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World Juniors

IIHF World Juniors is an annual international event, making it one of the best-loved events in the world with a global target audience.

The 2024 IIHF World Juniors is scheduled to take place from December 26 to January 5. This annual tournament sees the best under-20 ice hockey players from various countries compete in a thrilling display of skill, speed, and passion for the game.

The IIHF World Juniors has had a peaceful history since its inception in 1974. The tournament was initially known as the “World Junior Ice Hockey Championships” and was run by the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Over the years, it has progressed through receptions and an international stage for young people to form a team to showcase their representatives. The tournament has witnessed some legendary performances and produced numerous NHL stars.

Format and Participating Teams

The IIHF World Junior Championship format consists of two main stages: the preliminary round and the knockout stage. Teams are divided into groups in the preliminary round and compete in a round-robin format. The top team from the group advances to the knockout stages, including the quarterfinals and semifinals, ultimately culminating in the gold medal game.

World Juniors 2024

Teams participating in the IIHF World Party 2024 are expected to include some of the ICC’s business houses, such as CANADA, SWEDEN, FINLAND, GERMANY, LATVIA, CZECHIA, UNITED STATES, SLOVAKIA, SWITZERLAND, NORWAY. These nations have built a solid top quality and dominated the tournament year after year. Countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Switzerland, and other League up camps, often for raucous matches.

IIHF World Juniors 2024: Live and TV channels

The tournament will be broadcast on various TV channels worldwide, allowing fans to catch all the action from the comfort of their homes. Some of the popular TV channels airing the games include

GameWorld Junior Championship
Opening GameSlovakia vs Czechia
DateTue, Dec 26, 2023 – Fri, Jan 5, 2024
Start timeTue, Dec 26, 202312.30 AM ET

TV Channels

NHL NetworkUnited States
Viasat SportSweden
CT SportCzech Republic

Make sure to check your local TV listings to find out which channel will be broadcasting the games in your region.

Streaming Services

For those who prefer online streaming, there are also several platforms where you can watch the IIHF World Junior Championship live:

Streaming ServicesCountry
TSN DirectCanada
NHL.TVUnited States
O2 TV SportCzech Republic

These streaming services allow fans to watch the games on their preferred devices, such as smartphones, tablets, or smart TVs.

World Juniors 2024: Teams & Group

Group AGroup B

World Juniors 2024: Full schedule

World Juniors Pre-Competition

Friday, December 22, 2023Canada vs. Switzerland9amTSN1/4
Saturday, December 23, 2023Canada vs. United StatesNoonTSN1/4

World Juniors: Round-robin & Gold Medal

Tuesday, December 26, 2023Slovakia vs. Czechia6amTSN3
Tuesday, December 26, 2023Finland vs. Canada8amTSN1/3/4
Tuesday, December 26, 2023USA vs. Norway11amTSN1/3/5
Tuesday, December 26, 2023Sweden vs. Latvia1:30pmTSN1/3/4
Wednesday, December 27, 2023Slovakia vs. Switzerland6amTSN1/3/5
Wednesday, December 27, 2023Finland vs. Germany8:30amTSN1/3/4
Wednesday, December 27, 2023Norway vs. Czechia11amTSN3/5
Wednesday, December 27, 2023Latvia vs. Canada1pmTSN1/3/4
Thursday, December 28, 2023Switzerland vs. USA11amTSN1/4
Thursday, December 28, 2023Germany vs. Sweden1:30pmTSN1/4/5
Friday, December 29, 2023Norway vs. Slovakia6amTSN1/3/5
Friday, December 29, 2023Latvia vs. Finland8:30amTSN1/3/4
Friday, December 29, 2023Czechia vs. USA11amTSN3/5
Friday, December 29, 2023Canada vs. Sweden1pmTSN1/3/4
Saturday, December 30, 2023Switzerland vs. Norway11amTSN1/3
Saturday, December 30, 2023Germany vs. Latvia1:30pmTSN1/4
Sunday, December 31, 2023USA vs. Slovakia6amTSN1/3/5
Sunday, December 31, 2023Sweden vs. Finland8:30amTSN4/5
Sunday, December 31, 2023Czechia vs. Switzerland11amTSN3/5
Sunday, December 31, 2023Canada vs. Germany1pmTSN4/5
Tuesday, January 2, 2024Quarterfinal6amTSN
Tuesday, January 2, 2024Quarterfinal8:30amTSN
Tuesday, January 2, 2024Quarterfinal11amTSN
Tuesday, January 2, 2024Quarterfinal1:30pmTSN
Thursday, January 4, 2024Relegation5amTSN
Thursday, January 4, 2024Semifinal9amTSN
Thursday, January 4, 2024Semifinal1:30pmTSN
Friday, January 5, 2024Bronze Medal9amTSN
Friday, January 5, 2024Gold Medal1pmTSN

World Juniors Key Players to Watch

The IIHF World Junior Championship has a history of producing future NHL stars. Many players who have had successful professional careers first made their mark in this tournament. Here are a few key players to keep an eye on in the 2024 championship:

  • Wayne Gretzky: A highly skilled forward from Team Canada known for his incredible stickhandling and goal-scoring ability.
  • Casey DeSmith: A dominant defenseman from Team USA with exceptional skating ability and solid defensive instincts.
  • Leo Carlsson: A goaltender from Sweden who has been turning heads with excellent saves and composure between the pipes.
  • Adrian Klein: An offensive powerhouse from Germany with great vision on the ice and can make precise passes.

World Juniors Previous Champions!

The IIHF World Junior Championship has seen many memorable moments throughout its history. Let’s take a look at some of the previous champions:

  • 2023: Canada – The host nation won the gold medal after defeating Czechia in a thrilling final.
  • 2022: Finland – The Finnish team showcased exceptional teamwork and goaltending to claim their fifth championship.
  • 2021: United States – Team USA displayed incredible resilience and skill as they overcame Canada to win their fourth title.

How to watch IIHF World Juniors 2024 USA?

If you prefer to watch the games on your big-screen TV, you’ll be happy to know that several TV broadcasters will be televising the IIHF World Juniors 2024 in the United States. Here are some notable broadcasters you can tune into:


ESPN is a long-time partner of the IIHF and has broadcast the World Juniors in previous years. They are expected to continue their coverage for the upcoming tournament. Check their TV schedule or visit their website for specific game times.

NHL Network

NHL Network is another great option for catching the IIHF World Juniors action. They have a dedicated sports channel that covers a wide range of hockey events, including international tournaments like the World Juniors.

How to watch IIHF World Juniors 2024 CANADA?

In Canada, several streaming options are available for fans watching the IIHF World Juniors 2024 from home or on their mobile devices. Here are some popular streaming services to consider:


TSN (The Sports Network) is a well-known sports broadcaster in Canada, and they have exclusive rights to broadcast the IIHF World Junior. TSN Direct is a streaming service that allows users to access TSN’s live sports content online. To watch World Junior on TSN Direct, you need a subscription, which can be purchased monthly or annually.

RDS Direct

RDS (Réseau des sports) is another notable sports network in Canada, broadcasting primarily in French. They have exclusive French-language rights to the IIHF World Juniors. RDS Direct is their streaming platform, offering live sports coverage to subscribers. If you prefer French commentary, RDS Direct is a great option.

CBC gem

The CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) is a public broadcaster in Canada and has the air rights to some games of the IIHF World Juniors. CBC Gem is their streaming service that offers free access to live streams and


When and where is the tournament happening?

The 2024 IIHF World Junior Championship occurs in Gothenburg, Sweden, from December 26th, 2023, to January 5th, 2024. Prepare for electrifying clashes on the ice at the Scandinavium and Frolundaborg arenas. 

Which teams are competing?

The ten participating teams are divided into two groups:

Group A:


Group B:


Where can I find the full schedule?

The official IIHF website has the complete schedule with dates, times, and matchups:

How can I watch the games live?

There are several ways to catch all the action live:

  • IIHF.com: The official website offers free live streaming of all games, with commentary in English and other languages.
  • TSN: In Canada, tune in to TSN for exclusive coverage of all Team Canada games and select other matchups.
  • NHL Network: In the United States, the NHL Network will broadcast select Team USA games and other key matchups.
  • Check your local listings: Many national broadcasters will air World Juniors games, so check your local TV guide.

Where can I find the full schedule and results?

  • IIHF.com: The official website has a comprehensive schedule with results, standings, and statistics.
  • ESPN: ESPN offers a detailed schedule and live scores for all games.
  • National team websites and social media: Most national teams provide updates and results on their official websites and social media pages.

Who are the favorites to win?

Canada and the United States are always considered contenders, but several other teams have the potential to make a deep run. Finland, Sweden, and Russia are also looking strong this year.

What are some other things I should know about the tournament?

  • The 2024 World Juniors marks the 49th edition of the tournament.
  • Canada is the defending champion, having won the gold medal in 2023.
  • The United States has the most World Junior titles, with 11.
  • The tournament is an excellent opportunity to see the future stars of international hockey.

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