How To Watch USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream | Prediction | Overview | Roster | Team and Key Player Stats | Playoffs | Week 11




How To Watch USFL - Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream Prediction Overview Roster Team and Key Player Stats Playoffs Week 11

The excitement in the air is palpable as the USFL Playoffs have reached a fever pitch, with the Michigan Panthers squaring off against the Pittsburgh Maulers in a highly anticipated matchup. Both teams have battled their way through a grueling regular season to secure a spot in the playoffs. And now their paths intersect in a clash that promises to deliver electrifying football action. Let’s dive into the details of this thrilling postseason encounter.

Here, we’ll talk about how to watch USFL – Michigan Panthers vs Pittsburgh Maulers live stream. Also provide predictions, Overviews, Rosters, Team Stats, and Key Player Insights.

Game Time!

Venue: Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH

Kick-off: 8 PM ET

Date: Saturday, June 24

Broadcast: PeacockTV

How to Watch USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Live Stream

This USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers match will be officially broadcasted on PeacockTV. Moreover, Streaming services like USA Network, NBC Sports, Fox Sports, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Some of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. Some of these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly!

How To Watch USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Prediction and Overview

Michigan Panthers (4-6 · 2ND IN NORTH)

The Michigan Panthers was been dominated by the other powerhouses in the early season. But last week, Panthers defeated the Stars and were elevated to the Playoffs round. The Panthers have struggled a lot this season winning only 4 games and losing 6, Panthers are now 2nd in the North. The Panthers have high hopes of winning this season. The Panthers haven’t won a single championship so far. This is their second postseason content of all time. The head coach Mike Nolan has shown great efforts in taking this team to the playoffs week. Last week, The Panthers defeated the Philadelphia Stars by 23 points, while the Stars were able to make only 20 points due to lack of time. Here are some top moments. 

Top Moments! 

Michigan Panthers 23, Philadelphia Stars 20

During their initial offensive drive, the Stars’ quarterback Case Cookus connected with receiver Terry Wright on a 23-yard touchdown pass, resulting in an early 7-0 lead for Philadelphia in the first quarter.

After Philadelphia’s successful field goal, Michigan’s Marcus Simms made a remarkable 53-yard kick-off return, providing the Panthers with exceptional field position for their subsequent drive. The Panthers failed to reach the end zone but nailed a FG. 

Case Cookus and the Stars extended their lead by two full touchdowns after connecting with Diondre Overton on a 29-yard touchdown pass. This score propelled the Stars to a 20-6 advantage at halftime.

AJ Richardson showcased his exceptional skills by taking the ball all the way to the end zone for a touchdown. This remarkable play brought the Panthers within one score of the Stars as the third quarter drew to a close.

With newly acquired quarterback E.J. Perry leading the way, the Panthers staged a remarkable comeback to secure their first lead of the game. Perry contributed with a 6-yard touchdown run, followed by a successful 2-point conversion. The Panthers’ resilience persisted until the final moments, ultimately securing a spot in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh Maulers (4-6 · 1ST IN NORTH)

The Pittsburgh Maulers went through tough times this season. But struggled hard and reached the Playoffs week. The Pittsburgh Maulers’ won only 4 matches and lost 6, putting themselves 1st in the North. Maulers defeated the Panthers by 19-7 in week 9. Last week, the Maulers overpowered the Generals by 26-6. The Generals got destroyed in the field, giving the lead to playoffs. Here are some top moments.   


Top Moments!

Pittsburgh Maulers26, New Jersey Generals 6


The Maulers initiated the scoring with a skillfully executed drive orchestrated by Troy Williams. Williams made a crucial connection with Isiah Hennie, resulting in an 11-yard touchdown reception and giving the Maulers an early lead.

The Maulers led 6-3 at the end of 1st quarter.

Both teams encountered difficulties advancing the ball on offense due to the strong performance of their respective defenses, which made significant plays. In one such instance, the Maulers’ Arnold Tarpley III intercepted a pass, providing the Pittsburgh team with a favorable field position in New Jersey’s territory.

During the subsequent offensive possession for the Maulers, a poor snap to Chris Blewitt led to the Generals recovering the ball in Pittsburgh’s territory, regaining possession for their team.

Before halftime, both teams managed to score a pair of field goals, showcasing the kicking prowess of the players involved. One notable highlight was Chris Blewitt’s impressive 52-yard kick for the Maulers. As the halftime whistle blew, the Maulers held a 9-6 lead over the Generals.

In the fourth quarter, Madre London of the Maulers extended their lead with a 4-yard touchdown run. This score increased Pittsburgh’s advantage to 26-6 over their opponents.

Prediction: Maulers to win by more than 3 points 

The Maulers boast the best scoring defense in the USFL, and they intend to leverage their defensive strength to stifle the Panthers in this matchup. In their two previous encounters this season, the Maulers have limited the Panthers to a mere 14 total points. They aim to replicate this defensive dominance in their upcoming matchup and continue to keep the Panthers in check.

USFL Michigan-Panthers-Vs-Pittsburgh-Maulers

USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Team and Key Player Stats

Team Stats – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers


Stats Michigan Panthers Pittsburgh Maulers
PASSING YARDS / GAME 181.4 143.7
THIRD DOWN % 29.3 29.7
YARDS / GAME 267.1 242.6
TURNOVER +/- -2 8


Key Players Stats – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers


Michigan Panthers

Josh Love QB Passing Yards 1556, Touchdowns 13. 

Reggie Corbin RB Rushing Yards 436, Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Joe Walker WR – Receiving Yards 509.

Cole Hikutini TE – Receiving Touchdowns 5. 

Cole Murphy K – Kicking points 55.

Reggie Corbin RB – Kick Return Yards 446.

Trey Quinn WR – Punt Return Yards 22. 

Frank Ginda LB – Interceptions 3.

Frank Ginda LB – Total Tackles 104.

Breeland Speaks DE – Sacks 9.0.

Josh Love QB – Points 78.

Reggie Corbin RB –  All-Purpose Yards 1017.

Cole Murphy K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 0.

Kyle Kramer P – Punt Net Avg 36.5.


Pittsburgh Maulers

Troy Williams QB – Passing Yards 1414, Passing Touchdowns 6. 

Troy Williams QB – Rushing Yards 341, Rushing Touchdowns 3.

Isiah Hennie WR – Receiving Yards 474, Receiving Touchdowns 3. 

Chris Blewitt K – Kicking points 73.

Josh Simmons WR – Kick Return Yards 862.

Isiah Hennie WR – Punt Return Yards 297.

Mark Gilbert DB – Interceptions 4.

Kyahva Tezino LB – Defensive Tackles 94.

Olive Sagapolu DL – Sacks 4.0.

Chris Blewitt K – Points 73.

Josh Simmons WR – All-Purpose Yards 974.

Chris Blewitt K –  Kickoff Touchbacks 5.

Matt Mengel P – Punt Net Avg 36.6.


USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers Roster 


Michigan Panthers Pittsburgh Maulers
OFFENSE Eric Abojei #56 T Myron Cunningham #74 T
Josh Babicz #82 TE Xavier Dampeer #52 C
Marcus Baugh #85 TE Jon Dietzen #67 G
Reggie Corbin #3 RB Tre’Quan Dorsey #69 T
Kaden Davis #86 WR Justin Evans #51 T
Joshua Dunlop #64 T Bailey Gaither #4 WR
Brodarious Hamm #79 T Duane Gary #21 RB
Cole Hikutini #80 TE Garrett Groshek #37 RB
Corey Hoelck #72 T Isiah Hennie #17 WR
Noah Johnson #61 C Ishmael Hyman #14 WR
Brian Lewerke #19 QB Leon Johnson #62 T
Josh Love #12 QB Madre London #9 RB
Kyle Markway #88 TE


Artayvious Lynn #85 TE
DJ Montgomery #4 WR Jalen McCleskey #13 WR
Ryan Nelson #75 T James Morgan #12 QB
Denzel Okafor #70 T Brayden Patton #58 C
E.J. Perry #13 QB Terry Poole #68 T
Sean Pollard #76 C Connor Sampson #15 QB
Gene Pryor #51 T Matt Seybert #80 TE
Trey Quinn #18 WR Josh Simmons #38 WR
AJ Richardson #20 WR Mason Stokke #44 FB
Devin Ross #35 WR Colby Thomas #50 G
Stevie Scott III #2 RB C.J. Turner #13 WR
Marcus Simms #9 WR Tre Walker #89 WR
Carson Strong #11 QB Troy Williams #11 QB
Toa Taua #27 RB
James Walker #65 T
Joe Walker #8 WR
Keith Williams #77 T
DEFENSE Corrion Ballard #7 S Terry Beckner Jr. #91 DT
Levi Bell #32 DT Malcolm Elmore #20 S
Jalin Burrell #0 CB Reuben Foster #10 LB
Josh Butler #23 CB Mark Gilbert #30 DB
Ron’Dell Carter #97 DE Keith Gipson Jr. #5 CB
Noah Dawkins #10 LB Tyson Graham Jr. #27 LB
Keandre Evans #25 CB Sedevyn Gray #29 DB
Paddy Fisher #40 LB Izayah Green-May #99 DE
Frank Ginda #5 LB Malcolm Howard #6 LB
Kiante Hardin #24 DB Ferlando Jordan #23 CB
Leon Jacobs #0 LB Xavier Lewis #22 DB
Sean Mahone #29 S Will Miles #92 DT
Garrett Marino #95 DT Christopher Okoye #90 DT
Vantrel McMillan #42 DE Nasir Player #95 DE
Jamal Milan #94 DT Boogie Roberts #8 DL
Terry Myrick #44 LB Olive Sagapolu #94 DL
Kai Nacua #21 S Beau Tanner #0 DB
Walter Palmore #99 DT Arnold Tarpley III #2 S
Cory Rahman #22 S Vaughn Taylor Jr. #56 DE
Tyree Robinson #22 DB Kyahva Tezino #31 LB
Warren Saba #17 S Bryce Torneden #1 S
Breeland Speaks #57 DE Eli Walker #3 S
Levonta Taylor #1 CB Dale Warren #45 LB
Ethan Westbrooks #90 DL Savion Williams #98 DT
DaShaun White #30 LB
Tre Williams #55 DE
SPECIAL TEAMS Shane Griffin #52 LS Luke Barnes #40 LS
Kyle Kramer #15 P Chris Blewitt #7 K
Cole Murphy #16 K Riley Lovingood #46 LS
Matt Mengel #19 P



The USFL – Michigan Panthers Vs Pittsburgh Maulers is sure to be thrilling. Both teams have been facing difficulties this season, and this match is the elimination round. So this could be the last game for one of these teams. Again a reminder, the match will be held at Tom Benson Hall of Fame Stadium, Canton, OH this Saturday, June 24. Starting at 8 PM ET (USA). So whether you wanna experience the game in person or watch sitting at your comfy home, you sure wouldn’t wanna miss this thrilling battle!

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