The Red Sox seek permission to interview Jason Varitek for the team manager job





As the Red Sox continue to interview candidates for their front office opening, on Friday, another MLB team turned the tables and asked the Red Sox for permission to speak with one of their employees.

Multiple sources have confirmed a report by Joel Sherman of the New York Post that the San Francisco Giants have asked for permission to speak with Red Sox major league coach Jason Varitek about their managerial opening.

Varitek’s interest in the job is uncertain. He was attending a memorial service for his former team-mate Tim Wakefield on Friday. A major league source acknowledged that the Red Sox had received a request for permission to interview Varitek, but was unsure of the status of the request.

Varitek, who played 15 seasons for the Red Sox before retiring before the 2012 season, served as team captain for many of those years and was valued for his leadership abilities.

In recent years, Varitek has continued to be a part of the Red Sox organization in various roles, including serving as the team’s game-planning coordinator the past two years. In that capacity, Veritech works with both catchers and pitchers to develop plans of attack for the opposing team, both during games and in the dugout.

He has long been considered a potential future director. The Seattle Mariners interviewed him for a managerial opening after the 2015 season, a job that ultimately went to Scott Servais. Servais remains on the job after eight seasons.

Varitek signed a three-year contract extension with the Red Sox through November 2022, but teams routinely allow staff members to explore other opportunities as long as they are viewed as promotions — which this case undoubtedly will be.

Ironically, news of the Giants’ interest in Varitek comes on the same day it was reported by the Boston Globe that Gabe Kapler had interviewed for the Red Sox’s front office position. After nearly four full seasons, the Giants fired Kapler as their manager on the final weekend of the season, creating the opening they are now looking to fill.

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