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The 2024 Boat Race will take place on Saturday, March 30. The women’s race starts at 2:46 pm, followed by the men’s at 3:46 pm. The primary races will be preceded by the reserve crew races – Osiris vs Blondie (women’s) at 3:01 pm and Isis vs Goldie (men’s) at 3:16 pm. The entire event will be broadcast live on BBC One.

The Boat Race? Oh, it’s quite the spectacle. Picture this: Oxford and Cambridge, two ancient rivals, clashing not on fields or in halls but on the murky, flowing canvas of the Thames. Every spring, without fail. Crews of eight, muscles straining, hearts pounding—each stroke a battle, every mile a saga. Short breaths. Glances. 

The crowd’s roar, a distant thunder. London’s river becomes an arena, history and rivalry intermingled in the chill air. Men’s teams. Women’s teams. Equally fierce, equally driven. A tradition centuries old, yet new with every race. It’s more than a competition; it’s a moment, a slice of time where victory and despair run as deep as the river. First held in 1829, it is one of the world’s oldest and most famous amateur sporting events. The 2024 edition will mark the 169th men’s and 78th women’s races.

The Tradition of the Boat Race

The history of the rivalry between Oxford and CambridgeThe intense rivalry between Oxford and Cambridge dates back over 800 years, with the two being the only universities in England and Wales for most of that time.

The Boat Race is the most famous of the annual sporting contests between the two institutions, encapsulating this centuries-old competitive spirit. Varsity insults like “Shoe the Tabs” used by Oxford and “GDBO” (God Damn Bloody Oxford) by Cambridge highlight the dynamic nature of the rivalry.

However, the universities also cooperate extensively, with most Oxford colleges having a “sister” college in Cambridge.

The 2024 Boat Race Live Stream

  • The races will be broadcast live on BBC One in the UK from 2:00 to 4:30 pm GMT. The coverage will also be live streamable on the BBC iPlayer and BBC Sport websites.
  • Pending regional restrictions, the race will be streamed live on The Boat Race’s official YouTube channel for international viewers.
  • The women’s race starts at 2:46 pm GMT, followed by the men’s race at 3:46 pm GMT.
  • In addition to the primary races, the reserve crew races will occur: Osiris vs. Blondie (women’s reserves) at 3:01 pm and Isis vs. Goldie (men’s reserves) at 3:16 pm.
  • Leading up to race day, some preparation races, such as the Gemini Boat Race Fixture Series, are also being live-streamed on YouTube. Events are on January 28th and February 25th.

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Latest The 2024 Boat Race odds

Women’s race

Oxford – 1/3

Cambridge – 9/4

Dead heat – 100/1

Men’s race

Oxford – 2/5

Cambridge – 7/4

Dead heat – 100/1

Odds via William Hill are subject to change.

The Boat Race has witnessed many dramatic moments over its long history:

  • In 1877, the race was declared a “dead heat,” the only time this has happened. Judge “Honest” John Phelps allegedly made this call while asleep under a bush, although this is likely slander.
  • In 1912, both boats sank in rough weather. The race was re-run two days later, with Oxford winning.
  • . Sinkings have occurred on four other occasions.
  • The 2003 race was the closest ever, with Oxford winning by just 1 foot (30 cm).
  • In 2012, a protester swam before the boats, forcing a restart. On the second attempt, an oar clash broke Oxford’s blade. Cambridge went on to win.

Changes and evolutions in the race format over the years: 

Boat Race has undergone various changes since its inception:

  • The location moved from Henley to London in 1836, with the current Championship Course used since 1845.
  • Sliding seats were introduced in 1873, significantly improving boat speed.
  • The Women’s Boat Race was founded in 1927 but was conducted separately from the men’s race until 2015 when it moved to the Championship Course.
  • Sponsorship was introduced in the 1980s to cover rising costs. The current sponsor is Gemini.

The 2024 Boat Race

What’s New? 

Date and location of the 2024 raceThe 2024 Boat Race will take place on Saturday, March 30, on the traditional Championship Course on the River Thames in London. This 4.2-mile (6.8 km) tidal stretch runs from Putney to Mortlake.

Any new rules or changes to the traditional format

The 2024 race will follow the standard Boat Race format and rules. The most recent major change was the introduction of the Women’s Boat Race on the Championship Course in 2015.

Introduction to the teams: 

Rowers and coxswains to watch the Oxford and Cambridge crews for 2024 will be officially announced closer to the race date. Each boat has 8 rowers and a coxswain. Rowers are typically students but may include alums and Olympians. Some famous past participants include British Olympians Matthew Pinsent (Oxford) and James Cracknell (Cambridge).

The Course Detailed description of the 2024 race course

The Championship Course runs for 4.2 miles (6.8 km) along a tidal stretch of the Thames in West London. It starts downstream of Putney Bridge and passes under Hammersmith Bridge and Barnes Bridge before finishing just before Chiswick Bridge. The race is conducted on an incoming tide, so the direction of the race changes ends. Key points along the course and strategic considerationsKey landmarks along the course include:

  • The Fulham/Chiswick Eyot, a small island that can create unpredictable currents
  • The long sweeping Surrey bend after Hammersmith Bridge, a key overtaking point
  • The bandstand in Duke’s Meadows, a popular spect

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