Rory Mcilroy’s Putting Woes Continue with Second 4-Putt in Two Days




Rory Mcilroy's Putting

Rory Mcilroy has just 4-putted for the second time in two days, indicating his form isn’t quite up to par. Golf sensation Rory McIlroy’s form has been called into question after he 4-putted for the second time in two days.

The Northern Irishman has long been considered one of the most talented golfers of his generation, but his recent struggles have raised concerns among fans and analysts alike. Mcilroy’s troubles on the greens have been particularly concerning, and his latest slip-up has led some to suggest that he may need to make some significant changes to his game in order to rediscover his form.

Despite this setback, many remain confident in Mcilroy’s abilities, and there are plenty of fans who are rooting for him to bounce back in the coming weeks and months.


Has Rory Mcilroy Ever 4-Putted Before?

Yes, this is not the first time rory mcilroy has 4-putted. He also 4-putted during the genesis open in 2019. However, it is unusual for a professional golfer of his caliber to have such an error.

How Many Strokes Did Rory Mcilroy Take On That Hole?

Rory Mcilroy Fails To Shore Up His Putting Game During The Second Round Of The Memorial Tournament

On Friday, Rory McIlroy’s putting game was in shambles during the second round of the memorial tournament hosted by jack nicklaus. The former world number one was seen struggling to hole putts on the front nine, and it didn’t get any better as the round progressed.

  • Mcilroy finished the second round with a disastrous four-putt double bogey on the 12th hole.
  • He missed six putts within nine feet or less on the front nine alone.
  • The 32-year-old golfer looked dejected and puzzled as he failed to make a birdie on the course.

Four Putts On One Hole Put A Damper On Mcilroy’S Round And Sealed His Fate

Mcilroy’s hopes of a positive outcome were shattered on the 12th hole, where he made a four-putt double-bogey. It’s not the first time he’s had a four-putt in his career, but it’s never a good feeling when it happens.

Here are some key points about his disastrous four-putt:

  • Mcilroy had a downhill 62-foot putt for birdie, which left him with quite a challenging second putt.
  • He missed his second putt from four feet and watched in agony as his ball rolled further away from the hole.
  • Mcilroy misjudged his third and fourth putts and eventually made a double-bogey, sealing his fate in the tournament.

The Impact Of The Second 4-Putt On Mcilroy’S Overall Standing In The Tournament

Mcilroy’s putting woes didn’t go away on Saturday, and he moved further down the leaderboard after the third round. The impact of his second four-putt was significant, leaving him with a lot of ground to make up heading into Sunday.

  • Mcilroy started the third round tied for 57th and nine strokes off the pace, and he finished day three in 61st place.
  • His scorecard for the third round showed him with one birdie, two bogeys, and 15 pars.
  • Mcilroy’s four-putt on Friday proved costly, as it significantly affected his morale and momentum heading into the remaining rounds of the tournament.

What Is Causing Mcilroy’S Putting Woes, And How Long Has This Been Going On?

Rory Mulroy, a professional golfer from Northern Ireland, just had a four-putt for the second time in two days. This unfortunate event happened during the first round of the memorial tournament at Muirfield Village in Dublin, Ohio. This is not the first time he made putting errors that caused him to miss the cut.

Many fans wonder about the cause of Mulroy’s struggles and how long this has been going on. We will look closer at his putting issues, how long it has affected him, and how it could affect his future performance.

Looking Back At Mcilroy’S Putting Struggles Over The Years And Their Effect On His Career

  • Rory Mcilroy has always been known for his powerful drives and excellent ball-striking skills. Still, putting has been his Achilles heel over the years.
  • In March 2013, he struggled with putting in the honda classic, and the next day he withdrew from the tournament, citing toothache as his reason.
  • In the 2014 BMW pga championship, McIlroy struggled again with his putting, which caused him to finish in seventh place.
  • In 2015, he missed the cuts in the Arnold Palmer Invitational and the memorial tournament due to his poor putting.
  • In 2016, Mulroy’s putting struggles continued in the FedEx Cup playoffs, causing him to miss the cut in the Barclays tournament.
  • Mcilroy’s putts-per-gir (greens in regulation) stat has been getting worse since 2011 when he was ranked first on the PGA tour. He has steadily dropped the rankings since then and is now ranked 128th.

Mcilroy’s poor putting performance has significantly affected his career. If he wants to stay competitive and increase his chances of winning more major tournaments, he must improve his putting accuracy.

The Role Of Technique, Confidence, And Mental Preparation In Putting Accuracy

Putting accuracy is not just about getting the ball in the hole. It is a combination of different factors that affect the game’s outcome. Here are some factors that can affect putting accuracy:

  • Technique:¬†Good putting technique is crucial to success. Improper posture, grip, and alignment can significantly affect putting accuracy. Mcilroy has made adjustments over the years, such as experimenting with different grips, to improve his putting.
  • Confidence:¬†Confidence is vital in putting accuracy. If a golfer does not believe he can make a putt, he will likely miss it. Mcilroy has admitted that his confidence has been affected by his putting struggles in the past.
  • Mental preparation:¬†Mental preparation is essential to stay focused and calm during a golf game. Mcilroy has been working with a psychologist to improve his mental game and better manage pressure situations.

To sum up, golfers who want to improve their putting accuracy must pay attention to their technique, confidence, and mental preparation. Combining these factors can help them make more putts and win more competitions.


Mcilroy’S Putting Woes As A Reflection Of The Broader Challenges Facing Pros On The Greens

Rory McIlroy’s recent putting performance has caused quite a stir in the golf community. Mcilroy, known for his exceptional skill on the course, 4-putted for the second time in just two days. This latest event has led experts to ponder whether Mcilroy’s putting woes reflect the broader challenges facing pros on the greens.

The Pressure Of Playing At The Highest Level And Coping With The Tension

When it comes to playing at the highest level, the pressure to perform can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned professionals. Coping with the tension of big events can negatively affect a golfer’s game, and putting is often the most affected aspect.

Here are some of the challenges professionals face:

  • Trembling hands:¬†The intense pressure of big events can destabilize a player’s hand, causing them to shake involuntarily. This can significantly impact their putting accuracy.
  • Mental distractions:¬†Stress can create mental distractions, which can cause players to lose focus on their shots and miss crucial details such as green reading, speed control, etc.
  • Inability to execute:¬†Even professionals feel pressured to make a putt when it matters most. Their anxiety and nervousness can create self-doubt, forcing them to overthink the shot and, in turn, miss the putt.

The Role Of Modern Technology In Helping Pros Overcome Some Of These Challenges

Many pros use modern technology to help them overcome these challenges. These advancements have been instrumental in leveling the playing field in the sport. Here are some of the ways technology is helping players overcome putting challenges:

  • Data analysis:¬†Professionals can use highly accurate data-capturing equipment to study their putting strokes and identify subtle errors in their technique. This enables them to make precise motion adjustments that ultimately help improve their performance.
  • Green mapping:¬†Modern technology has made it easier for players to map out the greens in advance, allowing them to identify potential obstacles such as inclines, breaks, etc. This information helps them plan accordingly and adapt their shots to suit the green conditions.
  • Putting aids:¬†Nowadays, various putting aids are available, such as alignment guides, mirrors, etc. These tools help players improve their putting skills by providing visual aids and feedback on their technique.

As seen above, the challenges of putting in elite golf can be numerous, and it’s no news that even the top golfers sometimes fall victim to them. However, modern technology has helped ease some obstacles and enabled players to strengthen their putting skills, ultimately creating more fun and excitement in the game.

How Can Mcilroy And Other Pros Overcome Their Putting Struggles?

Rory McIlroy’s putting has been the talking point recently as he 4-putted twice in two days, which many deemed strange considering he’s one of the world’s best golfers. Struggles with putting are not restricted to McIlroy alone, as other pros also experience hiccups on the greens.

However, there are ways to overcome these struggles and mentally emerge victorious.

The Importance Of The Right Mindset And Approach To Overcoming Putting Struggles

A golfer’s psychological state can impact their performance on the course. A positive outlook and mindset can help boost a golfer’s chances of overcoming putting struggles. Here’s how:

  • Golfers must view putting struggles as an opportunity to learn and improve rather than failure.
  • A golfer needs to maintain a positive attitude whether they are having a good or bad day on the greens.
  • Don’t avoid challenging putts; embrace them, and find the positive in every outcome.

The Role Of Training, Practice, And Mental Conditioning In Enhancing Putting Accuracy

Perfect practice makes perfect. Golfers need to train their minds just as much as their bodies. Here are some ways training and mental conditioning can enhance putting accuracy:

  • Repetition is key when it comes to improving putting skills. Golfers should practice putting as much as possible, even if they struggle.
  • Create a pre-shot routine and stick to it. This routine can help calm nerves and focus the mind.
  • Visualization can help a golfer ‘see’ the right line and pace, which can help overcome putting struggles.
  • Take time during practice to simulate tournament conditions. Pressure situations can prepare a golfer’s mind for the intensity of competition.

She frequently Asked Questions Of Rory Mcilroy, Just 4-Putted For The Second Time In Two Days.

What Happened To Rory Mcilroy?

During the Arnold Palmer Invitational tournament, Rory McIlroy just 4-putted for the second time in two days.

Rory McIlroy took 5 strokes on that hole during the Arnold palmer invitational tournament. He missed the par putt that, left him with a bogey. The incident occurred twice in two days, causing him to miss the cut for the weekend.

Is Rory Mcilroy Still A Good Golfer?

Yes, Rory McIlroy is still considered a great golfer. Despite the 4-putting mistakes, McIlroy is known for his consistent performance and wins. This unexpected mistake does not take away from his past accomplishments and future potential.

What Does 4-Putt Mean In Golf?

4-putt is a term used in golf when a golfer takes four strokes to put the ball into the hole on a single green. It is considered poor performance as professional golfers typically take no more than two putts to complete a hole.


The recent news of Rory McIlroy four-putting for the second time in just two days has undoubtedly raised eyebrows in the golfing world. While he remains one of the most talented golfers of our time, this recent performance will take a toll on his confidence.

However, it is important to remember that even the greatest athletes sometimes falter. The true test of a champion lies in how they react to setbacks. Rory has shown time and time again that he can bounce back from difficult situations and come out on top.

This is not the first time he has faced a challenging period in his career, and it certainly won’t be the last. As fans, we must continue supporting him in his successes and struggles as he works towards regaining his form.

Ultimately, what truly matters is not the number of times he falls but how many times he gets back up.


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