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Watch out for this year’s OKTAGON 52, as you will witness the most spectacular matches. The highly anticipated OKTAGON 52 is taking place on Saturday, Jan. 27, with the main card event starting at 12 ET.

OKTAGON 52 is the first tournament of 2024 and is expected to be a fearsome battle of the best. We have Magard vs. Cartwright as well as Penaz vs. among other abouts. Whether you are an enthusiast or just a spectator, OKTAGON 52 will boil your blood.


Match Details

DateSaturday, 27th Jan, 2024
VenueUtilita Arena, Newcastle, England
Time12 p.m. ET

Where is OKTAGON 52 being held?

The OKTAGON 52 event is in Utilita Arena, Newcastle, England with a capacity of 11,000 people.

When is OKTAGON 52? 

The Oktagon 52 begins at 12 p.m. ET on January 27. Here’s how that translates to different time zones globally: 

RegionDateEvent Start Time
USA and Canada (ET)January 2712:00 PM
USA and Canada (PT)January 2709:00 AM
UK and IrelandJanuary 2717:00
Australia (Sydney)January 2704:00 AM

How to watch OKTAGON 52

U.S. BroadcastDAZN

Here is a list of how to watch the OKTAGON 52 live stream online and on social media:

  1. Official Website: Visit the OKTAGON MMA website for event details and streaming information.
  2. OKTAGON TV: OKTAGON TV offers pay-per-view live streams of the event.
  3. DAZN: OKTAGON 52 will be streamed exclusively on DAZN. You can sign up for a subscription to access the live stream.
  4. YouTube: OKTAGON MMA has an official YouTube channel where they post event-related content. While the event may not be streamed here, you can find highlights, interviews, and other related content.
  5. CrackStreams: This website provides MMA streams, including UFC and potentially OKTAGON events. However, the legality and reliability of such sites can vary, so it’s recommended to use official streaming platforms[5].
  6. Twitter: Follow the official OKTAGON MMA Twitter account for live updates and potential streaming information.
  7. LinkedIn: Some event-related content and updates may be posted on LinkedIn.
  8. Other Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook may also have event-related content and updates. It’s recommended to follow the official OKTAGON MMA accounts for accurate information.

Please note that availability may vary depending on your location. Always use legal and official sources to watch the event to support the organization and fighters.

What is the WWE OKTAGON 52 fight card look like?

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This year’sOKTAGON 52 matches are amazing.  There are 10 exciting bouts on the OKTAGON 52 fight Card and this is what the FightCard looks like:

 NameRanking, Weight Class and Country NameRanking, Weight Class and Country
10Jonas Mågård#5 BantamW (Europe Eastern)MAIN EVENTJack Cartwright#2 BantamW (UK/Ireland)
9Matej Penáz#7 MiddleW (Czech Republic)CO-MAIN EVENTMatthew Bonner #2 MiddleW (UK/Ireland)
8Aaron Aby#7 FlyW (UK/Ireland)MAIN CARDChristopher Daniel#12 FlyW (Florida)
7Adam Palasz #15 HeavyW (Poland)MAIN CARDStuart Austin#155 HeavyW (Worldwide)
6Shoaib Yousaf#9 FeatherW (UK/Ireland)MAIN CARDEduard Kexel#29 FeatherW (Europe Western)
5Corey Fry#24 FeatherW (UK/Ireland)PRELIMMax Holzer#12 BantamW (Germany)
4Jan Široký#11 LightW (Czech Republic)PRELIMDenis Frimpong#142 LightW (UK/Ireland)
3Roman Paulus#64 FeatherW (Europe Eastern)PRELIMNathan Haywood#53 BantamW (UK/Ireland)
2Jake McHugh#88 FeatherW (UK/Ireland)PRELIMArmand Herczeg#138 FeatherW (UK/Ireland)
1Daniel Bainbridge#46 BantamW (UK/Ireland)PRELIMHamza Dagdeviren#62 FeatherW (Caucasus)

Where is Oktagon MMA from?

Oktagon MMA is an international martial arts tournament based in northern Italy. It was founded in 1996 by Carlo Di Blasi and is broadcast to 120 countries[1].

Who is Shem Rock?

Shem Rock, known as Shaqueme Rock, is a professional MMA fighter from Dublin, Ireland. He competes in the lightweight division and is affiliated with Next Generation MMA Liverpool. As of the last update, his professional MMA record is nine wins, 1 loss, and 1 draw.

What time does Oktagon finish?

Oktagon MMA events typically consist of an average of 10 to 11 fights, starting at 6 pm and usually finishing after 11 pm.

Who won Oktagon challenge?

The search results need to provide specific information about the winner of the Oktagon challenge. Check the official Oktagon MMA website or their latest event updates for the most recent and detailed results.

Frequently Asked Questions: Oktagon MMA

What is Oktagon MMA?

Oktagon MMA is a European-based mixed martial arts promotion that hosts events featuring fighters from various weight classes. It showcases bouts in MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing.

How can I watch Oktagon MMA events?

Oktagon MMA events can be streamed live on the promotion’s official website, Oktagon TV, and are also available internationally through DAZN.

What are the rules for fighters in Oktagon MMA?

Fighters must compete in approved shorts without shoes or any other type of foot padding. Shirts or long pants, including GI pants, are not permitted. Fighters must always follow the referee’s instructions, and unsportsmanlike conduct can result in point deductions or disqualification.

Does Oktagon MMA offer open scoring?

Oktagon MMA has announced plans to employ open scoring for all fights moving forward. After each round, the scores will be shown to the athletes, their coaches, the crowd, and the viewing audience.

Where can I find more information about attending an Oktagon MMA event?

For first-time attendees or those seeking more information about event logistics, such as transport, parking, and the event program, you can visit the Oktagon MMA website’s FAQ section.

Are there any benefits to attending an Oktagon MMA event live?

While specific benefits are not listed in the search results, attending live events often provides a unique atmosphere and the opportunity to see the action up close. It’s best to check the official Oktagon MMA website for detailed benefits.

Can I purchase Oktagon MMA merchandise?

The search results do not specify merchandise availability. However, most MMA promotions offer merchandise for sale, so it’s recommended to check the official Oktagon MMA website or at the event venue for available products.

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