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The upcoming USFLs New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers match is sure to keep the fans on the edge of their seats. These two powerhouses are about to clash for the second time this season. In week 2, the Breakers broke the Gamblers by 38-31. So, this match is an opportunity for the Gamblers to retaliate. On the other hand, the Breakers are looking forward to beating the Houston Gamblers again. Which makes this clash sure to be thrilling!

Here, we’ll discuss how to watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers vs Houston Gamblers live stream. Moreover, provide Predictions, Overviews, Rosters, Team Stats, and Key Player Insights. So, stay tuned for more upcoming updates!

Game Time!

Venue: Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, Memphis, TN

Kick-off: 4 PM ET

Date: Sunday, 18 June 

Broadcast: FOX

How to Watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers Live Stream


This USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers match will be officially broadcasted on Fox Sports. Moreover, Streaming services like USA Network, NBC Sports, PeacockTV, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Some of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. Some of these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly!


How To Watch USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers Prediction and Overview

New Orleans Breakers (6-3 · 2ND IN SOUTH)

The New Orleans Breakers have done great so far putting themselves in 2nd position both in the league and South.

The Breakers have shown great skillsets and dedication winning over the Michigan Panthers and The Memphis Showboats, gaining a two-game winning streak. Last week, Breakers destroyed the Memphis Showboats by scoring 31 points, while the Showboats were only able to score 3. This was one of the most disappointing moments for the Showboats. Here are some top moments.

Top Moments!

New Orleans Breakers 31, Memphis Showboats 3

The Breakers managed to create a turnover by forcing a fumble in the opening minutes. Which allowed them to gain possession of  Showboats’ territory. They capitalized on this opportunity by successfully kicking a field goal. Which led them to a 3-0 lead.

Wes Hills swiftly advanced through the defense after taking an inside handoff. And scored a 1-yard touchdown. Which led the Breakers to 10-0 in the first quarter.

Seeking to generate a favorable offensive momentum, the Showboats decided to take a gamble by opting for a fourth-and-10 play from the Breakers’ 37-yard line. Unfortunately, the decision did not yield the desired outcome as Anree Saint-Amour made a significant play by sacking the quarterback.

Late in the third quarter, New Orleans furthered their advantage and created a three-score gap. Quarterback Bethel-Thompson successfully targeted Jonathan Adams, who caught a three-yard touchdown pass over the middle. This play allowed New Orleans to extend their lead to 24-3.

After the Breakers went three-and-out following the turnover, the Showboats failed to convert on a fourth-down attempt, resulting in a turnover on downs. Two plays later, Eli Stove made an impressive run on a jet sweep, maneuvering around the Memphis defense and covering 29 yards for a touchdown. This extended the Breakers’ lead to a four-score advantage.

Shortly after making an interception, Wiggins demonstrated his skills once again by securing another pick. On this occasion, he impressively caught the ball with one hand, bringing it into his chest, before returning it to the Showboats’ 40-yard line. Following this turnover, the Breakers effectively managed the clock until the game’s conclusion.


Houston Gamblers (5-4 · 3RD IN SOUTH)

The Houston Gamblers are dominating the fields with their skills. The Gamblers are in 3rd position in the league and South. The Gamblers held a 4-game winning streak which was broken by the Memphis Showboats in week 7. From then, Gamblers lost their balance. Last week, the Gamblers were defeated by Stallions. The stallions scored 38 points, while the Gamblers couldn’t do more than 15. It was pretty disappointing for the Gamblers fans. Here are some top moments of the game. 

Top Moments!

Birmingham Stallions 38, Houston Gamblers 15

Both Houston and Birmingham started the game with three unsuccessful drives, and Houston managed to reach field goal range in their following possession before encountering a disastrous event.

At the Stallions’ 24-yard line, during a third-and-10 play, the pass thrown by Gamblers quarterback Kenji Bahar was directed toward linebacker Quentin Poling, who successfully intercepted it.

Shortly after the interception, Birmingham relinquished possession to Houston as a result of a miscommunication between quarterback Alex McGough and running back CJ Marable during an option play. Due to a miscommunication, the ball ended up making contact with the ground, leading to a prompt recovery by Reggie Walker, the defensive end of the Gamblers, at the Stallions’ 30-yard line.

After four subsequent plays, Houston’s kicker Nick Vogel successfully converted a 47-yard field goal.

During the following kickoff, Deon Cain from Birmingham slipped and fumbled, allowing Tyler Palka from Houston to recover the loose ball. Despite the turnover, the Gamblers could only manage a field goal, as Nick Vogel successfully kicked a 24-yarder with 14:14 remaining in the second quarter. This extended Houston’s lead to 6-0.

Following the field goal, Birmingham failed to make significant progress and had a three-and-out. Houston, preparing to punt, encountered a mishap when punter Hunter Niswander dropped the snap. He scrambled to regain control but was eventually tackled at the Gamblers’ 20-yard line. The Stallions subsequently settled for a 24-yard field goal by kicker Brandon Aubrey.

During a third-and-14 play from the Stallions’ 40-yard line, quarterback Kenji Bahar connected with tight end Josh Pederson, resulting in a first down. The drive concluded with kicker Nick Vogel successfully making a 36-yard field goal.

In the opening play of the subsequent drive, quarterback Alex McGough found Jace Sternberger wide open, who swiftly advanced down the field, evading several tackle attempts, resulting in a gain of 41 yards. Two plays later, McGough successfully passed the ball to CJ Marable, who swiftly advanced for a gain of 26 yards, positioning the Stallions at the Gamblers’ 1-yard line.

McGough delivered a 38-yard touchdown pass to Deon Cain.  

On their subsequent possession, Birmingham secured their largest lead of the game. Toward the end of the drive, Alex McGough completed two passes to Myron Mitchell and Davis, resulting in a combined gain of 27 yards. Two plays later, CJ Marable powered through for a determined 2-yard touchdown, granting the Stallions a 24-15 advantage.

Executing a fake handoff, Alex McGough deceived the Houston defense and swiftly dashed into the end zone for a 16-yard touchdown. With 4:09 left in the fourth quarter, the Stallions surged ahead with a commanding 38-15 lead, which ultimately stood as the final score.

Prediction: Breakers -3.5 over Gamblers

The New Orleans Breakers have a higher chance to win as they’ve shown better gameplay in the past matches. Moreover, The defense of New Orleans is positioned at the second spot in terms of points allowed in the USFL, which is expected to contribute to their victory and successful covering in this particular game.

USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers Team and Key Player Stats

Team Stats – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers

Stats New Orleans Breakers Houston Gamblers 
PASSING YARDS / GAME 227.4 171.4
THIRD DOWN % 46.1 46.7
YARDS / GAME 324.4 287.0
TURNOVER +/- 2 -3


Key Players Stats – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers


New Orleans Breakers

McLeod Bethel-Thompson QB- Passing Yards 2118, Passing Touchdowns 11. 

Wes Hills RB – Rushing Yards 613, Rushing Touchdowns 9.

Sage Surratt TE – Receiving Yards 509.

Johnnie Dixon WR – Receiving Touchdowns 4. 

Matt Coghlin K – Kicking points 67.

Eli Stove WR – Kick Return Yards 660.

Jarey Elder S – Punt Return Yards 31.

Nevelle Clarke DB – Interceptions 2.

Vontae Diggs LB – Total Tackles 52.

Anree Saint-Amour DE – Sacks 4.5.

McLeod Bethel-Thompson QB – Points 68.

Wes Hills RB – All-Purpose Yards 841.

Matt Coghlin K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 3.

Matt White P – Punt Net Avg 38.8.


Houston Gamblers 

Kenji Bahar QB – Passing Yards 1475, Touchdowns 8. 

Mark Thompson RB Rushing Yards 570, Rushing Touchdowns 13.

Justin Hall WR – Receiving Yards 458, Receiving Touchdowns 4. 

Nick Vogel K – Kicking points 57.

Isaiah Zuber  – Kick Return Yards 422.

Justin Hall WR – Punt Return Yards 139. 

Manny Bunch S – Interceptions 1.

Khalan Tolson LB – Total Tackles 70.

Reggie Walker DE – Sacks 4.0.

Mark Thompson RB – Points 78.

Mark Thompson RB-  All-Purpose Yards 650.

Nick Vogel K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 4.

Hunter Niswander P – Punt Net Avg 36.4.

USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers Roster 


New Orleans Breakers Houston Gamblers 
OFFENSE Jonathan Adams #9 WR Julian Allen #0 TE
Paul Adams #77 T Kenji Bahar #11QB


Dee Anderson #80 WR


Brandon Barnes #8 TE


Russell Baker #50 T Nick Buchanan #66 C
McLeod Bethel-Thompson #1 QB Keke Chism #81 WR
EJ Bibbs #85 TE Montell Cozart #6 QB
Davis Cheek #17 QB Avery Gennesy #74 OL
Johnnie Dixon #2 WR Justin Hall #17 WR
Jovon Durante #16 WR Tyler Higby #77 G
Aqeel Glass #10 QB Brandon Hitner #78 T
Cyrus Habibi-Likio #15 RB Braylon Jones #52 C
Wes Hills #31 RB


Shermari Jones #4 RB
Anthony Jones #6 RB Jair Joseph #65 G
Kirk Kelley #79 G


Bamidele Olaseni #0 T
Jack Kramer #65 G


Tyler Palka #16 WR
Marquis Lucas #74 G Josh Pederson #85 TE
Lee Morris #5 WR T.J. Pledger #29 RB
Steven Rowzee #67 G Rodell Rahmaan #86 TE


Jared Scott #88 TE Anthony Ratliff-Williams #1 WR (PROBABLE)
Eli Stove #12 WR Teo Redding #9 WR
Sage Surratt #13 TE Na’Ty Rodgers #51 T
Marcus Tatum #63 T Aaron Shampklin #32 RB
Salesi Uhatafe #62 T Clint Sigg Jr. #42 TE
Richard West #59 T Jordan Steckler #72 T


Mark Thompson #7 RB
Terry Wilson #3 QB
Isaiah Zuber #21 WR
DEFENSE Adonis Alexander #3 CB Ronheen Bingham #15  LB
Jordan Brailford #95 LB


Tim Bonner #45 DE
Djimon Brooks #35 DT Manny Bunch #22 S
Justin Cates #45 DE Isaiah Chambers #40 DE
Nigel Chavis #8 LB Damion Daniels #99 DT
Connor Christian #98 DT Nick Grant  #20 CB
Nevelle Clarke #14 DB


Eli Howard #95 DE
Vontae Diggs #20 LB Jeffery Johnson #55 DT
Greg Eisworth II #33 S Jeremiah Johnson #2 S
Jarey Elder #23 S


Elijah Jones #33 CB
Jerod Fernandez #4 LB Dayan Lake #25 S
Saquan Hampton #29 S Isaiah Lewis #23 S
Reggie Howard Jr. #55 DT Julian McCleod #91 OUT DT
Zakoby McClain #11 LB Chigozie Nnoruka #93 DT
Sidney McCloud #22 S Ikenna Onwuasoanya #92 DT
Derrion Rakestraw #30 S Isaiah Pryor #30 LB
Justus Reed #97 DE Donald Rutledge Jr. #38 DB
Anree Saint-Amour #94 DE Kristjan Sokoli #90 DT


Shaheed Salmon #56 LB Andrew Soroh #14 S
Keonte Schad #90 DT Marcel Spears Jr. #27 LB
Michael Stevens #7 CB Guy Thomas #50 DE
Alex Thomas #38 CB Khalan Tolson #44 LB
Bryce Watts #0 CB J.T. Tyler #18 LB
James Wiggins #21 S Reggie Walker #59 DE
Malcolm Washington #10 CB
SPECIAL TEAMS Turner Bernard #60 LS Andrew Galitz #13 P
Matt Coghlin #49 K Hunter Niswander #94 P
Matt White #19 P Ross Reiter #57 S
Nick Vogel #19 K



The USFL – New Orleans Breakers Vs Houston Gamblers is sure to be thrilling. Both teams are well prepared to take on each other for the 2nd time this season. Again reminding that the match will be held at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium this Sunday, June 18. Starting at 4 PM ET (USA). So whether you wanna experience the game in person or watch sitting at your comfy home, you sure wouldn’t wanna miss this thrilling battle!

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