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The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! The USFLs Championship match, Pittsburgh Maulers vs Birmingham Stallions is around the corner. Both teams showed phenomenal gameplay this season. Defeating other strong powerhouses and advancing to the championship round took great effort and skills. The Maulers and Stallions had a clash in week 4, Maulers losing by 24-20. So this match isn’t just a championship, but also a chance to retaliate. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling final encounter. 

Here, we’ll talk about how to watch the USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions live stream. Also provide predictions, Overviews, Rosters, Team Stats, and Key Player Insights.

Game Time!

Venue:  Tom Benson Hall of  Fame Stadium. Canton, OH

Kick-off: 8 PM ET

Date: Saturday, July 1

Broadcast: PeacockTV 


How to Watch USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions Live Stream

This USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions match will be officially broadcasted on PeacockTV. Moreover, Streaming services like USA Network, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Some of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. Some of these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly!

How To Watch USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions Prediction and Overview

Pittsburgh Maulers (5-6 · 1ST IN NORTH)

The Pittsburgh Maulers have reached the final round defeating the other powerhouses of this season. Maulers have struggled very hard and faced many challenges in the journey. The Maulers have won 5 and lost 6 matches so far. In week 4, Stallions overpowered the Maulers by 24-20. But this time Maulers have a chance to take revenge. Head coach Ray Horton made great strategies and took the team to the final round. And he has high hopes that this time against the Stallions will be different. Last week, Maulers conquered the victory against the Panthers and advanced to the championship round. Here are some top moments.

 Top Moments! 

Pittsburgh Maulers 31, Michigan Panthers 27

Michigan made significant progress in their offensive drive, advancing into the red zone primarily due to an impressive catch by running back Stevie Scott III. The play unfolded on a critical third-and-10 situation at the Maulers’ 35-yard line. Quarterback E.J. Perry’s pass was slightly out in front of Scott, but the talented running back skillfully hauled it in with one hand and skillfully evaded multiple tackle attempts, resulting in a substantial 30-yard gain. Despite their efforts, the Panthers were ultimately limited to a 23-yard field goal, successfully converted by kicker Cole Murphy.

After Michigan’s successful field goal, Pittsburgh quickly responded with a strong offensive drive of their own. The Maulers’ kicker, Chris Blewitt, showcased his accuracy and leg strength by connecting on a 45-yard field goal attempt. With this successful kick, the Maulers leveled the score at three points apiece, bringing the first quarter to a close. Both teams were off to a competitive start in the game.


In a defensive play that swung the momentum in favor of the Maulers, Olive Sagapolu, a defensive lineman for Pittsburgh, managed to strip the ball from Panthers running back Reggie Corbin. The loose ball was then recovered by Maulers’ defensive tackle Terry Beckner Jr. at the Panthers’ 13-yard line. This turnover provided a valuable opportunity for the Maulers’ offense to capitalize on a short field and potentially take the lead in the game.

Taking advantage of the penalty on the Panthers’ defense, the Maulers managed to convert a crucial fourth-and-1 situation. With the Panthers committing a neutral zone infraction, the Maulers were awarded a first down. On the subsequent play, Garrett Groshek, likely the running back, powered his way into the end zone from 2 yards out, scoring a touchdown for the Maulers. This gave Pittsburgh the lead and added to their momentum in the game.

In a disappointing turn of events for the Panthers, E.J. Perry’s pass was intercepted by Mauler’s safety Arnold Tarpley III. This marked the third turnover by the Pittsburgh offense in a span of four drives during the first half. Turnovers can significantly impact the momentum and scoring opportunities for a team, and the Panthers will need to address their ball security issues to regain control of the game.

Following the interception, Troy Williams connected with Isiah Hennie on a 41-yard pass play, setting up the Maulers for a potential score. However, their field goal attempt was blocked by Michigan’s Noah Dawkins, preventing Pittsburgh from extending their lead. Despite the blocked field goal, the Maulers maintained a 10-3 advantage heading into halftime.

The Panthers seized the opportunity to level the score after the turnover in their territory. E.J. Perry connected with WR Trey Quinn and TE Cole Hikutini for a series of completions. Which totaled 48 yards and moved the Panthers into the red zone. On the next play, Perry ran for a 6-yard TD, knotting the game at 10-10. 

The Panthers capitalized on the opportunity of a successful defensive stand to take the lead. E.J. Perry launched a deep pass to WR Marcus Simms on the first play of the drive. Simms made an impressive catch and managed to stay on his feet. And sprinted into the end zone for a 72-yard touchdown. Leading Panthers to 17-10 as the third quarter came to a close. 

The Maulers capitalized on the penalties committed by Michigan’s Josh Butler and Breeland Speaks, helping them sustain a touchdown drive. During the drive, Troy Williams connected with Ishmael Hyman on a 14-yard completion, with Hyman displaying physicality and fighting for extra yards. On the eighth play of the drive, Bailey Gaither received the handoff and powered his way into the end zone for a 4-yard touchdown, putting the Maulers in a strong position.

Chris Blewitt scored a 59-yard FG with only 3:21 remaining of the 4th quarter. Leading the Maulers to 20-17.

Trey Quinn scored a 55-yard touchdown with the help from Perry giving Panthers the lead again. 

In a critical late-game drive, Pittsburgh capitalized on the penalties and made significant gains on offense. Troy Williams connected with Garrett Groshek for a 25-yard gain, advancing the Maulers’ position. A pass interference penalty against Michigan’s Josh Butler further helped Pittsburgh’s cause, placing them in the red zone. Williams then found Isiah Hennie for a 14-yard reception, setting up a pivotal moment.

With just 39 seconds remaining in the fourth quarter, Williams delivered a clutch throw to Ishmael Hyman for the go-ahead touchdown, giving the Maulers a 24-20 lead. The score put Pittsburgh in a favorable position to secure the victory and added another exciting twist to the game’s final moments.

Panthers’ Murphy scored a 47-yard field goal which put the game to overtime.

In a thrilling overtime matchup, Pittsburgh’s quarterback Troy Williams connected with Mason Stokke for a touchdown in the first overtime period, giving the Maulers the lead. On the ensuing possession, Michigan’s running back Stevie Scott III fumbled the ball near the end zone, resulting in an unsuccessful scoring attempt for the Panthers.

In the second overtime, Williams took matters into his own hands and ran in a score, extending Pittsburgh’s lead. Michigan’s quarterback E.J. Perry attempted a pass, but it was deflected at the line of scrimmage, bringing an end to the game.

The back-and-forth overtime battle ultimately favored the Pittsburgh Maulers, as they secured the victory with strong offensive plays and a key defensive stop. The outcome showcased the resilience and determination of both teams, making for an exciting and closely contested contest.

Birmingham Stallions (9-2 · 1ST IN SOUTH)

The Birmingham Stallions is the most dominant team of this season. This team won the most matches this season, proving themselves to be the strongest. Stallions have won 9 matches and lost only 2. Having a 6-game winning streak, Stallions are now holding 1st position in the league. In week 4, Stallions defeated Maulers by 24-20. And they are looking forward to doing the same again. Last week, Stallions destroyed the Breakers, scoring 47 points while Breakers were only able to score 22. Here are some top moments.

Top Moments!

Birmingham Stallions 47, New Orleans Breakers 22

The Stallions scored three points after the turnover, but New Orleans responded strongly by scoring a touchdown with an impressive back-shoulder fade.

Jace Sternberger had a breakthrough performance on the Stallions’ second drive. He made a great catch for a big 32-yard gain, and then Alex McGough found him in the flat for their first score. Additionally, the drone cam captured an amazing alternate angle of the play.

After scoring their first touchdown, Birmingham continued their momentum and scored another. Davion Davis displayed impressive skills by making a fantastic catch and run over the middle. His speedy dash put his team ahead 19-7 in the middle of the second quarter.

McGough has been displaying his athletic abilities throughout the game, and he showcased it emphatically in the third quarter by forcefully powering his way into the end zone for his first rushing touchdown. His run pushed Birmingham’s score to 40, giving the Stallions a significant advantage as they entered the fourth quarter.

Birmingham Stallions has scored the most points in this game, which never happened in USFL history before. It was fitting that McGough was the one to break the record. He escaped from the pocket and threw a powerful pass to Josh Johnson, Who finished the play to add Birmingham’s 47th point to the scoreboard.  

McGough had a standout performance. He recorded 310 passing yards and 4 touchdowns, making this one of the best games of his career. He becomes the first player in the last two years who achieved both 300 passing yards and 75 rushing yards in a game. Moreover, his offense has maintained an impressive avg. of 37 points per game during the postseason over the pst two seasons.

Prediction: Stallions to win by more than 3 points 

The Stallions’ offense is the strongest in the season so far with an average of 28.7 points per game. The Stallions have been winning 6 times in a row. Also,  Stallions defeated the Breakers in week 4, so could do that again. 

USFL - Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions

USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions Team and Key Player Stats

Team Stats – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions


Stats Pittsburgh Maulers Birmingham Stallions
PASSING YARDS / GAME 197.0 308.0
THIRD DOWN % 21.4 80.0
YARDS / GAME 291.0 553.0
TURNOVER +/- 3 1


Key Players Stats – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions


Pittsburgh Maulers

Troy Williams QB – Passing Yards 203, Passing Touchdowns 1. 

Troy Williams QB – Rushing Yards 36. 

Garret Groshek RB – Rushing Touchdowns 1.

Isiah Hennie WR – Receiving Yards 83. 

Ishmael Hyman WR – Receiving Touchdowns 1. 

Chris Blewitt K – Kicking points 9.

Josh Simmons WR – Kick Return Yards 106.

Isiah Hennie WR – Punt Return Yards 1.

Arnold Tarpley III S – Interceptions 1.

Troy Williams QB – Defensive Tackles 9.

Kyahva Tezino LB – Sacks 0.0.

Troy Williams QB – Points 10.

Josh Simmons WR – All-Purpose Yards 134.

Chris Blewitt K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 1.

Matt Mengel P – Punt Net Avg 33.8.


Birmingham Stallions

Alex McGough QB – Passing Yards 310, Touchdowns 4. 

Alex McGough QB – Rushing Yards 84. 

CJ Marable RB – Rushing Touchdowns 1.

Davion Davis WR – Receiving Yards 75.

Davion Davis WR – Receiving Touchdowns 2. 

Brandon Aubrey K – Kicking points 11.

Deon Cain WR – Kick Return Yards 64.

Deon Cain WR – Punt Return Yards 0.

Brian Allen CB – Interceptions 2.

Christian McFarland S – Defensive Tackles 6.

Lorenzo Burns – Sacks 0.0.

Alex McGough QB – Points 30.

Deon Cain WR – All-Purpose Yards 138.

Brandon Aubrey K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 4.

USFL – Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions Roster 


Pittsburgh Maulers Birmingham Stallions
OFFENSE Myron Cunningham #74 T Adrian Hardy #16 WR
Xavier Dampeer #52 C Alex McGough #2 QB
Jon Dietzen #67 G Austin Watkins #14 WR
Tre’Quan Dorsey #69 T Bo Scarbrough #25 RB
Justin Evans #51 T Bobby Holly #44 FB
Bailey Gaither #4 WR CJ Marable #11 RB
Duane Gary #21 RB Cohl Cabral #69 C
Garrett Groshek #37 RB Cole Schneider #65 G
Isiah Hennie #17 WR Darius Harper #76 T
Ishmael Hyman #14 WR Davion Davis #13 WR
Leon Johnson #62 T Deon Cain #85 WR.
Madre London #9 RB Derwin Gray #77 T
Artayvious Lynn #85 TE J’Mar Smith #6 QB
Jalen McCleskey #13 WR Jace Sternberger #12 TE
James Morgan #12 QB Jahmir Johnson #67 T
Brayden Patton #58 C Jalen Morton #18 QB
Terry Poole #68 T Josh Johnson #1 WR
Connor Sampson #15 QB Kyle Sloter #3 QB
Matt Seybert #80 TE La’Michael Pettway #80 TE
Josh Simmons #38 WR Marlon Williams #17 WR
Mason Stokke #44 FB Matt Kaskey #63 G
Colby Thomas #50 G Michael Dereus #8 WR
C.J. Turner #13 WR Myron Mitchell #81 WR
Tre Walker #89 WR O’Shea Dugas #74 OL
Troy Williams #11 QB Ricky Person Jr. #23 RB
Thaddeus Moss #86 TE
Tre’Vour Wallace-Simms #79 G
Zaquandre White #4 RB
DEFENSE Terry Beckner Jr. #91 DT Brian Allen #29 CB
Malcolm Elmore #20 S Brody Buck #40 LB
Reuben Foster #10 LB Bryan Mills #21 CB
Mark Gilbert #30 DB Christian McFarland #5 S
Keith Gipson Jr. #5 CB Darrion Daniels #94 DE
Tyson Graham Jr. #27 LB Dondrea Tillman #99 DE
Sedevyn Gray #29 DB Donnie Lewis II #20 CB
Izayah Green-May #99 DE Elijah Sullivan #57 LB
Malcolm Howard #6 LB JoJo Tillery #27 S
Ferlando Jordan #23 CB Joe Jackson#90 DE
Xavier Lewis #22 DB Joe Ozougwu #47 DE
Will Miles #92 DT Jonathan Newsome #55 DE
Christopher Okoye #90 DT Jordan Thompson #78 DE
Nasir Player #95 DE Khalil Davis #95 DT
Boogie Roberts #8 DL Lorenzo Burns #22 CB
Olive Sagapolu #94 DL Malik Grant #0 S
Beau Tanner #0 DB Mark Fields II #0 CB
Arnold Tarpley III #2 S Nate Brooks #26 CB
Vaughn Taylor Jr. #56 DE Nate Holley #36 S
Kyahva Tezino #31 LB Quentin Poling #59 LB 
Bryce Torneden #1 S Rashad Smith #35 LB


Eli Walker #3 S Scooby Wright III #33 LB
Dale Warren #45 LB T.J. Carter #7 S
Savion Williams #98 DT Tyree Robinson #9 S
Willie Henry #96 DT
Willie Yarbary #97 DL
SPECIAL TEAMS Luke Barnes #40 LS Brandon Aubrey #10 K
Chris Blewitt #7 K Colby Wadman #15 P
Riley Lovingood #46 LS Ryan Langan #41 LS
Matt Mengel #19 P


The USFLs Pittsburgh Maulers Vs Birmingham Stallions is sure to give you goosebumps, as the strongest powerhouses of the USFL face each other this Saturday, July 1. Again a reminder, the Game will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH at 8 PM ET (USA). The Maulers have been waiting for this match to retaliate. They are well prepared to beat the Stallions while the Stallions are looking forward to crushing them again and winning the championship. So get ready for some electrifying football!


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