Radnik Bijelina stepped on and Olympiacos secured qualification!





Olympiacos secured qualification to the second round of the Champions League qualifiers on Wednesday night (25/10) !

Without trying too hard, the “red and white” won 3-1 set (25-10, 25-18, 18-25, 25-21) of Radnik Bijelina from Montenegro in the first game of the first qualifying round of the leading European interclub institution in Belgrade, Serbia.

Somehow, Piraeus entered this season victorious, and now they turn their attention to tomorrow’s (26/10, 19:00) game against the host Partizan, which will decide the first place in the group, since both have qualified for the second qualifying round of the Men’s Volleyball Champions League, as Radnik Bijelina completed her duties with two losses.

The match:

Olympiacos was the absolute ruler in the match, entering with… wild moods in the first set and “building” a big difference early on. With Travitsa finding service points, the “red and white” led 4-1, with Hidalgo and Zoupani taking action for +6 and 13-7. With their foot pressed on the “gas”, the Piraeus ran a partial score of 6-1 (19-8), easily reaching the conquest of the first set with an impressive 25-10.

Some unforced errors on serve, but also some poor attacking choices that led to blocks, allowed Radnik Bjelina to take a 5-4 lead and a 7-5 lead shortly after . At that point in the match, the players of Antonis Vourderis raised their performance and thanks to their good serve, but also the effective blocks, they took twelve of the next 16 points for a 17-11 advantage. The trio of Hidalgo, Travitsa and Zoupani continued to find easy points, with the “red and white” taking the second set with a score of 25-18.

Having “embraced” the victory after the 2-0 advantage, resulting in relaxation, but also the fact that fatigue made its appearance, Olympiacos entered the third set quite sluggishly. The team from Montenegro took advantage of the accumulated mistakes in the defense and the bad blocking of the “red and whites”, maintaining a good margin throughout the set, even reaching +8 (11-19). Despite the reaction of the Greek team towards the end of the match, the breakthrough never came, and thus Radnik Bijelina reduced to 2-1 set (18-25).

Not in the mood to get involved in adventures, the “red and white” entered the fourth set well, leading 6-4. Back-to-back points from Payenk sent Olympiakos to +3 (11-8), with the Montenegrins then not only tying the score at 11-11, but also taking the lead at 14-12. At that critical point, the quality of Hidalgo and Gustavo Bonato spoke, who with good choices near the net, gave Olympiakos an offensive pace, thus reaching the set 25-18 .

The sets: 25-10, 25-18, 18-25, 25-21.

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