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Wayne Rooney supports Raheem Sterling to outdo Marc Overmars for England. The England and manchester united legend wayne rooney has thrown his weight behind Raheem Sterling to surpass Dutchman Marc Overmars in the upcoming world cup.

Raheem Sterling has excelled for manchester city during their domestic treble-winning campaign this season, and Rooney believes he is crucial to England’s chances of succeeding in international tournaments. Rooney, who remains England’s all-time leading goalscorer with 53 goals, has called on the manchester city forward to be brave on the big stage, emulate Sterling and showcase his true potential.

However, Sterling, on the other hand, faces intense competition for starting spots from Marcus Rashford and jadon sancho, who have enjoyed impressive campaigns for their respective clubs this season.

Rooney EndorsesSterling

Sterling’S Qualities As Overmars’ Successor

Rooney Backs Sterling To Be England Overmars

After his impressive performances for manchester city, it seems like Raheem Sterling can do no wrong. His excellent attacking play and leadership skills have caught the eye of wayne rooney, who has backed him to be the next Marc Overmars for England.

This section will discuss Sterling’s qualities as Overmars’ successor.

Sterling’S Statistical Comparison To Overmars During His Arsenal Days

Looking at Sterling’s stats, we can see why Rooney believes he can replicate Overmars’ success. During Overmars’ time at Arsenal, he scored 41 goals and provided 40 assists in 142 appearances. On the other hand, Sterling has scored 101 goals and provided 74 assists in 292 appearances for Liverpool and manchester city.

This shows that Sterling has been involved in almost twice as many goals as Overmars did during his Arsenal days.

Sterling’S Playing Style And Attacking Prowess

Sterling’s electric pace, quick turns, and superb dribbling skills make him a nightmare for opposition defenders. He often cuts inside from the left flank, takes shots from range, or sets up his teammates with a perfectly weighted pass. Sterling’s attacking threat is not limited to his skills, though, as he is also adept at making intelligent runs and finding space in the box.

Sterling’s playing style and attacking prowess make him a valuable asset to any team he represents.

Sterling’S Versatility In The Attacking Third

One of Sterling’s greatest strengths is his versatility in the attacking third. He is equally comfortable playing on the left and right flanks and can also operate as a center forward. This versatility means he can adapt to different formations and playstyles, giving his team a tactical advantage.

Sterling’s ability to play multiple positions also means that he can be substituted for other attacking players without compromising the team’s attacking threat.

Sterling’s stats, playing style, and versatility make him a prime candidate to become England’s next Overmars. With Rooney’s backing, it seems likely that Sterling will play an integral role in England’s future success.

Challenges Ahead

Rooney Backs Sterling To Be England Overmars

Rooney’s praise of Sterling’s potential as England’s Overmars has raised the bar for the young star. But with praise comes more significant challenges. Let’s dive into the obstacles Sterling may face with scrutiny and pressure and how he can achieve similar longevity and consistency.

The Pressure Of Filling Overmars’ Shoes

Sterling’s career undoubtedly takes a quantum leap as England prays that he will emulate Overmars’ success. This expectation can quickly become sterling’s burden and a daunting task, leading to anxiety and mental pressure. However, if Sterling can always remember that this task is challenging, it may help him handle the pressure.

The Scrutiny Sterling May Face From Fans And Media

As Sterling takes up the mantle of England’s Overmars, the scrutiny from fans and media will also intensify. Sterling’s every move on and off the pitch will now be under the microscope. Anything sterling does has the potential to attract unwanted public attention.

Media persons may want to see him at home or going out. The attention can be overwhelming, but the young star must keep calm to handle this pressure.

The Importance Of Consistency And Longevity In Achieving A Similar Legacy

To be the next Overmars, Sterling will have to put in more effort than before. He must continue working hard to realize his full potential and maintain high consistency throughout his career. Consistency is king in modern football.

Sterling must be consistently excellent to exceed overmars and create his unique legacy. It will come with discipline, hard work, and excellent teamwork.

On the road to achieving a similar legacy, Sterling must stay focused and continue delivering remarkable performances. Sterling must learn from his predecessors, like Overmars, and try to become one of England’s greatest footballing legends.


Sterling’S Potential Impact On England’S National Team

Rooney Backs Sterling To Be England Overmars

It’s been a while since England had a player who could evoke the same kind of respect as Marc Overmars did in the past. However, former captain wayne rooney believes Raheem Sterling has the potential to bring that kind of player back to England’s national team.

Here’s how sterling’s potential impact on England’s national team can be groundbreaking.

Sterling’S Current Role In The National Team And Potential For Growth.

  • Raheem Sterling has established himself as one of England’s top players recently.
  • The manchester city forward has been a regular starter for the national team in major tournaments and qualifiers.
  • Sterling has played on the right and left wing as well as played in a central attacking role for the team.
  • Despite his young age, he has become a leader both on and off the pitch.
  • Sterling’s solid performances have earned him the trust of the manager, Gareth Southgate. As a result, he is very likely to play a crucial role in the upcoming world cup.

How Sterling’S Addition To The Team Could Enhance England’S Attacking Options.

  • Sterling’s addition to the team will greatly enhance England’s attacking options.
  • His blistering pace, dribbling ability, and goal-scoring prowess make him a real threat to any defense.
  • His creativity and interplay with his teammates could enable England to score more goals and create more opportunities.
  • Sterling’s versatility means Southgate has many options for utilizing him in different formations and tactics.

Sterling’S Potential To Inspire The Next Generation Of English Young Talents.

  • As a young black footballer, Sterling has pioneered the next generation of English footballers.
  • His success on and off the pitch has shown that talent knows no boundaries.
  • Sterling has been a vocal advocate for community, race, and social equality issues.
  • His actions and words have resonated with young fans, showing them they can achieve their dreams.
  • Sterling’s success can inspire young footballers of all backgrounds who hope to make it to the very top of the game.

Raheem Sterling’s impact on England’s national team has been significant, both on and off the pitch. With his talent, versatility, and leadership qualities, Sterling has the potential to take English football back to its glory days. As Wayne Rooney said, Sterling has the potential to become England’s Overmars, a key player who can change the course of matches and bring success to the national team.

Frequently Asked Questions Of Rooney Backs Sterling To Be England Overmars

Who Is Backing Sterling To Be England Overmars?

Former England captain wayne rooney is backing Raheem Sterling to become England’s answer to Marc Overmars.

What Role Does Sterling Play For The England Team?

Sterling is critical for the England team, serving as their leading forward.

How Many Goals Has Sterling Scored For England?

As of October 2021, Sterling has scored 15 goals in 69 appearances for the England team.


Sterling’s impressive performances for England on the international stage have recently been under intense scrutiny. Nevertheless, the former manchester united striker Wayne Rooney has backed Sterling to be England’s Overmars. Rooney praised his former manchester city teammate for his ability to take on defenders, pace, and work rate on the pitch.

The former England captain believes that if Sterling maintains this level of performance and consistency, he could be a key player for England in the upcoming European championship. Sterling’s hard work has certainly paid off, and his performances on the pitch highlight his commitment to improving his game.

He has already silenced many of his critics, but there still lies a long journey ahead for the 26-year-old winger. It will be interesting to see how far Sterling can go in an England shirt, but for now, he has Rooney’s backing, and the whole nation is hoping he can deliver shortly.


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