Is Glory Better Than Iska?




The comparison between Glory and the International Sport Kickboxing Association (ISKA) reveals differing roles within the kickboxing community.

Nature and Scope:

  • Glory: Glory is recognized as a premier kickboxing league on the international stage, specializing in organizing and promoting kickboxing events globally. It’s known for its high-profile events and top-tier fighters. Glory operates as a promotion, focusing on the commercial and competitive aspects of kickboxing, aiming to provide a platform for fighters and entertain fans​​.
  • ISKA: Conversely, ISKA acts as a governing and sanctioning body for kickboxing and other combat sports. It’s involved in setting and enforcing rules, regulating events, and ensuring the safety and integrity of the sport. ISKA’s scope extends to sanctioning various events, including those organized by Glory, and providing regulatory oversight to ensure adherence to established standards​.


  • Glory and ISKA have a collaborative relationship where ISKA serves as the primary regulatory body for Glory events. Since 2012, ISKA has worked alongside Glory to uphold and enforce rules and regulations at each sanctioned event, contributing to the professionalism, integrity, and safety standards worldwide. The partnership aims to promote the global development of kickboxing, with ISKA ensuring awareness and adherence to Glory’s rules among all competitors​.

Reputation and Prestige:

  • Glory is often cited for its prestige in the kickboxing community due to its high-profile events, top-tier fighters, and global reach. On the other hand, ISKA is revered for its regulatory role and its efforts in maintaining the standards and safety of the sport​.
  • Financial Aspects:
  • ISKA, being a governing body, needs to have the financial prowess of big promotions like Glory. Glory, being a commercial promotion, has more financial resources, which is reflected in the purses offered to fighters, whereas ISKA is not known for paying big purses to its fighters​.

Promotional Activities:

  • Glory engages in extensive promotional activities to market its events and attract audiences worldwide. ISKA, while also organizing events, primarily focuses on regulatory and sanctioning roles rather than commercial promotion​​.

In summary, Glory and ISKA have distinct roles within the kickboxing ecosystem, with Glory functioning as a promotion and ISKA serving as a regulatory body. Their collaborative relationship enhances the sport’s integrity, safety, and global appeal.

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