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In the CONCACAF Nations League, Canada and Panama can be watched on TSN and one soccer. Here’s where to watch the live stream, tv channel and lineups.

The CONCACAF Nations League continues with Canada taking on Panama in group b. Both teams want to secure their spot in the knockout stage and move closer to the ultimate prize. Canada is a team on the rise and will look to continue their upward trajectory with a win over Panama, who they beat 4-1 the last time they met.

But Panama won’t be an easy opponent, having won their last two nations league games against Barbados and the Dominican Republic. With a talented squad on both sides, this should be an exciting matchup that fans won’t want to miss.

Canada Vs Panama

Setting The Stage For The Match

Canada and Panama are gearing up for another heated competition in the rising CONCACAF nations league. To understand the probability of each team’s performance, we must review their current standings, strengths, and weaknesses.

Detailed Analysis Of Both Teams’ Recent Performances And Standings

Canada enters this match sitting at the top of group A with 9 points, despite Panama defeating them in their first tournament match. On the other hand, Panama, with 6 points, ranks third in the group and needs a win to secure their spot in the final four.

A fascinating fact: Canada won four times in the last five competitions in the head-to-head match-up.

Statistics And Key Insights About Each Team’S Overall Strengths And Weaknesses

Canada’s offence is their most significant strength, having only failed to score in one game in their previous sixteen matches. With six goals and nine assists, Jonathan David’s contribution is Canada’s primary asset. Furthermore, they have only conceded two goals in their last six matches, making them a formidable defensive team.

In contrast, Panama’s strength lies in its defence, as they have only. Allowed ten goals in their previous nine matches. However, their offence has been lacklustre, scoring only one goal or less in six of their last nine games. A serious concern is that they have failed to score in their previous three contests, during which they lost twice and drew once.

How To Watch Canada Vs Panama Live: Stream And Tv

Canada and Panama are about to face off in an exciting football match during the CONCACAF nations league. As a football fanatic, you wouldn’t want to miss the game. So, where should you watch it? Here’s a breakdown of how and where to stream Canada vs Panama live.

Specific Details On Where And How To Watch The Match, Including Links And Options For Streaming

Live streaming is the most preferred way of watching the football game between Canada and Panama. Here are the best options for streaming the match:

  • On paramount+ or CBS sports, if you’re in the us
  • On Onesoccer streaming service if you’re in Canada

If you have a cable subscription, you can watch the action live on various channels:

  • Univision or Tudn if you speak Spanish
  • Flosports, if you live in Panama

Information About Broadcasters, Channels, And Streaming Services That Carry The Game

Several broadcasters have obtained the rights to air the game between Canada and Panama. They include:

  • Paramount+ and CBS sports in the us
  • Onesoccer in Canada

If you’re from Panama, check out these options:

  • Rpc channel 4
  • Tvmax
  • Medcom go app
  • Flow sports app

Now that you know where and how to catch the game, take advantage of all the action. Watch as Canada faces off with Panama in a fight to see who is the better team on the pitch.


Lineups And Player Analysis

Comprehensive Breakdowns Of The Starting Lineups For Both Teams

Canada and Panama are set to battle it in the CONCACAF nations league match, and fans eagerly anticipate the showdown between the two sides. While both teams have unique strengths and weaknesses, there are some notable players to watch out for.

Here’s a look at the starting lineups for both Canada and Panama.

**Canada’s starting lineup**

Goalkeeper: Milan Borjan

Defenders: Richie Laryea, Doneil Henry, Steven Vitoria, Mark-Anthony Kaye

Midfielders: Jonathan Osorio, Scott Arfield, Samuel Piette

Forwards: Alphonso Davies, Cyle Larin, Kyle Lawrence

**Panama’s starting lineup**

Goalkeeper: Luis Mejia

Defenders: Adolfo Machado, Harold Cummings, Fidel Escobar, Francisco Palacios

Midfielders: Miguel Camargo, Anibal Godoy, Alberto Quintero, Jose Luis Rodriguez

Forwards: Gabriel Torres, Rolando Blackburn

Analysis Of Key Players And Their Expected Roles In The Upcoming Match

The upcoming match between Canada and Panama promises to be a thriller featuring some of the most talented players in the Concacaf region. While both teams have several players capable of making a difference in the match, there are some standout athletes to watch out for on the pitch.

**Players to watch – Canada**

  • Alphonso Davies:┬áAt just 21 years of age, davies is already a star in the making. The bayern munich winger is an excellent dribbler with lightning-fast speed, which makes him a nightmare for defenders to mark.
  • Cyle Larin:┬áThe Besiktas striker is one of the most dangerous players in the Canadian team, with his physical presence and keen sense of positioning making him a formidable opponent for defenders.
  • Scott Arfield:┬áThe Rangers midfielder is the driving force behind Canada’s creativity in the middle of the park. With his excellent vision and passing ability, arfield can open up the pitch and create space for his teammates to exploit.

**Players to watch – Panama**

  • Anibal Godoy:┬áPanama’s midfield maestro has a fantastic passing range and can dictate the game’s tempo when he’s at his best. He could cause problems for Canada’s backline if he plays to his full potential.
  • Gabriel Torres:┬áThe veteran forward is lethal in front of goal, with his excellent finishing ability making him one of the most dangerous players in the Panama squad.
  • Luis Mejia:┬áThe experienced goalkeeper will play a crucial role in keeping Canada at bay, with his shot-stopping ability and command of his box being notable strengths.

Insights On How Individual Players’ Styles And Tactics May Impact The Overall Game.

The tactical battle between Canada and Panama will be fascinating, with both teams looking to exploit each other’s weaknesses. While both sides have their unique style of play, the individual players’ styles and tactics could make all the difference on the day.

**impact of individual players – Canada**

  • Alphonso Davies:┬áThe winger’s pace and dribbling ability will likely see him targeted by Panama’s defenders. If he can draw defenders out of position, it could create space for his teammates to exploit.
  • Cyle Larin:┬áThe striker’s physicality will be essential in disrupting Panama’s defence and creating scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates.
  • Richie Laryea:┬áThe defender’s attacking prowess will be crucial for Canada’s success, with his overlapping runs and ability to whip in crosses likely to cause problems for Panama.

**impact of individual players – Panama**

  • Anibal Godoy:┬áThe midfielder’s control of the game’s tempo will be pivotal for Panama, with his ability to read the game and make accurate passes helping his team get a foothold in the match.
  • Gabriel Torres:┬áThe forward’s ability to find space in the box and finish clinically could be the difference in a tight game.
  • Fidel Escobar:┬áThe defender’s physicality and aerial prowess will be crucial to disrupt Canada’s attacking players and prevent them from creating scoring opportunities.

Tactical Analysis And Match Predictions

Canada vs Panama is one of the most awaited upcoming matches in the CONCACAF nations league. This game is going to be a thrilling battle between the two teams. So, without further ado, let’s dive into tactical analysis and match predictions for this exciting Canada vs Panama game.

Analysis Of Each Team’S Playing Style And Tactical Tendencies, Including Possible Formations And Strategies For The Match.


  • Canada will deploy their standard 4-3-3 formation, allowing them to maintain an attacking presence on the pitch.
  • They tend to focus on possession-based football, emphasizing making quick passes and building up play from the back.
  • Canada has a strong midfield with a balance of creativity and defensive capabilities.
  • Their attacking threats revolve around their wingers, jonathan david and alphonso davies.


  • Panama usually plays with a 4-4-2 formation, relying on their defensive discipline and midfield energy.
  • They are likely to set up in a more defensive shape, hoping to hit Canada on the counter-attack.
  • Panama’s attacking success can be attributed to their captain, Gabriel Torres, who has scored six goals for Panama in the nations league so far.
  • They play direct attacking football, with long balls deployed to target the forward.

Predictions For How The Match May Unfold, Including Key Moments And Potential Outcomes.

Canada comes into this game as the favourite, mainly due to their recent form and ability to score goals. Panama’s current form has been inconsistent, and they are yet to win away from home in the nations league.

  • Canada is expected to dominate possession and create several chances in the game.
  • The key moment in the match could be whether or not Panama’s defence can cope with Canada’s attacking prowess.
  • If Panama gets a goal early on, it could be a real challenge for Canada to break them down.
  • Canada is predicted to win this game by a comfortable margin of 2-0.

Expert Insights And Analysis On How Each Team Can Gain The Edge And Win The Game.


  • Canada has to ensure that they keep their defensive shape organized, starting from the front line up to the back.
  • They must be patient with their buildup while maintaining quick passing but avoiding unnecessary risks.
  • The pace of alphonso davies will be a potent weapon, and they must try to exploit his speed to overlap, and whip crosses from the sidelines.


  • Panama must be disciplined in their defensive shape, preventing Canada’s midfielders from playing easy passes or long-ball through the defence.
  • They must utilize wing play, quick transitions, and counter-attacks to catch Canada off balance.
  • They must also be clinical when chances arise since they cannot afford to miss opportunities in this crucial fixture.

So there you have it – a detailed tactical analysis and match predictions for the upcoming Concacaf Nations League game between Canada vs Panama. It is an enthralling match that no football fan would want to miss.

Frequently Asked Questions On Where To Watch Canada Vs Panama Live Stream, Tv Channel, Lineups & Concacaf Nations League

Where Can I Watch The Canada Vs Panama Match Live?

You can watch Canada vs Panama match live on various television channels, including soccer, CBC, and dazn. You can also stream the game live on soccer. Ca and daze. Ca.

When Is The Canada Vs Panama Match Scheduled To Start?

The Canada vs Panama match in the CONCACAF Nations League is scheduled for Sunday, October 13th, 2019, at 4:00 pm est.

Who Are The Likely Players To Make The Starting Lineups For The Match?

The starting lineups for both teams have yet to be officially announced. However, players such as alphonso davies, jonathan david, and Lucas Cavallini are expected to start for the Canadian team.

What Is The Concacaf Nations League?

The CONCACAF Nations League is a new international football competition for national teams in North and Central America and the Caribbean. It was created to provide more competitive matches for smaller nations and reduce the number of meaningless friendlies.

What Is At Stake In The Canada Vs Panama Match?

The Canada vs Panama match is crucial for both teams as it will determine who finishes at the top of their group in the CONCACAF nations league. The winner of the group will advance to the competition’s knockout stage.


As we have explored throughout this article, the much-anticipated match between Canada and Panama has finally arrived. Fans worldwide are eager to find the best platforms to live-stream, watch or follow this epic encounter. Television channels such as CBC, one soccer, and Telemundo are a few options for live coverage.

Fans can also access live streaming on various online platforms such as dazn, paramount+, and FuboTV. Football enthusiasts can expect an exciting encounter, with both teams expected to give their best performance. With a few hours left to the game, getting set and prepared for the match is essential.

We hope this article has provided valuable information to help you watch this thrilling encounter and enjoy it to the fullest. Let’s sit back, relax and enjoy the game. Cheers!


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