How To Watch USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals Live Stream: Prediction, Overview, Roster, Team and Key Player Stat Week 10





The first match of USFL Week 10 is Pittsburgh Maulers Vs New Jersey Generals. Football enthusiasts are gearing up for an exciting showdown. Both teams have been prepared for this moment, especially Pittsburgh Maulers as this match gives them an opportunity to retaliate for the loss in week 2. This game promises to be a thrilling display of talent, strategy, and raw athleticism.

Here, we’ll discuss how to watch USFLs Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals live stream. Moreover, provide Predictions, Overviews, Rosters, Team Stats, and Key Player Insights.

Week 10

Game Time!

Venue: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium

Kick-off: 1 PM ET

Date: Saturday, 17 June 

Broadcast: USA Network

How to Watch USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals Live Stream

How to Watch USFL

This USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs New Jersey Generals match will be officially broadcasted on USA Network. Moreover, Streaming services like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, PeacockTV, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Some of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. Some of these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly!

How To Watch USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals Prediction and Overview

Pittsburgh Maulers (3-6 · 3RD IN NORTH)

The Pittsburgh Maulers are facing many difficulties this season, being in 7th position in the league. Maulers lost 6 matches while winning only 3, putting themselves 3rd in the North. Head Coach Ray Horton is making some changes in the strategy, as the Maulers have been pretty weak. QB Troy Williams and WR Isiah Hennie couldn’t do much this season. But last week, The Maulers destroyed the Panthers, so the next match has some hope. Led by their determined head coach and a roster of talented players, the Maulers have been training rigorously to claim victory in this crucial matchup.

Last week Maulers defeated Panthers by 19-7 points. The Panthers couldn’t get a chance to score. 

Here are some top moments.

Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals: Top Moments!

Pittsburgh Maulers 19, Michigan Panthers 7

Josh Simmons provided an explosive start for the Pittsburgh Maulers as he returned the opening kickoff all the way to the Michigan Panthers’ 29-yard line. This exceptional return set up the Maulers with excellent field position and an early opportunity to make a statement on offense.

In a just few plays, Josh Simmons made his presence felt once again. He caught a perfectly thrown pass from Troy Williams. Which outmaneuvered a defense that had played their coverage well. With that touchdown reception, the Pittsburgh Maulers swiftly took a 7-0 lead, setting a strong tone for the game.

Matt Mengel showcased his exceptional skills with an 83-yard punt, leaving spectators in awe of his remarkable feat.

The Maulers’ dominance on special teams persisted as Madre London made an impressive impact. Not only did he successfully block the punt, but he also displayed incredible awareness and agility by recovering the ball. Leading Maulers 13-0 at the half.

In the early 4th quarter, the Maulers were making progress on their offensive drive. They were aiming to extend their lead and make it a two-score game. However, the Panthers’ defense had a strong response and recorded their sixth sack of the game. Forced Maulers out of their field goal range. 

The Maulers managed to secure a two-score lead on their subsequent drive. They orchestrated an 11-play, 67-yard march down the field, setting up a short-field goal opportunity for kicker Chris Blewitt. Blewitt successfully converted the field goal, allowing the Maulers to extend their lead and gain a more comfortable advantage over the Panthers.

The Pittsburgh Maulers showcased their strong defense in the closing moments of the game, thwarting the Michigan Panthers’ attempted comeback. The Maulers’ defensive unit proved to be too tough for the Panthers to overcome, allowing Pittsburgh to secure the victory. With their defensive prowess, the Maulers successfully held on to their lead and sealed the win.

New Jersey Generals (3-6 · 2ND IN NORTH) 

The New Jersey Generals have also been facing difficulties this season. Positioning 6th in the league, putting themselves at risk of elimination. The Generals lost 6 matches this season while winning only 3.

After subsequently losing 5 matches, the Generals made a comeback and defeated one of the strongest, Philadelphia Stars by 37-33 last week. 

Here are some top moments.

Top Moments!

New Jersey Generals 37, Philadelphia Stars 33

Cam Echols-Luper makes an 85-yard touchdown in the opening kickoff! 

The Philadelphia Stars capitalized on the pass interference penalty to gain a favorable field position in the New Jersey Generals’ territory. With quarterback Case Cookus leading the charge, the Stars executed a crucial third-down conversion with Cookus using his running ability to move the chains. This set up a promising opportunity in the red zone for Philadelphia. On a pivotal third-and-goal play, Cookus connected with Corey Coleman, who ran a crossing route, for a 6-yard touchdown reception. The successful drive showcased the Stars’ offensive efficiency and their ability to convert in key situations.

Generals WR Darrell Stewart Jr. scored a 43-yard completion by catching a throw from QB De’Andre Johnson. And later, New Jersey made a trick-play touchdown.

Johnson threw a touchdown pass to RB Darius Victor 

Darius Victor scored his 2nd touchdown of the day, leading the Generals up 23-13.

As the fourth quarter neared its end, Philadelphia started to unsettle fans from New Jersey by swiftly covering a distance of 69 yards in nine plays to add another score.

The Stars added another score through a field goal, narrowing the deficit to four points. However, when the team attempted an onside kick and New Jersey regained possession, they forced a crucial fumble to prevent Philadelphia’s comeback attempt and secure the victory.

Prediction: Maulers +4 over Generals (or win outright)

Both teams have faced significant offensive challenges losing most of the matches this season. Which puts both of them at risk of elimination. But the Maulers’ exceptional defense will play a crucial role in securing a victory in this matchup. Lately, the Maulers have been effectively generating turnovers, and this advantage will prove beneficial against a Generals offense prone to making mistakes.

USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals Team and Key Player Stats

Team Stats – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals


Stats Pittsburgh Maulers New Jersey Generals
PASSING YARDS / GAME 143.8 166.3
THIRD DOWN % 27.6 36.7
YARDS / GAME 241.0 301.8
TURNOVER +/- 6 -2


Key Players Stats – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals


Pittsburgh Maulers

Troy Williams QB – Passing Yards 1260, Passing Touchdowns 5. 

Troy Williams QB – Rushing Yards 301, Rushing Touchdowns 3.

Isiah Hennie WR – Receiving Yards 426, Receiving Touchdowns 2. 

Chris Blewitt K – Kicking points 65.

Josh Simmons WR – Kick Return Yards 842.

Isiah Hennie WR – Punt Return Yards 285.

Mark Gilbert DB – Interceptions 3.

Kyahva Tezino LB – Total Tackles 87.

Olive Sagapolu DL – Sacks 4.0.

Chris Blewitt K – Points 65.

Josh Simmons WR – All-Purpose Yards 932.

Chris Blewitt K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 2.

Matt Mengel P – Punt Net Avg 36.8.


New Jersey Generals

De’Andre Johnson QB – Passing Yards 803, Touchdowns 4. 

Darius Victor RB – Rushing Yards 506, Rushing Touchdowns 4.

Alonzo Moore WR – Receiving Yards 349, Receiving Touchdowns 5. 

Nick Sciba K – Kicking points 47.

Warren Newman WR – Kick Return Yards 362.

Cam Echols-Luper WR – Punt Return Yards 32.

DJ Daniel CB – Interceptions 3.

Chris Orr LB – Total Tackles 73.

Hercules Mata’afa DE – Sacks 5.5.

Darius Victor RB – Points 48.

Darius Victor RB –  All-Purpose Yards 685.

Nick Sciba K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 1.

Brock Miller P – Punt Net Avg 38.2.


USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals Roster 


Pittsburgh Maulers New Jersey Generals
OFFENSE Myron Cunningham #74 T Calvin Ashley #71 G


Xavier Dampeer #52 C Eric Barriere #8 QB
Jon Dietzen #67 G Isaiah Battle #79 T
Tre’Quan Dorsey #69 T Braedon Bowman #80 TE
Justin Evans #51 T Woody Brandom #88 TE
Bailey Gaither #4 WR Cam Carter #60 T
Duane Gary #21 RB Kingston Davis #29 RB
Garrett Groshek #37 RB Cam Echols-Luper #18 WR
Isiah Hennie #17 WR Marcus Green #14 WR
Ishmael Hyman #14 WR Brandon Haskin #76 OL
Leon Johnson #62 T Evan Heim #69 C
Madre London #9 RB Arthur Jackson #23 WR
Artayvious Lynn #85 TE De’Andre Johnson #1 QB


Jalen McCleskey #13 WR Charles Jones #0 TE
James Morgan #12 QB Jake Lacina #68 C
Brayden Patton #58 C Kyle Lauletta #11 QB
Terry Poole #68 T Alonzo Moore #13 WR
Connor Sampson #15 QB J’Mon Moore #81 WR
Matt Seybert #80 TE Robert Myers #70 OL
Josh Simmons #38 WR Warren Newman #10 WR


Mason Stokke #44 FB Dakota Prukop #9 QB
Colby Thomas #50 G Wes Saxton Jr. #17 TE
C.J. Turner #13 WR Darrell Stewart Jr. #82 WR
Tre Walker #89 WR Bruce Trigg #72 OL
Troy Williams #11 QB Darius Victor #27 RB
Trey Williams #3 RB
Saige Young #66 C
DEFENSE Terry Beckner Jr. #91 DT Dravon Askew-Henry #7 S
Malcolm Elmore #20 S Mike Bell Jr. #12 LB
Reuben Foster #10 LB Anthony Blue #40 CB
Mark Gilbert #30 DB Jalen Choice #50 LB
Keith Gipson Jr. #5 CB Blake Countess #26 CB
Tyson Graham Jr. #27 LB DJ Daniel #20 CB
Sedevyn Gray #29 DB Treston Decoud #30 CB
Izayah Green-May #99 DE Meiko Dotson #25 CB
Malcolm Howard #6 LB Trae Elston #21 CB
Ferlando Jordan #23 CB Willie Eubanks III #51 LB
Xavier Lewis #22 DB Paris Ford #24 S
Will Miles #92 DT Kolin Hill #55 LB
Christopher Okoye #90 DT D’Juan Hines #4 LB
Nasir Player #95 DE Toby Johnson #90 DL
Boogie Roberts #8 DL Shalom Luani #5 S


Olive Sagapolu #94 DL Hercules Mata’afa #93 DE
Beau Tanner #0 DB Jermaine McDaniel #91 DE
Arnold Tarpley III #2 S Chris Orr #2 LB


Vaughn Taylor Jr. #56 DE Kenneth Randall #59 DT
Kyahva Tezino #31 LB Tyshun Render #99 DE


Bryce Torneden #1 S Deyon Sizer #95 DL
Eli Walker #3 S Tyrone Truesdell #97 DT
Dale Warren #45 LB Christian Tutt #6 CB
Savion Williams #98 DT Kalani Vakameilalo #98 DT
Brendan White #45 DE
Bryson Young #56 LB
SPECIAL TEAMS Luke Barnes #40 LS Brock Miller #19 P  
Chris Blewitt #7 K Jordan Ober #44 LS
Riley Lovingood #46 LS Nick Sciba #16 K
Matt Mengel #19 P



The USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers vs New Jersey Generals is sure to be thrilling. Both teams are looking forward to facing each other, as this could be a deciding match for the elimination. So this match is sure to keep the football fans on the edge of their seats. Again a reminder, the game will be held this Saturday at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, kicking off at 1 PM ET on 17 June. So free up your schedule cause this match is sure to be electrifying! 

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