Tears of Joy: Dean Ivory’s Emotional Connection with Tropics’ Victory




Dean Ivory

Dean Ivory would feel emotional if the Tropics won. Ivory is hopeful for a win after the Tropics’ second-place finish at the Abernant stakes in 2016. Dean Ivory, a successful trainer with 20 years of experience, is optimistic about the Tropics’ chances of winning at the Abernant stakes this year.

Although the seven-year-old has been injured, Ivory believes the horse is now in great form and ready to compete at Newmarket. Tropics, who finished second in the race back in 2016, is being billed as a major contender, and Ivory admits that a win would be particularly emotional for him.

He has worked tirelessly to bring the tropics back to full health, and a victory would be a testament to his dedication and hard work.

Tears of Joy: Dean Ivory’s Emotional Connection with Tropics’ Victory

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Background And Early Life Of Dean Ivory

Dean Ivory has been a respected and prominent horse racing trainer for over 30 years. This section explores his background from his early life to his racing career.

Growing Up With Horses

Dean Ivory was born on December 3, 1963, in Essex, England. Ivory’s passion for horses started when he was young. Growing up on his parent’s farm, Ivory Ivory was surrounded by horses and spent most of his time with these majestic creatures.

He learned how to ride and care for horses from a young age, which started developing his love for them.

  • Ivory’s family owned an equestrian business which influenced his early involvement in horse racing.
  • He developed a love for horses through horse riding and caring for them from a young age.

Early Racing Career

Ivory’s early racing career was devoted to becoming a jockey, but his height eventually hindered this dream. Despite this, IvoryIvory never lost his passion for horse racing and found his niche in training.

  • Ivory began training in 1999, starting with a small string of horses.
  • In 2005, IvoryIvory purchased his stables, becoming a licensed trainer.
  • Throughout the years, IvoryIvory has had many successful horses with memorable wins, such as Sirius Prospect in the Stewards’ Cup and Lancelot du Lac in the Wokingham stakes at Royal Ascot.

Dean Ivory’s passion for horses is evident throughout his successful career. He strives to make his horses the best they can be and has become known in the horse racing industry.

Tropics: The Horse That Steals The Show

Tropics’ Background And Training

Dean Ivory, a seasoned horse trainer, had experienced disappointments in many of the races he had entered. He had always strived to compete at the highest level, but something seemed to hold him back. That was until the tropics came along.

  • Tropics was born in 2008 in Ireland amidst some of the most beautiful countrysides.
  • Dean purchased the colt from Ascot in 2010 for £105,000, and he has been under the care of the Ivory team ever since.
  • Tropics have a grey coat and a big personality, making him well-known in horse racing.
  • The thoroughbred was trained by ivory and jockey George Baker, who worked tirelessly to get Tropics in winning form.

The Road To Victory

Despite multiple attempts at winning the sprint cup, one of the most competitive races in British racing, the tropics had never been able to cross the finish line first. That’s why Dean and the team braced themselves for another defeat when the Tropics started racing in the sprint cup in 2014.

However, this time their hard work was to pay off.

  • After years of finishing just short of first place, the Tropics finally won the Betfred sprint cup in September 2014.
  • The victory was even more remarkable given that Tropics was an outsider with odds of 20/1 to win the race.
  • Jockey, graham lee, rode Tropics to victory with a thrilling finish, crossing the finish line ahead of his nearest competitor by only a neck.
  • Dean was overjoyed with the victory, describing it as emotional and a testament to years of hard work and dedication.

Tropics’ victory was emotional for Ivory Ivory, who had trained the thoroughbred for over four years. It proved that persistence, hard work, and dedication paid off. Tropics’ grit and determination remind us that anything is possible with the right support, training, and mindset.



Dean Ivory’S Emotional Connection With Tropics

Dean Ivory is a name well-known to those familiar with horse racing. Over the years, he has achieved numerous accolades and victories, but one horse, in particular, holds a special place in his heart: the tropics. Here is a closer look at dean ivory’s emotional connection with the tropics.

Introduction To Tropics

Tropic is a thoroughbred racehorse owned by dean ivory. He was born in 2008 and began his racing career in 2010. Tropics quickly made a name for himself in the racing world, becoming known for his speed and agility on the track.

Early Impressions & Connection With Tropics

Dean Ivory first laid eyes on Tropics as a foal, and he knew from that moment that the horse was special. As the tropics grew and began racing, Ivory’sIvory’s connection with him deepened.

Here are some key points:

  • Ivory was first introduced to the tropics as a foal and felt an immediate connection with him.
  • Tropics’ success on the track only strengthened Ivory’sIvory’s bond with him.
  • Ivory’s emotional connection with the tropics is evident on and off the track.

Tropics’ Personality And Connection With Ivory

Tropics are not just a talented racehorse; he also has a unique personality that IvoryIvory has grown to love. The horse is known for his playful nature and love of attention.

Here are some key points:

  • Tropics have a playful personality that IvoryIvory enjoys.
  • Tropics love attention and are always eager to please.
  • Ivory and Tropics’ connection goes beyond just their success on the track.

Dean Ivory’s emotional connection with the tropics is a testament to the special bond between a horse owner and their horse. As the Tropics continue to race and achieve success, there is no doubt that Ivory Ivory will be there every step of the way, cheering him on.

The Emotional Aspect Of Horse Racing

Tropics’ Victory Would Be Emotional For Dean Ivory

Horse racing has always been a sport that evokes strong emotions among fans, but the emotional impact of horse racing extends far beyond cheering for your favorite jockey or horse. Horse racing is also an emotional experience for owners who invest significant time, money, and effort into their horses.

A Closer Look At Owners’ Emotions

Horse owners experience a whirlwind of emotions regarding their horses, from the initial excitement of buying a new horse to the heartbreak of losing one. Here are some of the key emotions that horse owners go through:

  • Joy and excitement at the prospect of owning a racehorse
  • Nervousness at the first race
  • Frustration when things don’t go their way
  • Relief and satisfaction when things do go their way
  • The heartbreak when a horse gets injured or dies

The Relationship Between Horses And Owners

The bond between a horse and its owner is unlike any other. Owners spend countless hours with their horses, training them and getting to know their personalities. This bond is what makes horse racing so special for owners.

  • Owners develop a deep emotional attachment to their horses
  • A strong bond between owner and horse can lead to better performance
  • Losing a horse can have a devastating impact on the owner

The Thrill Of Racing Victories

Winning a horse race is a feeling like no other. It is an incredible adrenaline rush, and the emotional high can last for days or weeks. Here are some of the emotions that owners experience when their horse wins:

  • Relief and satisfaction
  • Joy and excitement
  • Pride in their horse
  • Appreciation for the hard work their team puts in

Horse racing is an emotional experience for all involved, particularly for owners. The bond between a horse and its owner can result in a rollercoaster of emotions, from the excitement of buying a horse to the heartbreak of losing one.

But the thrill of winning a race is what makes it all worthwhile.

Dean Ivory And Tropics’ Victory: What It Means For Horse Racing

How Dean Ivory’S Passion And Dedication Led To Success

Dean Ivory is a trainer passionate about horse racing since childhood. His dedication and hard work have paid off over the years, and he has become one of the most successful trainers in the industry.

  • Dean Ivory has been involved in horse racing since childhood and has always had a deep passion for it.
  • He started his career as a jockey and then became a trainer.
  • His dedication to his craft has been instrumental in his success.
  • Dean Ivory’s hard work, resilience, and never-give-up attitude have been the core of his success.
  • He has always strived to improve himself and his horses and has relentlessly pursued excellence.

A New Era For Dean Ivory And Tropics’ Legacy

Tropics is a horse with a special place in dean ivory’s heart. The horse has had an incredible career, and a win for the Tropics would be emotional for the trainer and mark a new chapter in his career.

  • Tropics is a horse that has been with dean ivory for many years and has been an integral part of his success.
  • The horse has had an impressive racing career and has won many races.
  • A win for the Tropics would be a new milestone in dean ivory’s career, and he would be immensely proud of the horse.
  • Tropics’ legacy would also be cemented, and he would be remembered as one of the great horses of his time.
  • A win for the Tropics would usher in a new era for dean ivory and his training career.

The Future Of Horse Racing And Emotional Connections

Horse racing is a sport that is deeply rooted in tradition and history. While it has evolved, the emotional connections between trainers, horses, and fans remain as strong as ever.

  • Horse racing is a sport that has been around for centuries, and it has a rich history and tradition.
  • While the sport has changed, the emotional connections between trainers, horses, and fans have remained strong.
  • A win for the Tropics would be emotional for dean ivory, but it would also be emotional for fans of the sport who have followed his career.
  • The future of horse racing is bright, and the passion and dedication of people like dean ivory make it such a special sport.
  • Horse racing will continue to grow and evolve, but the emotional connections between trainers, horses, and fans will remain at the sport’s core.

A Passionate Journey

A Reflection Of Dean Ivory’S Journey In Horse Racing

When it comes to horse racing, dean ivory’s journey has been passionate. It’s taken him across the world and through various ups and downs. From being a jockey, trainer, owner, and breeder, IvoryIvory has worn many hats in the horse racing industry.

Here are some reflections on his journey:

  • Ivory started riding horses at a young age, and his passion for them grew.
  • He rode in his first race in 1981 and continued to ride professionally for 13 years before transitioning to training horses in 1994.
  • One of the standout moments of his riding career was winning the Tsarevitch handicap at Newmarket in 1989.
  • As a trainer, some of his notable horses include the Tropics, libra breeze, and Lancelot du Lac.
  • Ivory has also been involved in breeding horses, with his stud ‘hardwoods’ producing some successful racehorses.

The Significance Of Emotions In Horse Racing

Horse racing is a sport that can evoke a range of emotions, particularly for those who have dedicated their lives to it, like dean ivory. Here’s why emotions play a significant role in horse racing:

  • Horse racing is a sport that’s steeped in tradition and history. Many racecourses have been around for centuries, and some horses have become iconic in the sport, creating a sense of nostalgia and passion for those involved.
  • Seeing a horse you’ve trained, owned, or bred perform at its best can be an incredibly emotional experience. It can culminate years of hard work and dedication, and seeing your horse cross the finish line first is a feeling that’s hard to replicate.
  • On the flip side, horse racing can also be a sport of heartbreak. A promising horse may sustain an injury, or a favourite horse may not perform as expected. The emotions that come with these disappointments can be difficult to handle.
  • For dean ivory, winning a race with the tropics would be emotional. From the challenges he’s faced in training Tropics to the horse’s resilience, seeing Tropics cross the finish line first would be a poignant moment in his journey.

Horse racing is a sport defined by passion, dedication, and emotion. Dean Ivory’s journey in horse racing is a testament to this, and his success with the tropics would be a fitting chapter in his storied career.

Frequently Asked Questions On Tropics’ Victory Would Be Emotional For Dean Ivory

Who Is Dean Ivory?

Dean Ivory is a renowned British racehorse trainer with over 25 years of industry experience. Over the years, he has trained many successful horses, including ‘the tropics.’

Why Is The ‘Tropics’ Win So Emotional For Dean Ivory?

‘tropics’ holds a special place in dean ivory’s heart as he was one of his best horses. Unfortunately, ‘Tropics’ is no longer alive, and a victory in his honor would be an emotional moment for Ivory Ivory.

What Are The Chances Of ‘Tropics’ Winning The Race?

As ‘Tropics’ is no longer alive, he cannot win the upcoming race. However, his legacy lives on, and IvoryIvory hopes to honor him by training more successful horses.

How Does Dean Ivory Train His Horses?

Dean Ivory follows a rigorous training program focusing on regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a strict routine to ensure the horse’s well-being. This program helps his horses stay healthy, strong, and ready for the race.

Has Dean Ivory Trained Any Other Successful Horses?

Yes, dean ivory has trained many successful horses over the years. Some of the most notable ones include ‘Lancelot du Lac,’ ‘flaming spear,’ ‘librisa breeze,’ and ‘sir maximilian.’


As the season draws to a close, horse racing fans eagerly anticipate the horse racing at Doncaster’s St. leger festival. For dean ivory, trainer of Tropics, this race is personal. The seasoned horse has shown consistent determination on the track for many years but has never won a group one race.

With an emotional backstory and Ivory’sIvory’s strong belief in the tropics’ abilities, fans are rooting for a win. Even IvoryIvory has expressed hope that the tropics can come out on top. While the competition may be fierce, the tropics’ victory would be a memorable moment for IvoryIvory, the horse, and followers of the sport alike.

Racing is as much about the journey as the destination, and the tropics’ potential triumph at the St. Leger festival becomes a moment that fans will look back on, no matter the outcome.


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