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Get ready for an electrifying showdown of USFLs Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers this Sunday, May 28. This intense match will be held at the prestigious Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium. This highly anticipated clash between two fierce rivals is set to ignite at 7 AM GMT+6 (USA). The Philadelphia Stars have a 2-game winning streak and are eagerly waiting to make it a 3. While the Pittsburgh Maulers will try to break their streak by conquering the match. The rage of two Titans surely makes this match thrilling!     

Here, we’ll tell you How To Watch USFL – Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream. Moreover, Predictions, Overviews, Rosters, Team, and Key Player Stats will be provided.

How To Watch USFL – Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream

How To Watch USFL

This USFL match will be officially broadcasted on Fox Sports. Moreover, Streaming services like PeacockTV, USA Network, NBC Sports, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Most of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. All these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly! 

USFL – Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers Preview and Overview

Philadelphia Stars (3-3 · 1ST IN NORTH)

The Philadelphia Stars have shown a phenomenal performance throughout the season. They have conquered the battlefields and gained great victories. Last week, The Stars defeated the New Orleans Breakers, breaking their 4-game winning streak. And making a 2-game winning streak for themselves. The match was full of outstanding gameplay and an exhibition of electrifying skills. 

Top Moments!

After a three-and-out by New Orleans on their opening possession, Philadelphia took advantage and managed to put points on the board.

The drive was sparked by Stars quarterback Case Cookus connecting with wide receiver Corey Coleman for a 29-yard completion, as depicted. However, despite their efforts, the Stars couldn’t score a touchdown and had to settle for a 21-yard field goal kicked by Luis Aguilar. Leading the Stars on 3-0 after the 1st quarter.

Later in the first quarter, the Breakers managed to pin down the stars at their own 8-yard line. However, the Stars successfully managed to get out of their own red zone by advancing the ball down the field. In repeated plays, QB Cookus connected with RB Dexter Williams and Coleman for two completions that drove a combined gain of 41 yards. But at the end of hard efforts, the Stars were once again forced to accept a field goal as their final outcome.

After the following possession, New Orleans successfully advanced the ball into Philadelphia’s territory, but unfortunately, an unforeseen catastrophe unfolded.

During a crucial third-and-7 situation, with the ball positioned at the Philadelphia 39-yard line, Breakers quarterback McLeod Bethel-Thompson made a fateful throw that was intercepted by Stars cornerback Amani Dennis. Displaying remarkable agility, Dennis swiftly returned the interception an impressive 72 yards, resulting in a touchdown. This momentous score granted Philadelphia a commanding 13-0 lead in the game.

The Breakers successfully scored points in the last of the first half. And narrowed the gap, transforming the game into a one-score contest. The Breakers scored their first touchdown, with the help of Bethel-Thompson hitting WR Johnnie Dixon to score the TD. leading 13-6 on the scoreboard.

New Orleans continued in reducing Philadelphia’s lead following the latter’s three-and-out on the starting possession of the 2nd half.

Advancing to the Philadelphia 47-yard line, Bethel-Thompson showcased his skills by completing consecutive passes to wide receiver Dee Anderson and Dixon, resulting in a combined gain of 32 yards and propelling the Breakers into the red zone. Despite their initial progress, the drive eventually faltered, concluding with a successful 44-yard field goal kicked by Matt Coghlin. With this field goal, the Breakers reduced their deficit to 13-10 on the scoreboard.

During the 2nd play in the middle of a drive, Cookus scrambled towards his right but made a costly mistake. Unfortunately, he threw the ball to Breakers DB Nevelle Clark, resulting in a turnover.

Following the incident, Stars wide receiver Terry Wright was ejected from the game for throwing a punch. New Orleans gained possession at the Philadelphia 29-yard line, but despite their advantageous field position, they failed to achieve a first down. Subsequently, Coghlin’s attempt at a 42-yard field goal was unsuccessful.

Leading the Stars at 13-10 after the 3rd quarter.

The Stars were making progress in advancing the ball when Cookus faced another interception. On this occasion, cornerback Alex Thomas executed a remarkable diving interception and was ruled down at the Breakers’ 2-yard line.

During the Breakers’ subsequent drive, Stars safety LaDarius Wiley was penalized for pass interference, granting New Orleans an extension. However, Wiley redeemed himself by intercepting a tipped pass later in the same drive.

Just two plays after Cookus gained 16 yards with a quarterback scramble, he connected with wide receiver Diondre Overton for a significant 37-yard completion, positioning the Stars in the red zone. However, their promising drive was marred by a pair of penalties on potential touchdown plays. As a result, they were forced to settle for a 24-yard field goal kicked by Aguilar.

The Philadelphia Stars led 16-10 with only 3:12 minutes remaining in the 4th quarter.

Following their unsuccessful drive, New Orleans turned the ball over on downs. Additionally, a conduct penalty was done that placed the ball on their own 31-yard line for Philadelphia. Aguilar attempted a 44-yard field goal but missed. Unfortunately for the Breakers, they could not execute a miracle on the final play.

The Philadelphia Stars have been showing great gameplay this season. And it is expected that they’ll take a strong beat on the Pittsburgh Maulers. The current offense strategy of the Stars is pretty strong. Having strong players to push back the opponents into their red zone and take advantage. There’s a chance that they’ll play the same strategy in the next game.

Pittsburgh Maulers (2-4 · 3RD IN NORTH)

The Pittsburgh Maulers are having a tough session this season. As they aren’t able to win pretty often. They’ve only won 2 games among 6. Last week, the Memphis Showboats destroyed the Maulers by conquering 22 points. The Maulers couldn’t even score a single point. 

Top Moments!

Juwan Washington showed an impressive display of agility and speed breaking through the defense for a 30-yard run. Which provided Memphis Showboats a valuable opportunity to increase their point total.

Memphis played very well against Pittsburgh in this play. Troy Williams throws the ball to Isaiah Hennie, resulting in a first down.

In mid 2nd quarter, Vinny Papale scores his first touchdown of 37 yards, Scoring 10-0 against the Maulers.

To add to the impressive defensive performance by the Showboats, Quenton “Showtime” Meeks secured an interception off Troy Williams, further highlighting the team’s outstanding defensive efforts in the first half.

Just before halftime, Derrick Dillon seized an unsuccessful 59-yard field goal attempt by Pittsburgh and returned it an astonishing 109 yards for a touchdown. This remarkable play not only denied Pittsburgh any points but also significantly boosted Memphis’ score right before the halftime break.

Showboats led Maulers, 19-0 at halftime.

On James Morgan’s very first pass attempt, Kyree Woods intercepted the pass, giving the Showboats an excellent field position for another scoring opportunity. This turnover set them up for a subsequent field goal attempt.

The Memphis Showboats have gotten the most interceptions in the USFL, having 6 interceptions.

End of the third quarter and Memphis led 22-0.

Continuing his outstanding performance, Derrick Dillon showcased his skills once again by securing a 37-yard long pass from his quarterback, Christian Kelley. Dillon’s ability to make such a catch further solidified his remarkable day on the field. Troy Warner ended the game with the Showboats’ 3rd interception of the day’s play.

Pittsburgh Maulers head coach Ray Horton was very disappointed. And now he’s thinking of making some changes in the offense strategy. As the Philadelphia Stars are a strong team, the Maulers have to try to keep the ball away from their reach. Making big plays can be an ideal strategy. Pushing back the offense to make some space while looking for an opportunity to advance.

USFL – Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers Team and Key Players Stats

Team Stats

Stats Philadelphia Stars (1st in North) Pittsburgh Maulers (2nd in South)
PASSING YARDS / GAME 193.2 141.3
THIRD DOWN % 40.5 27.5
YARDS / GAME 257.5 235.8
TURNOVER +/- 1 2

Key Players Stats


Philadelphia Stars

Case Cookus QBPassing Yards 1285, Touchdowns 5. 

Matt Colburn II RB Rushing Yards 169, Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Corey Coleman QB  – Receiving Yards 334. 

Devin Gray WR – Receiving Touchdowns 1. 

Luis Aguilar P – Kicking points 52.

Chris Rowland WR – Kick Return Yards 323.

Corey Coleman WR – Punt Return Yards 37. 

Amani Dennis CB – Interceptions 3.

Cody Brown S – Total Tackles 38.

Adam Rodriguez DE – Sacks 3.0.

Luis Aguilar P – Points 52.

Corey Coleman QB –  All-Purpose Yards 500.

Luis Aguilar P –  Kickoff Touchbacks 0.

Lirim Hajrullahu – Punt Net Avg 33.5.

Pittsburgh Maulers

Troy Williams QB – Passing Yards 735, Touchdowns 3. 

Troy Williams QB – Rushing Yards 214, Touchdowns 2.

Bailey Gaither WR – Receiving Yards 271, Receiving Touchdowns 1. 

Chris Blewitt K – Kicking points 32.

Josh Simmons WR – Kick Return Yards 449.

Isiah Hennie WR – Punt Return Yards 178.

Mark Gilbert DB – Interceptions 2.

Kyahva Tezino LB – Total Tackles 62.

Olive Sagapolu DL – Sacks 4.0.

Chris Blewitt K – Points 32.

Isiah Hennie WR –  All-Purpose Yards 575.

Chris Blewitt K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 2.

Matt Mengel P – Punt Net Avg 35.1.


USFL – Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers Roster


Philadelphia Stars Pittsburgh Maulers
OFFENSE Airon Servais #60 T Charles Baldwin #72 T
Antonio Garcia #79 T  Myron Cunningham #74 T
Blake Camper #74 OL Xavier Dampeer #52 C
Bug Howard #11 TE Jon Dietzen #67 G
C.J. Perez #64 C Tre’Quan Dorsey #69 T
Case Cookus #10 QB Justin Evans #51 T
Chris Rowland #12 WR Bailey Gaither #4 WR
Colby Ragland #67 T Duane Gary #21 RB
Corey Coleman #1 WR Garrett Groshek #37 RB
Darnell Holland #6 RB Isiah Hennie #17 WR
Devin Gray #7 WR Madre London #9 RB 
Dexter Williams #27 RB Artayvious Lynn #85 TE
Diondre Overton #14 WR Jalen McCleskey #13 WR
Jacob Burton #73 OL  James Morgan #12 QB
Jahair Jones #78 OL Brayden Patton #58 C
Jordan Suell #2 WR Terry Poole #68 T
K.J. Costello #19 QB Hunter Rison #18 WR
Keric Wheatfall #17 WR Connor Sampson #15 QB
Kevin Thomson #13 QB Matt Seybert #80 TE
Larry Dalla Betta #89 TE Josh Simmons #38 WR
Matt Colburn II #5 RB Mason Stokke  #38 WR
Pro Wells #88 TE  Colby Thomas #50 G
Ryan Izzo #85 TE C.J. Turner #13 WR
Samuel Akem #84 WR Tre Walker #89 WR 
Sean Brown #65 C  Troy Williams #11 QB
Shamarious Gilmore #70 G
Terry Wright #9 WR
Tristen Taylor #61 T 
DEFENSE Tyler Clark #92 DT Eric Burrell #25 S
Vad Lee #19 QB  Terry Beckner Jr. #91 DT
Adam Rodriguez #58 DE Malcolm Elmore #20 S
Ali Fayad #98 DE Reuben Foster #10 LB
Amani Dennis #29 CB Mark Gilbert #30 DB
B.J. Bello #49 LB Keith Gipson Jr. #5 CB
Carson Taylor #99 DE Tyson Graham Jr. #27 LB
Cedrick Lattimore #90 DT Sedevyn Gray #29 DB
Channing Stribling #8 CB Malcolm Howard #6 LB
Chris Nelson #97 DT Shedrick Kirk #34 CB
Cody Brown #21 S Xavier Lewis #22 DB
Darius Hodge #44 LB Will Miles #92 DT
Denzel Williams #39 DB Christopher Okoye #90 DT
Devin Taylor #33 DB Nasir Player #95 DE
Evan Worthington #20 S Boogie Roberts #8 DL
Gabriel Sewell Jr. #55 LB Olive Sagapolu #94 DL
Joel Dublanko #40 LB Beau Tanner #0 DB
Joey Alfieri #50 LB Arnold Tarpley III #2 S
Jordan Genmark Heath #52 LB Vaughn Taylor Jr. #56 DE
Jordan Moore #30 LB Kyahva Tezino #31 LB
Jordon Scott #94 DT Bryce Torneden #1 S
Joshua Moon #18 S Eli Walker #3 S
Keyshon Camp #59 DT Dale Warren #45 LB
LaBryan Ray #51 DT Savion Williams #98 DT
LaDarius Wiley #4 S
Mazzi Wilkins #23 CB
Ralph Holley #95 DT
Stanford Samuels III #3 CB
Te’Von Coney #22 LB 
SPECIAL TEAMS Luis Aguilar #15 P Luke Barnes #40 LS
Ryan Navarro #69 LS Chris Blewitt #7 K
Riley Lovingood #46 LS 
Matt Mengel #19 P



The USFL match of Philadelphia Stars VS Pittsburgh Maulers is sure to give you a heart-pounding experience. These two Titans are ready to face each other on the battleground. Again reminder, the match will be held this Sunday, May 28 at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH. Kicking off at 7 AM GMT+6 (USA). The Philadelphia Stars are willing to make a 3-game winning streak. On the other hand, Pittsburgh Maulers will try to break the streak. So this will be a thrilling match for sure. Football fans and enthusiasts will surely have an adrenaline rush while experiencing the astonishing performance of both teams. So free up your schedule cause you wouldn’t wanna miss this game!

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