Watch Spain vs. Costa Rica Live: 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup Group C on FS1




Spain and Costa Rica will face off in group c of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup, with the match starting at 3:30 a.m. on fs1. To watch the live action, tune in to fs1 at the specified time.

The 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup is set to be an exciting tournament showcasing the talents of women’s football teams from all over the world. In group c, Spain will take on Costa Rica in what promises to be a thrilling match.

Fans can catch all the action live on fs1 at 3:30 a. m. make sure to tune in for this exciting clash between two talented teams. Grab your snacks, set your alarms, and get ready for an early morning of intense football action.

Spain vs. Costa Rica Live 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Key Match Details

The highly anticipated 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup is underway, and group c is gearing up for an electrifying clash between Spain and costa rica. This match is one to watch, with both teams eager to make their mark on the tournament.

So, mark your calendars for the 3:30 a. m. kick-off on fs1 and get ready for an action-packed showdown. In this section, we’ll explore the key match details, including the date, time, and location of the Spain vs costa rica match, as well as a brief look at the teams’ previous encounters and their current form.

We’ll also delve into the implications of this match for the group standings and the potential advancement to the knockout stages. Let’s dive in and discover what’s in store for this exciting showdown!

Date, Time, And Location Of The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match:

  • Date: The match between Spain and costa Rica is scheduled for 21 July, 2023.
  • Time: The kick-off is set for 3:30 a.m.
  • Location: The epic battle will take place at Wellington Regional Stadium (Wellington/Te Whanganui-a-tara)

Implications For The Group Standings And Potential Advancement:

  • Group standings: The outcome of this match will have significant implications for the group c standings. Spain and costa rica will be aiming to secure a crucial victory to bolster their chances of advancing to the knockout stages.
  • Potential advancement: The winner of this match will be one step closer to securing a spot in the knockout stages, enhancing their chances of progressing further in the tournament.

Get ready for an exhilarating clash as Spain and costa rica take the field in the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup. With so much at stake, this match is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat. Tune in to fs1 at 3:30 a.m. to witness the action unfold live.

Getting Ready For The Game

The highly anticipated Spain vs costa rica match in group c of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup is just around the corner. As a fan, it’s crucial to be well-prepared to watch the game live and ensure an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Here are some key points to keep in mind as you gear up for this exciting clash:

How To Watch The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match Live On Fs1

  • Tune in to fs1: Fs1, a renowned sports broadcasting network, will be airing the women’s world cup. You can catch the Spain vs costa rica match on fs1 at 3:30 a.m. Check your local listings for the accurate broadcast time in your region.
  • Find reliable streaming sources: It’s vital to select a high-quality and reliable streaming source to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted viewing experience. Trustworthy streaming platforms or official fifa websites are excellent options to consider.
  • Utilize fs1’s extensive coverage: Fs1 has established itself as an expert in broadcasting major sporting events, including the Women’s world cup. They provide comprehensive coverage, including pre-match analysis, halftime discussions, and post-match reviews, enriching your viewing experience.
  • Enjoy the expertise of fs1’s commentators: Fs1 boasts a team of experienced commentators who bring their knowledge, insight, and passion for the game to your screens. Their commentary enhances the excitement and helps you stay engaged throughout the match.
  • Interact with fellow fans on social media: Social media platforms provide an excellent opportunity to connect with other fans and share your thoughts and reactions during the game. Join the conversation using the official hashtags related to the women’s world cup, Spain, and costa rica to interact with enthusiasts worldwide.

As the countdown to the Spain vs costa rica match begins, ensure a memorable viewing experience by following these tips. Stay tuned to fs1 for live coverage, choose a reliable streaming source, and engage with other fans on social media.

Let the excitement of the women’s world cup unfold before your eyes as you support your favourite team in this thrilling encounter. Enjoy the game!

Analyzing Team Spain

The group c match of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup between Spain and costa Rica is set to be one filled with excitement and anticipation. With both teams vying for a spot in the knockout stages, there is no doubt that every player will give it their all on the field.

In this section, we will take a closer look at team Spain, examining their historical performance in the women’s world cup, identifying key players to watch out for, and discussing their playing style, tactics, and strategies against costa Rica’s defence.

Examining Spain’s Historical Performance In The Women’s World Cup:

  • Spain’s women’s national team has managed to make a name for themselves on the global stage in recent years. They have qualified for the women’s world cup three times, with their best performance coming in 2019 when they reached the round of 16.
  • Despite not having a long-standing history in the tournament, Spain has shown significant improvement and determination, making them a formidable opponent for any team they face.

Key Players To Watch Out For In The Spanish Squad:

  • Jennifer Hermoso: A prolific forward known for her clinical finishing and ability to dominate in front of the goal. She will be a constant threat to costa rica’s defence.
  • Alexia Putellas: The team’s captain and midfield maestro. Patellas possesses exceptional technical skills and game intelligence, capable of controlling the tempo and creating scoring opportunities for her teammates.
  • Irene Paredes: A strong and commanding presence in the Spanish defence. Paredes’ leadership and defensive prowess will neutralize Costa Rica’s attacking threats.

Discussing Spain’S Playing Style, Tactics, And Strategies Against Costa Rica’S Defense:

  • Spain is known for their possession-based style of play, focusing on intricate passing and movement to break down opposition defences.
  • Their midfielders play a critical role in dictating the game’s rhythm, maintaining control of the ball and creating openings for their attacking players.
  • Spain often relies on a high press to win back possession quickly, suffocating their opponents and limiting their attacking opportunities.
  • Against costa rica’s defence, Spain will exploit any gaps or weaknesses by utilizing their technical proficiency and intelligent movement off the ball.
  • A quick combination of play and effective runs into space could prove pivotal in unlocking costa rica’s defence and securing a vital victory.

Team Spain enters the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup with a strong determination and a proven track record of success. With key players to watch out for in their squad and a playing style that emphasizes possession and creativity, Spain poses a significant threat to costa rica’s defence.

It will be an intriguing battle on the field as Spain aims to secure a victory and advance in the competition.

Unravelling Team Costa Rica

The 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup is fast approaching, and one of the exciting matches in group c is Spain versus costa rica. As we delve into the intricacies of team costa rica, we uncover their journey, standout performers, and gameplay against Spain’s formidable attack.

Shining A Spotlight On Costa Rica’s Women’s World Cup Journey So Far

  • Costa Rica has made commendable progress in women’s football, participating in the women’s world cup for the second consecutive time.
  • Their journey showcases their determination and passion for the sport, providing an incredible platform for their players to shine internationally.
  • Having competed against tough opponents in previous tournaments, costa rica will certainly bring that experience to the table in their clash with Spain.
  • This world cup presents an opportunity for the costa rican team to make their mark and continue their upward trajectory.

Identifying The Standout Performers In The Costa Rican Team

  • Shirley Cruz, the team’s captain, is a force to be reckoned with on the field. Her leadership skills and dynamic playing style are key assets for costa rica.
  • Raquel Rodriguez, the team’s creative midfielder, consistently showcases her technical abilities, precision passing, and goal-scoring prowess.
  • Forward Melissa Herrera’s remarkable speed and agility make her a dangerous threat to any defence.
  • Goalkeeper Noelia bermúdez’s agility and shot-stopping abilities have saved costa rica on numerous occasions, earning her recognition as a vital component of the team’s defence.

Analyzing Costa Rica’S Gameplay And Their Chances Against Spain’S Formidable Attack

  • Costa Rica’s tactical approach is marked by disciplined defending and quick counterattacks, aiming to exploit the opponent’s defensive weaknesses.
  • Their solid defensive structure, led by centre-back Carol sánchez, provides stability and resilience against powerful attacks.
  • However, they will face a stern test against Spain, a team known for their attacking prowess. Costa Rica’s defensive line must stay organized and focused on withstanding the formidable Spanish attack.
  • While Spain will undoubtedly pose a challenge, costa Rica’s ability to disrupt their opponent’s rhythm and capitalize on counterattacking opportunities could be a winning strategy.

As the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup draws near, all eyes will be on the clash between Spain and costa rica in group c. with costa rica’s journey, standout performers, and gameplay analyzed, anticipation continues to build for this thrilling encounter on the international stage.

Head-To-Head Comparison

Spain and costa rica are set to clash in an exciting match in the group c encounter of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup. As both teams battle the field, look closer at their head-to-head comparison to understand their strengths, weaknesses, and previous encounters.

Comparing The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Both Teams


  • A solid defensive line with the ability to shut down opponents’ attacks
  • Skilful midfielders who can control and distribute the ball effectively
  • Agile and clinical strikers who pose a constant threat to the opposing defence
  • Vulnerability in dealing with set-pieces and aerial challenges

Costa Rica:

  • They are a highly disciplined defensive unit, making it difficult for opponents to break through.
  • Quick and skilful wingers capable of creating goal-scoring opportunities
  • Strong team chemistry, working cohesively both in attack and defence
  • Lack of clinical finishing in front of the goal

Statistical Analysis Of Previous Encounters And Overall Performance

Spain has been dominant in their previous meetings, with a record of three wins and one draw against costa rica. However, it’s worth noting that the matches have been closely contested, with only a goal or two separating the teams.

Spain’s overall performance in recent years has been impressive, solidifying its position as a rising force in women’s football. On the other hand, costa rica has shown resilience and determination, often punching above their weight in major tournaments.

Predicting Possible Outcomes And The Impact On The Group Standings

Given Spain’s superior form and previous success against costa rica, they are likely to enter the match as favourites. A victory for Spain would strengthen their position in group c and enhance their chances of progressing further in the tournament.

However, costa rica should not be underestimated, as their defensive prowess and team spirit could play a crucial role in securing at least a point. Regardless of the result, this encounter is bound to impact the group standings and create opportunities for other teams to make their mark.

As the Spain vs costa rica match unfolds, fans and football enthusiasts alike will be eagerly watching to see how these teams’ strengths and weaknesses translate into performance on the pitch. It’s a clash that promises excitement, drama, and the quest for victory.

The Road Ahead And Group Implications

**The road ahead and group implications**

The upcoming match between Spain and costa rica in group c of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup holds significant implications for both teams’ chances of progressing to the next stage. Analyzing the potential scenarios based on the match result becomes crucial as the tournament unfolds.

In a highly competitive group, securing points is of utmost importance if either team aims to advance.

Discussing The Significance Of This Match For Both Teams’ Chances Of Progressing To The Next Stage

  • Spain and costa rica are both vying for a spot in the knockout stage, making this match a pivotal moment in their campaign.
  • A victory for either team would significantly boost morale and points, enhancing their chances of moving forward in the tournament.
  • The outcome of this match will not only impact the teams’ position in group c but also influence their overall standing in the rankings.

Analyzing The Potential Scenarios Based On The Match Result

  • If Spain emerges victorious, they will solidify their claim as one of the favourites in the group and position themselves favourably for the remainder of the tournament.
  • A draw would leave both teams with an opportunity to regroup and strategize for their upcoming matches, knowing that every point matters to progress to the next stage.
  • In the event of a costa rican triumph, it could shake up the group standings and inject further excitement into the competition.

Highlighting The Importance Of Securing Points To Advance In A Highly Competitive Group

  • Group c poses a formidable challenge for all teams, highlighting the significance of every match and point earned.
  • With strong contenders like Spain and costa rica battling it out, even a single point gained or lost can have a profound impact on their journey in the tournament.
  • Both teams must approach this match with a sense of urgency, understanding the importance of securing victory or a commendable draw to boost their chances of advancement.

In this fiercely competitive group, Spain and costa rica must rise to the occasion and display their prowess on the field. The outcome of this match will set the stage for their journey in the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup, fueling the dreams and aspirations of both teams as they strive to progress to the next stage.

Frequently Asked Questions For 2023 FIFA Women’s World Cup, Group C: Spain Vs. Costa Rica (3:30 a.m. On Fs1) Live How To Watch

How Can I Watch The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match In The 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup?

To watch the Spain vs costa rica match in the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup, tune in to fs1 at 3:30 a. m. fs1 is the official broadcaster for the tournament in the united states. Ensure you have access to fs1 through your cable or satellite provider or stream it online through a streaming platform that includes fs1 in its channel lineup.

Can I Watch The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match Live?

Yes, you can watch the Spain vs costa rica match live. It will be broadcasted on fs1, so make sure you have access to this channel through your cable or satellite provider. If you prefer to stream the match online, check if your favourite streaming platform offers fs1 as part of their channel lineup.

What Time Does The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match Kick-Off?

Spain vs costa rica match kicks off at 3:30 a. m. This time may vary depending on your time zone, so adjust accordingly. Set your alarms to wake up in time and enjoy the live action of the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup group c match.

How Can I Find Out The Latest Score And Updates For The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match?

To stay updated on the latest score and updates for Spain vs costa rica match, you can follow reputable sports websites, check their live score sections, or download mobile apps that provide real-time updates for sporting events. Additionally, following official fifa or women’s world cup social media accounts can keep you informed about the match’s progress.

Are Any Other Matches Taking Place During The 2023 Fifa Women’s World Cup?

Yes, the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup is a tournament with multiple matches. There will be various group stage matches, knockout rounds, and the final to determine the champion. It is an exciting event showcasing women’s football talent from around the world.

Stay tuned to the tournament’s schedule to catch all the thrilling matches throughout the competition.

Who Are The Key Players To Watch In The Spain Vs. Costa Rica Match?

In Spain vs costa rica match, keep an eye on players like Jenni Hermoso (Spain) and Shirley Cruz (costa rica). Both players possess immense talent and can significantly impact the game. Their skills and performances could shape the outcome of the match.


To catch the much-anticipated clash between Spain and costa rica in the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup group c, tune in to fs1 at 3:30 a. m. and witness live action on the field. As fans eagerly await this thrilling encounter, knowing how to watch the game and ensure everything is noticed is crucial.

Fs1 provides a platform to witness the skill and talent of these two teams as they battle for victory on the global stage. Remember to set your alarms, grab your snacks, and enjoy the excitement from the comfort of your own home.

Whether you’re a die-hard soccer enthusiast or a casual viewer, the 2023 FIFA Women’s world cup promises to deliver an amazing spectacle. So, take advantage of this clash of titans between Spain and costa rica in group c.


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