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Get ready for an electrifying clash on the battleground as the New Orleans Breakers take on the Philadephia Stars this Sunday at Ford Field, Detroit. This match promises to be a thrilling spectacle that kicks off at 10:00 PM GMT+6 (USA) on May 21. Both teams are boasting formidable lineups and a fierce determination to claim victory. For, Football fans across the nation are eagerly waiting for this highly anticipated matchup. Leading players of both teams are ready to show off their skills on the ground. Which is sure to captivate audiences and showcase the true essence of professional football.

Here, we’ll talk about how to watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers vs Philadelphia Stars live stream. Moreover, we’ll cover predictions, overviews, rosters, team, and key player stats. So stay tuned with us to get more updates about USFL!

How to Watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers VS Philadelphia Stars Live Stream

How To Watch USFL

This USFL match will be officially broadcasted on Fox Sports1. Moreover, Streaming services like PeacockTV, NBC Sports, USA Network, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Most of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. All these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly! 

How To Watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers VS Philadelphia Stars Live Stream

New Orleans Breakers (4-1 · 1ST IN SOUTH)

The winning streak of the Breakers was broken by the Showboats last week. Showboats defeated the Breakers by 17 points. While the Breakers were only able to score 10 points. It was a tough game to play, The showboats were on a rage to break the breakers’ 4-game winning streak.

Jeremiah Valoaga kick-started the Showboats’ defense with a crucial sack on third down.

On second-and-14, Cole Kelley faced a hit while releasing the ball. Although the throw lacked some velocity, Kelley managed to muster enough strength to connect with Derrick Dillon, who caught the pass just a yard shy of the first-down marker. This completion reduced the distance needed for a first down on the subsequent third down.

In the opening minute of the second quarter, Alex Kessman successfully converted a 40-yard field goal. This came after the Showboats’ 14-play drive came to a halt.

Greg Reaves made a remarkable play by sacking McLeod Bethel-Thompson and simultaneously forcing a fumble, resulting in the Showboats gaining an advantageous field position.

Nevelle Clarke made a crucial play by positioning himself in front of Kelley’s pass, securing a significant interception that effectively ended the Showboats’ drive.

The Breakers created another turnover when Kelley’s 24-yard pass to Vinny Papale resulted in a fumble, granting New Orleans possession on the subsequent play following their own turnover.

Kyree Wood made a glorious interception.

Kessman successfully scored a 43-yarder at the end of the first half. Leading the Showboats to 6-0.

Alex Kessman made another shot of a 50-yarder, giving him his third field goal. Leading the score back up to 9-7 in the 3rd quarter.

John Mitchell made a touchdown by getting the pass from Kelley in the fourth quarter. Putting the score to 15-10.

The Showboats tried for another 2-point conversion and made it. Juwan Washington caught the pass and made a touchdown with only 2:16 left.

The Breakers lost their chances as there wasn’t enough time. But this time they definitely won’t repeat the same mistakes. Head coach John DeFilippo is working hard to make some changes. Losing the winning streak was actually pretty painful for the team. So this time, the rage is on! The breakers are going to rebuild the offense but more substantial this time. Also making some changes in the defense is necessary.  

Philadelphia Stars (2-3 · 4TH IN NORTH)

The Philadelphia showed an amazing performance last week. The Stars defeated the Generals by 24-21. It was a heart-pounding match. Both teams were in the rage to win the game. But at the last moment, Luis Aguilar showed his skills again after scoring his eighth field goal of the match. A 55-yarder in the last seconds gave the victory to the Stars. 

In the first quarter, The Generals’ defense was pretty strong as they stopped the Stars from scoring a touchdown.

But after a while, Luis Aguilar made his first 22-yard field goal, putting 3 points on the board. LB Gabriel Sewell made a fumble recovery, granting the Stars a favorable field position. Which allowed the Stars to attempt another field goal. Resulting in a successful kick that put the score to a 6-0 lead.

With amazing speed and agility, QB De’Andre Johnson makes an impressive run getting through the Stars’ defense and scoring a 35-yard touchdown. Giving the New Jersey Generals the lead.

During the early stages of the game, the Stars managed to accumulate their first three scores exclusively through successful field goals. Among them, Luis Aguilar’s third kick stood out as one of the most remarkable feats of the season. Aguilar confidently booted a 56-yarder, which was the longest field goal in the USFL season. This impressive kick granted the Stars a 9-7 lead in the game.

Initially, Corey Coleman of the Stars appeared to score a touchdown, which would have provided them with a lead of at least five points heading into halftime. However, upon review, it was determined that Coleman failed to tap his feet in bounds while making the catch. As a result, the Stars couldn’t secure the touchdown and had to settle with the fourth field goal. This outcome allowed Philadelphia to head into halftime with a 12-10 lead.

Luis Aguilar showed a phenomenal performance, setting a record for most field goals in a single match of USFL.  He made a 51-yarder in the 3rd quarter which was his 6th goal, leading the score to 18-10. And score his 7th goal, a 49-yarder in the last 10 minutes left. Giving a 21-13 lead to the Stars.

QB Kyle Lauletta made a sneaky touchdown that brought the Generals 2 points leading 21-19 in the last 15 seconds.

Right after his sneaky trick, Kyle floated a pass to Brandom on making a 2-point conversion. Putting the game on a tie!

But Aguilar showed off his skills again by scoring the last 8th field goal of the match, a 55-yarder. Scoring 24 and walking off the field with victory! The Philadelphia Stars showed an electrifying performance, especially a major credit goes to the record maker Luis Aguilar. The Stars have a high chance of winning this next match. As they showed a powerful offense. 

USFL – New Orleans Breakers VS Philadelphia Stars Team and Key Players Stats

Team Stats

Stats New Orleans Breakers (1st in South) Philadelphia Stars (4th in North)
PTS/G 27.0 18.0
Pass Yards 245.4 184.2
Rush Yards 108.4 52.4
Opp PTS/G 22.2 26.0
Opp Pass Yards 170.4 174.6
Opp Rush Yards 170.4 151.8

Key Players Stats

New Orleans Breakers

McLeod Bethel-Thompson QBPassing Yards 1322, Touchdowns 7. 

Wes Hills RB Rushing Yards 427, Rushing Touchdowns 8.

Sage Surratt TE – Receiving Yards 387.

Lee Morris WR – Receiving Touchdowns 2. 

Matt Coghlin K – Kicking points 45.

Eli Stove WR – Kick Return Yards 343.

Jarey Elder S – Punt Return Yards 1.

Vontae Diggs LB – Interceptions 1.

Vontae Diggs LB – Total Tackles 34.

Anree Saint-Amour DE – Sacks 3.5.

Wes Hills RB – Points 48.

Wes Hills RB –  All-Purpose Yards 577.

Matt White P –  Kickoff Touchbacks 0.

Matt White P – Punt Net Avg 39.4.

Philadelphia Stars

Case Cookus QBPassing Yards 1047, Touchdowns 5. 

Matt Colburn II RB Rushing Yards 107, Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Corey Coleman WR – Receiving Yards 258.

Devin Gray WR – Receiving Touchdowns 1. 

Luis Aguilar P – Kicking points 42.

Chris Rowland WR – Kick Return Yards 323.

Corey Coleman WR – Punt Return Yards 38.

Amani Dennis CB – Interceptions 2.

Cody Brown S – Total Tackles 33.

Adam Rodriguez DE – Sacks 2.0.

Luis Aguilar P – Points 42.

Chris Rowland WR –  All-Purpose Yards 425.

Luis Aguilar P – Kickoff Touchbacks 0. 

Luis Aguilar P – Punt Net Avg 32.6.

USFL – New Orleans Breakers VS Philadelphia Stars Roster

New Orleans Breakers Philadelphia Stars
OFFENSE Jonathan Adams #9 WR Samuel Akem #84 WR
Paul Adams #77 T Sean Brown #65 C
Dee Anderson #80 WR Jacob Burton #73 OL
McLeod Bethel-Thompson #1 QB Blake Camper #74 OL
EJ Bibbs #85 TE Matt Colburn II #5 RB
Davis Cheek #17 QB Corey Coleman #1 WR
Johnnie Dixon #2 WR Case Cookus #10 QB
Jovon Durante #16 WR K.J. Costello #19 QB
Aqeel Glass #10 QB Larry Dalla Betta #89 TE
Cyrus Habibi-Likio #15 RB Antonio Garcia #79 T
Wes Hills #31 RB Shamarious Gilmore #70 G
Anthony Jones #6 RB Devin Gray #7 WR
Kirk Kelley #79 G Darnell Holland #6 RB
Jack Kramer #65 G Bug Howard #11 TE
Marquis Lucas #74 G  Ryan Izzo #85 TE
Lee Morris #5 WR Jahair Jones #78 OL
Steven Rowzee #67 G Khalil Keith #72 G
Jared Scott #88 TE Vad Lee #19 QB
Eli Stove #12 WR Diondre Overton #14 WR 
Sage Surratt #13 TE C.J. Perez #64 C
Marcus Tatum #63 T Chris Rowland #12 WR 
Salesi Uhatafe #62 T Airon Servais #60 T
Khalique Washington #72 G Jordan Suell #2 WR
Richard West #59 T Tristen Taylor #61 T
Kevin Thomson #13 QB
Pro Wells #88 TE
Keric Wheatfall #17 WR
Dexter Williams #27 RB
Terry Wright #9 WR
DEFENSE Adonis Alexander #3 CB Joey Alfieri #50 LB
Jordan Brailford #95 LB B.J. Bello #49 LB
Djimon Brooks #35 DT Cody Brown #21 S
Justin Cates #45 DE Keyshon Camp #59 DT
Nigel Chavis #8 LB Tyler Clark #92 DT
Connor Christian #98 DT Te’Von Coney #22 LB
Nevelle Clarke #14 DB Amani Dennis #29 CB
Vontae Diggs #20 LB Joel Dublanko #40 LB
Greg Eisworth II #33 S Ali Fayad #98 DE
Jarey Elder #23 S Jordan Genmark Heath #52 LB
Jerod Fernandez #4 LB Darius Hodge #44 LB
Saquan Hampton #29 S Ralph Holley #95 DT
Reggie Howard Jr. #55 DT Cedrick Lattimore #90 DT
Zakoby McClain #11 LB Joshua Moon #18 S  
Jamar Johnson #24 S Jordan Moore #30 LB
Sidney McCloud #22 S Chris Nelson #97 DT  
Derrion Rakestraw #30 S LaBryan Ray #51 DT  
Justus Reed #97 DE  Adam Rodriguez #58 DE 
Anree Saint-Amour #94 DE Stanford Samuels III #3 CB
Shaheed Salmon #56 LB Jordon Scott #94 DT
Keonte Schad #90 DT Gabriel Sewell Jr. #55 LB
Michael Stevens #7 CB Channing Stribling #8 CB
Alex Thomas #38 CB Carson Taylor #99 DE
Bryce Watts #0 CB Devin Taylor #33 DB
LaDarius Wiley #4 S
Mazzi Wilkins #23 CB  
Evan Worthington #20 S 
SPECIAL TEAMS Turner Bernard #60 LS Luis Aguilar #15 P
Matt Coghlin #49 K Lirim Hajrullahu #11 K
Matt White #19 P Ryan Navarro #69 LS


This USFL match is sure to give you the adrenaline rush. USFL fans are eagerly waiting to witness this heart-pounding game. Again a reminder, The match will start at 10 PM, GMT+6 (USA) on Sunday, May 21. The venue will be Ford Field Stadium, Detroit. Both teams are going to try very hard to win this match. So this match is sure to be thrilling, so whether you’re watching in person or enjoying sitting at home, you sure wouldn’t wanna miss this moment!

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