KSI vs. Tommy Fury Fight Results, Highlights: Fury wins via majority decision on Ugly





If the goal of crossover boxing is to entertain, then KSI and Tommy Fury failed in their Misfit Boxing main event in Manchester, England on Saturday. After combining nearly as many clinch as landed punches over six ugly rounds, Fury took a controversial majority decision to remain undefeated in the boxing ring.

Fury’s decision win seemed unlikely to many observers after he was deducted a point in the second round for a blow to the back of the head. In a six-round fight, a point loss is a huge blow to a fighter’s chances, but two of the three judges saw Fury as doing enough to win despite the setback.

Round after round, fighters were cautioned for excessive clinching. Despite the caution, both men fell into clinching whenever they were within striking distance. It took any punch from either man, leaving very few moments where either man made their mark in any round.

“Listen, a lot has happened in the buildup,” Fury said of his performance after the fight. “I couldn’t use my right arm for six weeks. I’m not an excuse maker, but I couldn’t use my right arm. … Listen, I fought with my heart. I fought with my whole heart and that’s what I do. I can. I said never to be Tyson Fury again. I’m just trying to be the best Tommy Fury I can be.”

KSI took issue with the scorecards and the two men briefly told KSI Fury that Fury was supposed to be a boxer while KSI was a “UTber”. An angry response called KSI a bruiser.

Although many believed that the fight with Jake Paul was the prize for the winner, Fury dismissed the idea, stating that he was done with “crossover bulls—“.

Fury defeated Paul by split decision in February, suffering a late knockdown. With two straight narrow wins over “crossover” boxers, Fury may have to think long and hard about whether he really wants to go back to trying to climb the professional ranks.

Fight card, results
Tommy Fury def. KSI via majority decision (57-57, 57-56. 57-56)
Logan Paul def. Dillon Dennis via disqualification (sixth round)
Slim Albaher def. Salt Papi via fourth round TKO
Deen the great def. Waleed Shark via unanimous decision (49-44, 48-45, 49-44)

KSI vs. Fury scorecard


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