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The Battle of the New Jersey Generals vs Houston Gamblers is sure to be a legendary showdown at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium, Memphis. On Monday 22nd May, These two powerhouses will clash on the battleground, showcasing their skills, strategies, and determination. The match kicks off at 2 AM GMT+6 (USA). Both teams are known for their explosive offense that will bring an unforgettable spectacle for football fans. The thrilling encounter between these two teams is sure to give us goosebumps.

Here, we’ll provide how to watch USFL – New Jersey Generals vs Houston Gamblers live stream. Also cover predictions, overviews, Rosters, Team, and Key Player Stats. 

How to Watch USFL – New Jersey Generals VS Houston Gamblers Live Stream

How to Watch USFL

This USFL match will be officially broadcasted on Fox Sports. Moreover, Streaming services like PeacockTV, NBC Sports, USA Network, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Most of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. All these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly! 

USFL – New Jersey Generals VS Houston Gamblers Prediction and Overview

New Jersey Generals (2-3 · 1ST IN NORTH)

The Generals are the dominators of the north in the current season. They crushed the Pittsburgh Maulers in the second week with 20 points to victory, Maulers were only able to score 3 points. Again, the Generals put down the Panthers by scoring 28 points, while the Panthers only did 13. But after that, the Generals lost 2 matches in the last two weeks, defeated by the New Orleans Breakers and Philadelphia Stars. 

Last week, Philadelphia Stars overpowered the Generals by 24 points. Generals gave a tough competition by achieving 21 points. Woody Brandom tied the game with only 15 seconds left of the fourth quarter. But at the last moment with 3 seconds left, Luis Aguilar of Stars scored his 8th field goal and took the victory. In the first quarter, The Generals’ defense was pretty strong as they stopped the Stars from scoring a touchdown.

But after a while, Luis Aguilar made his first 22-yard field goal, putting 3 points on the board.

LB Gabriel Sewell made a fumble recovery, granting the Stars a favorable field position. Which allowed the Stars to attempt another field goal. Resulting in a successful kick that put the score to a 6-0 lead.

With amazing speed and agility, QB De’Andre Johnson makes an impressive run getting through the Stars’ defense and scoring a 35-yard touchdown. Giving the New Jersey Generals the lead.

During the early stages of the game, the Stars managed to accumulate their first three scores exclusively through successful field goals. Among them, Luis Aguilar’s third kick stood out as one of the most remarkable feats of the season. Aguilar confidently booted a 56-yarder, which was the longest field goal in the USFL season. This impressive kick granted the Stars a 9-7 lead in the game.

Initially, Corey Coleman of the Stars appeared to score a touchdown, which would have provided them with a lead of at least five points heading into halftime. However, upon review, it was determined that Coleman failed to tap his feet in bounds while making the catch. As a result, the Stars couldn’t secure the touchdown and had to settle with the fourth field goal. This outcome allowed Philadelphia to head into halftime with a 12-10 lead.

Luis Aguilar showed a phenomenal performance, setting a record for most field goals in a single match of USFL.  He made a 51-yarder in the 3rd quarter which was his 6th goal, leading the score to 18-10. And score his 7th goal, a 49-yarder in the last 10 minutes left. Giving a 21-13 lead to the Stars.

QB Kyle Lauletta made a sneaky touchdown that brought the Generals 2 points leading 21-19 in the last 15 seconds.

Right after his sneaky trick, Kyle floated a pass to Brandom on making a 2-point conversion. Putting the game on a tie!

But Aguilar showed off his skills again by scoring the last 8th field goal of the match, a 55-yarder. Scoring 24 and walking off the field with a victory.

The New Jersey Generals Gave a tough fight But lost at the last moment. So, this time they aren’t going to take any chances. Their offense strategy will be stronger this time. Players with better speed and agility will be taken upfront to lead the game, looking for a chance to take advantage.

Houston Gamblers (3-2 · 2ND IN SOUTH)

The Houston Gamblers have shown tremendous gameplay in the last three weeks. They have won gained a 3-game winning streak by defeating The Memphis Showboats, Philadelphia Stars, and Birmingham Stallions respectively. The Gamblers are so far one of the strongest teams in the season. Being 2nd in the South, the Gamblers showed a phenomenal performance. Last week, the Gamblers gambled and emerged victorious, sending the Stallions home empty-handed. 

The Gamblers made their 3rd winning streak by scoring 27 points, while the Stallions were able to achieve 20 points. The first strike was from the Gamblers. Capping off a bulky 10-play, Mark Thompson took an 80-yard drive, making a 3-yard rushing touchdown. Leading the Gamblers up 7-0 in the 1st quarter. 



Alex McGough threw the ball to Cj Marable, resulting in a 1-yard touchdown. The score leads to 10-7.


A big play was done by Terry Wilson and Anthony Ratliff-Willams took a 50-yarder touchdown pass. Williams passed through 3 Stallions defense backs on the run.


An amazing view of the touchdown was caught by a drone.


 Gamblers took a lead to 20-13, with a 2-yard touchdown scored by Mark Thompson. This was his second TD of the day!


Mark Thompson scored his third touchdown of the day and granted victory of a 27-13 lead to the team. 


The Gamblers have been earning remarkable victories. And showed great skill sets. Which makes them a strong competitor for the New Jersey Generals. Their offense is one of the strongest in the current season. Gamblers are sure to give a strong fight against the Generals.

USFL – New Jersey Generals VS Houston Gamblers Team and Key Players Stats

Team Stats

Stats New Jersey Generals (1st in North) Houston Gamblers (2nd in South)
PTS/G 19.2 28.4
Pass Yards 155.0 190.6
Rush Yards 168.2 136.0
Opp PTS/G 17.4 25.8
Opp Pass Yards 165.2 225.4
Opp Rush Yards 87.4 79.4

Key Players Stats

New Jersey Generals

McLeod Bethel-Thompson QBPassing Yards 1322, Touchdowns 7. 

Wes Hills RB Rushing Yards 427, Rushing Touchdowns 8.

Sage Surratt TE – Receiving Yards 387.

Lee Morris WR – Receiving Touchdowns 2. 

Matt Coghlin K – Kicking points 45.

Eli Stove WR – Kick Return Yards 343.

Jarey Elder S – Punt Return Yards 1.

Vontae Diggs LB – Interceptions 1.

Vontae Diggs LB – Total Tackles 34.

Anree Saint-Amour DE – Sacks 3.5.

Wes Hills RB – Points 48.

Wes Hills RB –  All-Purpose Yards 577.

Matt White P –  Kickoff Touchbacks 0.

Matt White P – Punt Net Avg 39.4.

Houston Gamblers

Case Cookus QBPassing Yards 1047, Touchdowns 5. 

Matt Colburn II RB Rushing Yards 107, Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Corey Coleman WR – Receiving Yards 258.

Devin Gray WR – Receiving Touchdowns 1. 

Luis Aguilar P – Kicking points 42.

Chris Rowland WR – Kick Return Yards 323.

Corey Coleman WR – Punt Return Yards 38.

Amani Dennis CB – Interceptions 2.

Cody Brown S – Total Tackles 33.

Adam Rodriguez DE – Sacks 2.0.

Luis Aguilar P – Points 42.

Chris Rowland WR –  All-Purpose Yards 425.

Luis Aguilar P – Kickoff Touchbacks 0. 

Luis Aguilar P – Punt Net Avg 32.6.

USFL – New Jersey Generals VS Houston Gamblers Roster

New Jersey Generals Houston Gamblers
OFFENSE Alonzo Moore #13 WR Aaron Shampklin #32 RB
Arthur Jackson #23 WR Anthony Ratliff-Williams #1 WR
Braedon Bowman #80 TE Avery Gennesy #74 OL
Brandon Haskin #76 OL Bamidele Olaseni #0 T
Bruce Trigg #72 OL Brandon Barnes #8 TE
Calvin Ashley #71 G Brandon Hitner #78 T
Cam Carter #60 T Braylon Jones #52 C
Cam Echols-Luper #18 WR Clint Sigg Jr. #42 TE
Charles Jones #0 TE Isaiah Zuber #21 WR
Dakota Prukop #9 QB Jair Joseph #65 G
Darius Victor #27 RB Jordan Steckler #72 T
Darrell Stewart Jr.#82 WR Josh Pederson #85 TE
De’Andre Johnson #1 QB Julian Allen #0 TE
Evan Heim #69 C Justin Hall #17 WR
Isaiah Battle #79 T Tyler Palka #16 WR
J’Mon Moore #81 WR Keke Chism #81 WR
Jake Lacina #68 C   Kenji Bahar #11 QB
Kingston Davis #29 RB Mark Thompson #7 RB
Kyle Lauletta #11 QB Montell Cozart #6 QB
Marcus Green #14 WR Na’Ty Rodgers #51 T
Robert Myers #70 OL Nick Buchanan #66 C
Saige Young #66 C Rodell Rahmaan #86 TE
Trey Williams #3 RB Shermari Jones #4 RB
Warren Newman #10 WR T.J. Pledger #29 RB
Wes Saxton Jr. #17 TE Teo Redding #9 WR
Woody Brandom #88 TE Terry Wilson #3 QB
Tyler Higby #77 G
DEFENSE Anthony Blue #40 CB Andrew Soroh #14 S
Blake Countess #26 CB Chigozie Nnoruka #93 DT
Bryson Young #56 LB Damion Daniels #99 DT
Chris Orr #2 LB Dayan Lake #25 S
Christian Tutt #6 CB Donald Rutledge Jr. #38 DB
D’Juan Hines #4 LB Eli Howard #95 DE
DJ Daniel #20 CB   Elijah Jones #33 CB
Deyon Sizer #95 DL Ikenna Onwuasoanya #92 DT
Dravon Askew-Henry #7 S Isaiah Chambers #40 DE
Hercules Mata’afa #93 DE Isaiah Lewis #23 S
Jalen Choice #50 LB Isaiah Pryor #30 LB
Kalani Vakameilalo #98 DT Isaiah Pryor #30 LB
Kenneth Randall #59 DT Jeffery Johnson #55 DT
Kevin Thurmon Jr. #91 DT Jeremiah Johnson #2 S
Kolin Hill #55 LB Julian McCleod #91 DT
Meiko Dotson #25 CB Khalan Tolson #44 LB
Mike Bell Jr. #12 LB Kristjan Sokoli #90 DT
Paris Ford #24 S Malcolm Washington #10 CB
Shalom Luani #5 S Tim Bonner #45 DE
Toby Johnson #90 DL Manny Bunch #22 S
Trae Elston #21 CB Marcel Spears Jr. #27 LB
Treston Decoud #30 CB Nick Grant #20 CB
Tyrone Truesdell #97 DT Reggie Walker #59 DE
Tyshun Render #99 DE Ronheen Bingham #15 LB
Willie Eubanks III #51 LB
SPECIAL TEAMS Brock Miller #19 P Andrew Galitz #13 P
Jordan Ober #44 LS Hunter Niswander #94 P
Nick Sciba #16 K Nick Voge l#19 K
Ross Reiter #57 LS


This USFL’s New Jersey Generals VS Houston Gamblers match is to be thrilling. Both teams will showcase their talents and fight to claim victory. With every play, the momentum will get more intense. Reminder, the game will start at 2 am GMT+6 (USA) this Monday, 22nd May. the match will take place at Simmons Bank Liberty Stadium. It’s up to you if wanna enjoy the game in person or watch it by sitting on your comfy couch at home, you sure wouldn’t wanna this electrifying experience!

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