Rugby Europe Championship 2024 Final: Team, Venue, Date Time & Where to Watch





The Rugby Europe Championship 2024 Final will be held in Paris on Sunday, March 17, 2024. The final will take place at the Stade Jean Bouin, with all eight national teams participating to determine their final rankings in the competition. The matches will start with the ranking and bronze finals at noon, leading to the Championship Final at 9 pm.

Match Details

The 2024 Rugby Europe Championship Final will feature the following matches on Sunday, March 17, 2024:

  • Poland vs. Belgium at 12:00 pm
  •  Netherlands vs. Germany at 2:45 pm
  •  Romania vs. Spain at 6:15 pm
  •  Georgia vs. Portugal at 9:00 pm

These matches will determine the final rankings and outcomes of the tournament, with teams competing for top positions in the Championship.

Disclosing the Show

Scheduled to unfold across various rugby heartlands of Europe, the 2024 edition promises an even greater level of competition as teams vie not only for the championship title but also for crucial ranking points and a shot at qualification for the Rugby World Cup. The stakes are undeniably high, and the passion palpably even higher, as each nation, with its unique flair and fervor, determinedly brings an unmistakable sense of identity and pride to the pitch, enveloped in a vibrant display of skill and spirit.

Rugby Europe Championship 2024 Final Live Stream Option

Rugby Europe Live: Matches can be streamed live through the Rugby Europe website, offering fans a dedicated platform to follow the action as it happens​.

Movistar: For the first time, the Spanish media operator Movistar will cover the competition, broadcasting every Spanish game live on their platform. While this coverage, precisely honing in on the games involving Spain, somewhat enigmatically points to the increasingly widespread availability of the Championship to eager viewers across many broadcasting platforms, it underscores the broadening access horizon.

Rugby Europe YouTube Channel: The official channel for Rugby Europe on YouTube also offers live streams and highlights from across the continent, which may include the final match.


The championship matches, invariably hosted within the confines of iconic stadiums scattered across Europe, are renowned for their undeniably electrifying atmosphere and passionately dedicated fans. In these grand venues, often nestled amidst the bustling cities or serenely lying in the outskirts, they ultimately transform into the crucibles where the future legends of rugby are intricately forged amid the fervent roars and passionate cheers. Simultaneously, within the expanse of these hallowed grounds, memorable matches are delicately etched into the hearts of fans, forever remembered through a haze of emotion and excitement.

Teams to Watch

The Rugby Europe Championship has historically been a battleground for teams like Georgia, Russia, Spain, Romania, Portugal, and Belgium. With its formidable pack and growing global reputation, Georgia often enters as a favorite. Indeed, the undeniable beauty of this Championship tantalizingly lies in its inherent unpredictability and in those breathtaking, heart-stopping moments that so vividly define and encapsulate the very essence of the spirited game of rugby.

Key Players and Rising Stars

Each tournament edition brings forth new heroes and stories of indomitable spirit. From the powerhouse runners of Romania to the tactical geniuses of Spain, the Rugby Europe Championship 2024 will be no different. Eagerly watch out, with heightened anticipation, for those key players who have impressively made their undeniable mark across a diverse array of international leagues, now returning, with a wealth of newfound experience and honed skill, to lead their home teams with an unparalleled sense of determination and strategic insight.

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