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OKTAGON 53 Dalisda vs Dourthe

OKTAGON 53 takes place on Saturday, February 10, inside the Rudolf Weber-Arena, Oberhausen, and is a platform for the region’s top talents. A crucial rematch for the strawweight title goes down in the main event, and the promotional debut of a hot prospect is also featured on the card.

The OKTAGON 53 tournament will offer an exciting duel for the strawweight queen between the domestic champion Katharina Dalisda and Eva Dourthe from France. In recent matches, she mainly stands out with her bulldog style. She is very well equipped with power, which she showed in the last fight with Chiara Penco.

Katharina Dalisda broke into professional MMA only in September 2019 and represented the famous German team MMA Spirit. She has been dominant in her matches in the OKTAGON organization thus far, scoring three victories leading up to a title match in which she finished off the talented Jacinta Austin in the third round via submission to win the OKTAGON title. Dalisda will want to push her wrestling, but if she gets her opponent down, it doesn’t necessarily mean she has won, as Dourthe recently got her brown belt in BJJ, and we saw that her defense is good. So I expect an even fight, as it was in their first match. Dalisda will most likely implement her game plan, but Dourthe will need to give her skin more cheaply.

OKTAGON 53: Live & Start Time

Octagon 53: Dalisda vs. Durth occurs on Saturday (February 10). It is expected to last from approximately 9:00 pm, with pre-show activities leading to the main event.

OKTAGON 53: locations

OKTAGON 53: Dalisda vs Durrthe High Fight Match. Oberhausen, Germany, takes over on Saturday, February 10, at the Rudolf Weber-Arena.

How to Stream OKTAGON 53: Dalisda vs Dourthe?

OKTAGON 53, featuring the much-anticipated relationship between Dalisda and Dorothy, is set to enthrall martial arts enthusiasts worldwide. As fans gear up for this exciting event, the question of how to livestream the fights becomes paramount. Here is T.V. There’s a comprehensive guide of channels and streaming platforms where you can watch OKTAGON 53 to catch every moment of the action.

Pay-Per-View (PPV)

Satellite and Cable T.V. Channels


Sports Streaming Platforms

Free Streaming Options

While PPV and subscription services are the primary ways to watch OKTAGON 53, some regions may offer free streaming through promotional deals or initial trial periods on specific platforms. Always check for legal streaming options to support the sport and ensure the best viewing experience.

OKTAGON 53: Dalisda Bio

OKTAGON 53: Dourthe Bio

OKTAGON 53: Fight Card


When and where will OKTAGON 53: Dalisda vs Durothe take place?

OCTAGON 53 MMA 10 will begin in Fab, 2024, at a Rudolf Weber-Arena. The event will feature multiple bouts, culminating in a title shot between Dalisda and Duroth.

How can I watch OKTAGON 53 live?

You can stream OKTAGON 53 live through different platforms depending on your region. In some areas, the show will be available on pay-per-view through local sports networks, while in others, it may be streamed online through services such as OKTAGON TV or ESPN+. See the table in the article above for detailed information about streaming options in your area.

How much does it cost to watch OKTAGON 53?

The cost to watch OKTAGON 53 may vary based on your location and the platform you choose to stream from. Subscription services may offer events as part of their package, while pay-per-view pricing may apply in other cases. Refer to the table for specific costs associated with streaming services and regions.

Are there any discounts or free trials available for streaming OKTAGON 53?

Some streaming services may offer free trials or promotional discounts to new subscribers. Check the official websites of the streaming platforms for such offers, which may allow you to watch OKTAGON 53 for less or even for free if the trial time aligns with the event.

Can I watch OKTAGON 53 if I am outside my country?

If the event is not broadcast live in your current location, you can watch OKTAGON 53 from abroad through VPN services to access online streaming platforms. However, choose a reliable VPN provider and check the legality of using such services in your country.

What is the fight card for Oklahoma 53?

The fight card for OKTAGON 53, including the main event between Dalisda and Durrthe and other scheduled bouts, will be announced closer to the event date. For the most up-to-date information, visit the official OKTAGON MMA website or follow their social media channels.

How do I purchase tickets to attend OKTAGON 53 in person?

Tickets for OKTAGON 53 will be available for purchase on the event’s official website or through authorized ticket partners. Check OKTAGON MMA’s official channels for announcements on ticket sales start dates and pricing.

Is there any online coverage or behind-the-scenes content for OKTAGON 53?

Fans can expect online coverage, including pre-fight interviews, weigh-ins, and behind-the-scenes content via OKTAGON MMA’s official website and social media platforms. In addition, some streaming services may offer subscribers exclusive content related to the event.

For any questions or the latest updates regarding OKTAGON 53: Dalisda vs. Dourthe, please visit the official OKTAGON MMA website and social media channels.

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