes even higher.

Importance Of Live Viewing Experience For Die-Hard UFC Fans

For die-hard ufc fans, there is nothing quite like watching the fights unfold in real time. The live viewing experience offers excitement and connection that cannot be replicated by watching a recorded event. Here are the reasons why watching ufc 291 live is a must for true fans:

  • Immersive atmosphere:¬†Being part of a live audience or tuning in from the comfort of your home allows you to soak up the electric atmosphere that surrounds each fight. The crowd’s energy, the anticipation between rounds, and the reactions to every strike and submission create an unparalleled viewing experience.
  • Sense of community:¬†Watching ufc events live often involves gathering with friends and fellow enthusiasts or engaging with the online community. Sharing the thrill of the fights, predicting outcomes, and discussing the action with other fans enhances the overall experience and fosters a sense of camaraderie.
  • Unexpected moments:¬†MMA fights are notorious for their unpredictable nature. Whether it’s an astonishing knockout, a surprising submission, or an underdog rising to the occasion, live events offer the chance to witness these unforgettable moments as they happen before they become viral highlights.

Where To Watch The Event And Tips For An Enjoyable Viewing Experience

To ensure you have the best viewing experience possible, here are a few tips and options for catching ufc 291: Poirier vs. Gaethje 2:

  • Pay-per-view (PPV):¬†The ufc offers its events through PPV platforms, allowing fans to watch the fights live in their homes. Check with your local cable or satellite provider for event ordering details.
  • Streaming services:¬†If you prefer a digital option, various streaming services offer access to ufc fights. Popular platforms like espn+ and ufc fight Pass provide live streaming options, giving you the freedom to watch on your preferred device.
  • Sports bars and pubs:¬†Many sports bars and pubs broadcast major ufc events, creating a lively atmosphere for fans to come together and enjoy the fights. Check with local establishments in your area to see if they will show ufc 291.

To ensure an enjoyable viewing experience, here are a few tips:

  • Plan:¬†Be sure to secure your viewing option before the last minute. Make sure you have the necessary subscriptions, or find a local venue in advance.
  • Gather fellow fans:¬†Watching ufc fights with fellow enthusiasts adds to the excitement. Invite friends or join a watch party to amplify the experience.
  • Prepare snacks and drinks:¬†Set the mood with delicious snacks and refreshing beverages to keep you fueled throughout the event.
  • Please familiarize yourself with the fighters:¬†Brush up on Poirier and Gaethje’s fighting styles, records, and previous performances to fully appreciate their skills and techniques during the fight.

With this exciting rematch, the importance of experiencing the event live, and tips for an enjoyable viewing experience, you now have all the information needed to make the most out of ufc 291: Poirier vs. Gaethje 2. Take advantage of this thrilling night of mixed martial arts action.

An Overview Of The Exciting Matchups

Highlighting The Main Event: Poirier Vs. Gaethje 2

Get ready for an electrifying showdown in mixed martial arts as ufc 291 presents an epic rematch between two phenomenal fighters – Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje. Scheduled to take place on July 29, 2023, at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, this is a battle no fight fan will want to miss.

Here’s a closer look at the main event and what makes it so exciting:

  • Dustin Poirier:¬†Poirier is a force to be reckoned with in the lightweight division. He has an impressive record and a versatile fighting style that combines technical prowess with raw power. Known for his devastating striking and well-rounded skills, Poirier is always a threat inside the octagon.
  • Justin Gaethje:¬†Gaethje, on the other hand, is an explosive and relentless fighter who never fails to entertain the crowd. With a reputation for his thrilling brawls and knockout power, he has quickly become a fan favourite. Gaethje’s aggressive style and striking ability make him a formidable opponent for anyone who steps into the cage with him.
  • The rematch:¬†Poirier and gaethje have previously faced each other in an unforgettable battle, with Poirier emerging victorious. Now, they are set to meet again in a highly anticipated rematch. Both fighters have grown and evolved since their last encounter, making this rematch even more intriguing. The stakes are high, and both will be aiming to leave a lasting impression in this second showdown.
  • Potential outcomes:¬†With two elite fighters like Poirier and Gaethje, the possibilities for this main event are endless. Will Poirier’s technical skills be the key to victory again, or will Gaethje’s relentless aggression be too much to handle? Only time will tell. One thing is certain- this match guarantees explosive action, heart-stopping moments, and a fierce battle for supremacy.

Key Fights To Watch Out For On The Undercard

While the main event steals the spotlight, the undercard for ufc 291 is stacked with exciting matchups bound to deliver thrilling moments. Here are a few fights you wouldn’t want to miss:

  • Rising stars clash:¬†Two up-and-coming fighters will go head-to-head in a showdown that could launch their careers to new heights. These young prospects will leave no stone unturned as they battle for recognition and a chance to prove themselves in the ultimate proving ground.
  • Title implications:¬†The undercard features bouts that significantly affect the championship picture in their respective divisions. As contenders face off, the stage is set for potential title shots and a chance to solidify their positions among the elite.
  • Clash of styles:¬†In a sport as diverse as mma, the clash of different fighting styles is always intriguing. On the undercard, you can expect to witness contrasting approaches to the game, pitting strikers against grapplers or technicians against brawlers. These stylistic clashes often showcase the beauty and depth of mixed martial arts.
  • Fight of the night potential:¬†Every fight card has that one matchup that promises an all-out war inside the octagon. These fights have the potential to steal the show and leave fans on the edge of their seats. Keep an eye out for those bouts that have the ingredients for an epic battle – intense rivalries, evenly-matched opponents, and a history of exciting performances.

Analysis Of The Fighters’ Styles And Potential Outcomes

As fight fans, we love to dissect and analyze the fighters’ styles and anticipate how each matchup could unfold. Let’s take a closer look at some of the key fighters competing in ufc 291 and speculate on the potential outcomes:

  • Striking specialists:¬†When it comes to fighters with outstanding striking skills, expect explosive exchanges and highlight-reel knockouts. These fighters possess lightning-fast hands, devastating kicks, and impeccable timing. The outcome of their bouts often hangs in the balance, with a single strike capable of ending the fight in an instant.
  • Elite grapplers:¬†Some fighters excel in grappling, with techniques ranging from dominant wrestling to slick Brazilian jiu-jitsu. These specialists have a knack for controlling their opponents on the ground, seeking submissions or ground-and-pound opportunities. We can anticipate high-level grappling engagements in their matchups, with the potential for submission finishes or gritty displays of defensive prowess.
  • Well-rounded warriors:¬†Certain fighters showcase a well-rounded skill set, combining striking, grappling, and defence seamlessly. These versatile athletes are a joy to watch as they seamlessly transition between different facets of the game. Their bouts often offer unpredictable outcomes, as their ability to adapt and capitalize on openings can swing the fight in their favour.

With ufc 291 just around the corner, excitement is building for a night of thrilling fights and memorable moments. The main event between Poirier and gaethje promises to be a clash of titans, while the undercard showcases rising stars, stylistic clashes, and potential show-stealers.

Get ready for a night of adrenaline-pumping action as the octagon comes alive in salt lake city!

How To Get The Most Out Of The Viewing Experience

Ufc 291 is just around the corner, and for fight fans, it’s an event you will want to attend. Dustin Poirier and Justin gaethje will face off in a highly-anticipated rematch that promises to be a battle for the ages.

But to truly get the most out of the viewing experience, there are a few things you’ll want to keep in mind. From planning to selecting the right viewing platform and optimizing your internet connection, here’s how you can ensure a smooth and unforgettable ufc 291 live-streaming experience.

The Importance Of Planning For A Live UFC Event:

  • Check the date and time:¬†Make sure you know when the event is taking place so you can clear your schedule and be available to watch it live.
  • Find a reliable source:¬†Research reputable websites or platforms that offer live ufc streaming to avoid any last-minute disappointments.
  • Prepare your viewing setup:¬†Ensure your device, whether a computer, smartphone, or smart tv, is in good working condition and has a stable internet connection. Clear up storage space and update any necessary software or apps in advance.

Selecting The Right Viewing Platform And Subscription Options:

  • Choose a licensed broadcaster:¬†Opt for a legal and authorized streaming service to avoid legal or copyright issues.
  • Consider your budget:¬†Evaluate different subscription options to find one that fits your budget and offers the channels or streaming platforms that broadcast ufc events.
  • Look for additional features:¬†Some platforms may offer extras like pre and post-fight analysis, behind-the-scenes content, or social interaction with fellow fight fans. Consider what additional features enhance your viewing experience.

Tips For Optimizing Your Internet Connection For Smooth Streaming:

  • Speed and stability are key:¬†Ensure you have a reliable internet connection with sufficient bandwidth to handle live streaming without buffering or lagging issues.
  • Close unnecessary applications:¬†Close any unused apps or browser tabs to reduce the strain on your internet connection and prioritize bandwidth for the ufc 291 live stream.
  • Wired connection over Wi-Fi:¬†Whenever possible, connect your device directly to your router with an ethernet cable for a more stable and faster connection.
  • Disable background downloads/uploads:¬†Pause any ongoing downloads or uploads on your network to prevent interference and ensure the best possible streaming experience.
  • Consider using a virtual private network (VPN):¬†If you’re accessing the ufc 291 stream from a different country or region, a VPN can help bypass geo-restrictions and ensure uninterrupted viewing.

By planning ahead, selecting the right viewing platform, and optimizing your internet connection, you can make the most of your ufc 291 live-streaming experience. Prepare yourself for an adrenaline-filled showdown between Poirier and Gaethje as they step into the octagon again.

Get ready for an unforgettable night of mixed martial arts action!

A Closer Look At The Main Event Rematch

The highly anticipated rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin gaethje is set to take place at the upcoming ufc 291 event. As mixed martial arts fans eagerly await this thrilling matchup, let’s take a closer look at the main event and delve into the key aspects that make this rematch so intriguing.

Recap Of Their First Thrilling Encounter

In their initial bout, Poirier and gaethje delivered an unforgettable clash that left fans on the edge of their seats. Both fighters showcased their relentless fighting styles and incredible durability, resulting in a back-and-forth war that ultimately saw the Poirier emerge victorious with a fourth-round TKO.

This memorable encounter established a strong foundation for their rematch, fueling anticipation for what promises to be another electrifying showdown.

The Stakes For Both Fighters In The Rematch

For Poirier and Gaethje, this rematch holds significant importance in their careers. Poirier, who recently faced setbacks against the lightweight champion, is looking to reestablish himself as a top contender and potentially earn another shot at the coveted title.

On the other hand, Goethe aims to avenge his previous loss and solidify his position among the division’s elite. With so much on the line, both fighters will undoubtedly leave everything inside the octagon in pursuit of victory.

Analysis Of Their Fighting Styles And Potential Strategies

Both Poirier and Gaethje possess distinctive fighting styles that have earned them recognition as fan favourites. Poirier is known for his well-rounded skills, combining precise striking techniques with a formidable ground game. Gaethje, on the other hand, is renowned for his relentless pressure and ferocious striking, often overwhelming opponents with his aggressive approach.

In terms of potential strategies, Poirier may utilize his versatility by mixing up his attacks and utilizing his improved boxing and grappling skills to keep Gaethje guessing. Meanwhile, gaethje’s relentless forward pressure could prove challenging for Poirier to handle as he looks to impose his striking dominance and push the pace.

Both fighters possess exceptional durability, making it likely that this rematch will be another grueling battle. Each minute will be crucial as they seek to capitalize on any opportunity within the octagon.

As we eagerly anticipate ufc 291 and the Poirier vs. Gaethje 2 main event, it’s clear that this rematch holds immense excitement and anticipation. The victor will undoubtedly take a significant step forward in their career, while the fans are in for another epic clash between two elite fighters.

How To Make It A Memorable Group Viewing Experience

Are you excited about the upcoming ufc 291 event featuring the highly anticipated rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin Gaethje? Watching a ufc fight alone can be thrilling, but enjoying it with friends and fellow fight enthusiasts can take the excitement to a whole new level.

To make the most of this memorable group viewing experience, here are some tips and ideas to consider:

Inviting Friends Over And Setting Up A Viewing Party

  • Send out invitations:¬†Let your friends know about the event by sending personalized invitations. This can be done through social media, email, or even a group text message.
  • Choose a comfortable viewing space:¬†Ensure enough seating for everyone, with a clear view of the tv screen. Rearrange furniture if needed to create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.
  • Decorate the space:¬†Get into the ufc spirit by decorating the viewing area with ufc-themed posters, balloons, or even some streamers in the fighters’ respective colours.

Preparing Snacks And Drinks For An Enjoyable Ufc Night

  • Finger foods and appetizers:¬†Keep the munchies flowing throughout the night by preparing an array of easy-to-eat finger foods. Consider chicken wings, sliders, nachos, or a charcuterie board.
  • Themed cocktails/mocktails:¬†Enhance the ufc experience by creating some signature cocktails/mocktails inspired by the fighters or the sport. Label them creatively and provide a variety of non-alcoholic options as well.
  • Refreshments for everyone:¬†Remember to cater to your friends’ preferences. Have a variety of soft drinks, water, and juices available for those who choose not to consume alcohol.

Fun Games And Activities To Get Everyone Involved During The Event

  • Ufc trivia:¬†Test your friends’ knowledge about the sport with some ufc trivia questions. Prepare a list of questions related to ufc history, fighters, or memorable moments, and award prizes to those who answer correctly.
  • Pick the winner:¬†Before the fight begins, have each guest write down their prediction for the winner and the method of victory. Keep track of everyone’s choices and see who comes closest to the actual outcome at the end of the fight.
  • Ufc-themed photo booth:¬†Set up a mini photo booth area with ufc props like gloves, belts, and even a life-sized cutout of a fighter. Encourage your friends to take pictures and capture the excitement of the event.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your ufc 291 group viewing experience is entertaining and memorable. Prepare the viewing space, organize delicious snacks and drinks, and engage everyone with fun games and activities. Get ready for an epic night of ufc action with your friends! So start planning and make this event one for the books.

Insights On Making Informed Fight Predictions

How to watch ufc 291 live tv guide: Poirier vs. gaethje 2 is an upcoming mixed martial arts event produced by the ultimate fighting championship that will take place on July 29, 2023, at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, united states.

Researching The Fighters’ Recent Performances And Records

  • Analyzing the fighters’ recent performances and records is crucial for making informed flight predictions.
  • Look into the fighters’ win-loss records, noting any patterns or trends that may affect their upcoming performance.
  • Examine the fighters’ fighting styles, strengths, weaknesses, and ability to adapt to opponents.
  • Consider the fighters’ recent victories and losses, paying attention to the level of competition they faced.
  • Please take into account factors such as injuries, layoff periods, or changes in weight class that could impact their performance.
  • Research potential psychological factors, such as their mindset or motivation leading to the fight.
  • Stay updated on recent developments that could influence the fighters’ performance.

Factors To Consider When Placing Bets On UFC Matches

  • When placing bets on ufc matches, it’s important to consider various factors for better decision-making.
  • Examine the fighters’ skill sets, looking at their striking ability, grappling prowess, and overall MMA techniques.
  • Evaluate the fighters’ past performances against similar opponents or styles to anticipate how they might fare in the upcoming fight.
  • Take into account the venue and location of the fight, as well as any potential climate or altitude differences that could affect the fighters.
  • Consider the fighters’ injury history, as injuries can impact their performance and ability to execute their game plan.
  • Look at the fighters’ fighting styles and strategies, considering how they match up against each other.
  • Assess the judges’ criteria for scoring fights to understand how they might view and evaluate specific aspects of the fight.
  • Stay informed about recent changes or updates in the fighters’ training camps, coaching staff, or game plans.

Strategies For Managing Your Betting Budget Responsibly

  • Responsible management of your betting budget is essential to avoid unnecessary risks and potential financial losses.
  • Set a budget and stick to it. Determine the amount of money you are comfortable wagering and avoid exceeding that limit.
  • Divide your betting budget into smaller units and avoid betting large amounts on a single fight.
  • Consider using a betting strategy such as flat betting, where you consistently wager the same amount for each bet.
  • Analyze the odds and potential payouts to evaluate the risk-reward ratio before placing a bet.
  • Avoid emotional betting and ensure your decisions are based on sound analysis and research.
  • Keep track of your bets and results to evaluate your performance and identify any trends or adjustments needed.
  • Consider setting specific betting goals and adjusting your strategy based on your progress.

Remember, researching the fighters’ recent performances and records, considering various factors when placing bets, and responsibly managing your betting budget are essential to making informed fight predictions. By thoroughly analyzing the fighters, evaluating key factors, and adopting a responsible approach to betting, you can enhance your chances of success in predicting ufc matches.

Uncovering The Impact Of Ufc 291

Ufc 291: Poirier vs. gaethje 2 is set to be an adrenaline-pumping mixed martial arts event produced by the ultimate fighting championship. Taking place on July 29, 2023, at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, this rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin gaethje has fans eager to witness the action-packed showdown.

In this blog post section, we’ll delve into the impact of ufc 291, covering the breakdown of the main event and other significant fights, fighter interviews and reactions following the event, and the implications for the lightweight division and future matchups.

Breakdown Of The Main Event And Other Significant Fights

  • Dustin Poirier vs. Justin gaethje 2:¬†This highly-anticipated rematch promises a fierce battle between two relentless fighters. As they step into the octagon again, Poirier and Gaethje will be vying for victory and redemption. Fans can expect nonstop action and an intense clash of striking skills mixed with grappling exchanges.
  • Co-main event:¬†Apart from the main event, ufc 291 boasts an impressive lineup of other significant fights that are sure to captivate audiences. These bouts will showcase the talents of emerging fighters and established names in the world of mixed martial arts. Each matchup presents an opportunity for fighters to prove themselves and make their mark on this thrilling night of competition.

Fighter Interviews And Reactions Following The Event

  • Insightful interviews:¬†Following ufc 291, fans can look forward to post-fight interviews with the winners, losers, and notable fighters from the event. These interviews offer unique perspectives and insights into the mindset, strategies, and emotions experienced by the athletes during their battles inside the octagon.
  • Insider reactions:¬†Additionally, the event garners much attention from analysts, fellow fighters, and fans alike. The internet will buzz with reactions as viewers discuss the results and analyze the fighters’ performances. It’s a chance for the MMA community to come together and share their thoughts on the outcomes and standout moments from ufc 291.

Implications For The Lightweight Division And Future Matchups

  • Title implications:¬†The outcome of the main event between Poirier and Gaethje will undoubtedly have significant implications for the lightweight division. If Poirier secures a win, it could propel him further toward a title shot. On the other hand, a victory for gaethje could position him as a top contender in the division, demanding attention and respect from his fellow fighters.
  • Potential future matchups:¬†Ufc 291 also sets the stage for future matchups within the lightweight division. Depending on the outcomes of the fights, new rivalries might emerge, or existing ones could be reignited. These matchups have the potential to captivate fans as they highlight the skill, determination, and drive of the athletes who compete at the highest level.

With the main event breakdown, fighter interviews and reactions, and implications for the lightweight division and upcoming matchups, ufc 291 promises to be an event of epic proportions. Make sure to catch all the heart-stopping action as these fighters leave it all on the line in pursuit of victory and glory.

Recap And Final Thoughts On Watch UFC 291 Live: Poirier Vs. Gaethje 2 Tv Guide And Tips

Key takeaways from the event and its significance in the MMA world

The highly anticipated ufc 291 event featuring the rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin gaethje promises to be an exciting night for mixed martial arts fans. Here are some key takeaways from this event and why it holds significance in the MMA world:

  • Battle for redemption:¬†Poirier and Gaethje’s first encounter in 2018 was an all-out war, with Gaethje emerging as the victor. The rematch presents an opportunity for Poirier to seek redemption and avenge his previous loss, while Gaethje aims to solidify his dominance in their rivalry.
  • Striking spectacle:¬†Poirier and gaethje are known for their explosive striking abilities, making this rematch a spectacle for fans craving intense stand-up exchanges. Expect a display of technical skill, power punches, and relentless aggression from both fighters.
  • Implications for the lightweight division:¬†The outcome of this bout can have significant implications for the lightweight division. A victory for either Poirier or gaethje could potentially place them in a prime position for a title shot, intensifying the competition among the division’s elite fighters.
  • Fight-of-the-night potential:¬†Given their previous bout and respective fighting styles, Poirier and Gaethje can deliver another fight of the night performance. Fans can anticipate a back-and-forth battle that will keep them on the edge of their seats throughout the five-round encounter.

**encouraging readers to plan for future live ufc events**

If you enjoyed watching ufc 291, you might be eagerly anticipating future live ufc events. Here are some tips to help you plan for those unforgettable fight nights:

  • Stay updated:¬†Keep tabs on the official ufc website, social media accounts, and relevant news outlets to stay informed about upcoming events. This will ensure that you get all action-packed fights.
  • Secure tickets early:¬†Ufc events tend to sell out quickly, so securing your tickets as soon as they become available is essential. Stay alert for pre-sale opportunities, and be prepared to act swiftly to secure your spot in the arena.
  • Organize viewing parties:¬†Watching ufc events with friends and fellow fight fans can enhance the overall experience. Plan and invite your friends for a memorable viewing party with snacks, drinks, and a lively atmosphere.
  • Explore different viewing options:¬†If attending a live event isn’t possible, consider exploring alternative options. Many sports bars and restaurants offer pay-per-view screenings of ufc events, allowing you to enjoy the fights in a vibrant and social setting.

**Final reminders for a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience**

As you prepare to watch ufc 291: Poirier vs. Gaethje 2, here are some final reminders to ensure a memorable and enjoyable viewing experience:

  • Check your equipment:¬†Ensure your television or streaming device is working well. Double-check your internet connection to avoid any interruptions during the fight.
  • Create a comfortable setting:¬†Arrange your seating and lighting for optimal viewing comfort. Dim the lights to enhance the atmosphere and reduce distractions.
  • Stock up on snacks:¬†Gather your favourite snacks and beverages to enjoy during the event. Keeping yourself refreshed and energized throughout the lengthy fight card is important.
  • Follow social media buzz:¬†Engage with fellow fight fans on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit. Share your thoughts, predictions, and reactions, creating an interactive experience alongside a global community of passionate ufc enthusiasts.
  • Appreciate the artistry:¬†Mixed martial arts is a diverse and skillful combat sport. Please take a moment to appreciate the fighters’ incredible talents, techniques, and strategies, enhancing your appreciation for their craft.

Following these tips ensures that your ufc 291 viewing experience is unforgettable and sets the stage for future live events. Get ready to witness the pinnacle of mixed martial arts action as Poirier and Gaethje again step into the octagon.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Watch UFC 291 Live Tv Guide: Poirier Vs. Gaethje 2 Is An Upcoming Mixed Martial Arts Event Produced By The Ultimate Fighting Championship That Will Take Place On July 29, 2023, At The Delta Center In Salt Lake City, Utah, United States.

How Can I Watch UFC 291 Live On Tv?

To watch ufc 291 live on tv, you can tune in to your local sports channel or pay-per-view provider. Check your cable or satellite provider for availability and pricing details. You can stream the event live on AFC’s official website or through various streaming platforms.

Where Will UFC 291 Take Place?

Ufc 291 will take place at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, united states. The venue offers an exciting atmosphere for fans to witness the intense mixed martial arts action between Poirier and the Gaethje.

When Is UFC 291 Happening?

Ufc 291 is scheduled to take place on July 29, 2023. Please mark your calendars and get ready for a thrilling night of fights as elite fighters step into the octagon to showcase their skills and entertain fans worldwide.


To sum up, the highly anticipated ufc 291 event featuring the rematch between Dustin Poirier and Justin gaethje promises to be an electrifying night of mixed martial arts action. Taking place on July 29, 2023, at the delta center in salt lake city, Utah, this event is set to leave fans on the edge of their seats.

Whether you’re a die-hard MMA fan or a casual viewer, this event is sure to deliver excitement and adrenaline. Remember to check your local tv guide for the broadcasting details, as you will want to take advantage of every moment of the action.

Get ready to witness the clash of these two incredible fighters as they look to prove themselves in the octagon once again. Stay tuned for an unforgettable night of knockout punches, ground game brilliance, and everything the ufc is known for.


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