Ticketing Troubles Cast Shadow Over 2023 Cricket World Cup




Legend has it that first impressions are indelible, leaving a lasting mark that cannot easily be erased. In this regard, both England and the organizers of the Cricket World Cup fervently hope that their initial showing will not be an enduring one.

On the field, at least, the tournament began with a burst of energy as a resilient New Zealand team shrugged off injuries to three key players and delivered an impressive performance. Acting as stand-in captain, Tom Latham skillfully led an attack bolstered by part-time bowlers, while Devon Conway and Rachin Ravindra orchestrated a devastating assault on a target of 283 runs in a mere 36.2 overs.

Conway, well-versed in the intricacies of these cricketing grounds, crafted an unbeaten 152 from 121 balls—a testament to his experience in the Indian Premier League. Meanwhile, Ravindra’s story unfolded like a delightful tale: at just 23 years old, he emerged as the youngest player among two aging teams and dazzled spectators with his unbeaten 123 from 96 deliveries—a performance that illuminated his name on the grand stage of his ancestral homeland.

In summary, it was an extraordinary display epitomized by Conway’s lightning-fast century from 83 deliveries, only to be eclipsed by his apprentice just moments later. Undoubtedly, this feat would have been applauded by officials at the venue following earlier incidents that had garnered global attention.

Of course, we were treated to Sachin Tendulkar’s regal presence as he escorted the trophy onto the field before the coin toss at Narendra Modi Stadium—his suit impeccable and his hair remarkably lush. The esteemed maestro appeared to be in remarkable form at the age of 50; one could almost envision him donning those iconic pads once more and effortlessly compiling yet another flawless century.

Furthermore, we were comforted by the familiar voices of Ian Smith, Nasser Hussain, and Ian Bishop providing commentary. Having skillfully guided viewers through the nerve-wracking climax of the previous tournament, their reunion in the commentary box heightened the sense of anticipation surrounding this much-anticipated rematch, as desired by the International Cricket Council.

However, all of these captivating moments seemed to unfold in a vacuum. Cricket possesses a unique ability to grapple with existential crises, and at a time when the future of the 50-over format is being debated—despite television rights having already been secured until the men’s ODI World Cup in 2031—the sight of empty orange stands during the opening ball only fueled further speculation.

As always, there are caveats and mitigating factors to consider. According to the ICC, this match attracted a record crowd for an opening match in a men’s 50-over World Cup—a final attendance of more than 47,000 in a stadium with a capacity of 135,000. The daytime temperatures undoubtedly influenced these early optics, with those present seeking refuge in shadier areas until later in the day when the mercury had dropped.

While cricket holds an esteemed place in India’s heart, even accounting for its increased popularity due to the rise of IPL, it was overly optimistic to expect that a stadium larger than Lord’s, Edgbaston, Headingley, Old Trafford, and The Oval combined—the largest sporting arena outside North Korea—would be an ideal fit for these two teams.

Moreover, we must harken back to 1996 for the last instance when hosts did not inaugurate the tournament (specifically England versus New Zealand in Ahmedabad), which makes it all the more peculiar that India was not assigned this honor. Instead, Rohit Sharma’s team will commence their campaign on Sunday against Australia in Chennai.

Even acknowledging that an ordinary crowd would appear minuscule within such an immense stadium, it still presented an underwhelming image and raised concerns about the organization. Although ticket prices were seemingly reasonable, they were not made available for purchase until a mere 41 days ago on August 25th. Furthermore, the fixture schedule itself was only released a month prior to that and has since undergone changes, further unsettling prospective attendees.

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