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Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers, The moment we’ve all been waiting for is here, as one of the most thrilling matches is about to happen this Sunday, May 7. The Memphis Showboats are going to take on the Michigan Panthers at the famous Ford Field in Detroit. The Match will kick off at 5:30 am GMT+6. The match will be officially broadcasted on PeacockTV. Moreover, Streaming services like Fox Sports, NBC Sports, USA Network, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. So be prepared to experience the thrill! 

Here we discussed about how to watch USFL – Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers Live Stream. We’ll also provide all the facts you’d like to know including previews, overviews, and key players’ stats.

USFL – Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers Overview

USFL – Memphis Showboats VS Michigan Panthers Overview

Michigan Panthers

The Michigan Panthers have shown impressive gameplay and made great records this season. At present, they are holding a record of 2-1 and are 2nd in the north this season. Although, they were 1st in the previous week. The head coach Mike Nolan has made strong offense and defense. For that reason, The Panthers are dominating the field. The Panthers are looking to take another championship. The leading quarterback Josh Love has thrown 490 yards and 4 touchdowns and running back Reggie Corbin has thrown 198 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Memphis Showboats

Memphis Showboats hasn’t done much this season. As they are under great pressure holding a record of 0-3 and 4th in the south this season. The head coach Todd Haley is trying his best to push the team. The Showboats are working hard in the off-season. So they could improve their strengths and address some of their weaknesses. The featuring quarterback Brady White and running back Alex Collins are trying to improve the offense and put some big numbers on the scoreboard. Brady White has thrown 323 yards and 2 touchdowns. And Alex Collins has thrown 98 yards and 1 touchdown. 

USFL – Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers Preview

Memphis Showboats

Memphis Showboats will have to put great effort into their offense and defense to win this game. They should try to take advantage of any mistakes Panthers make. They have to throw the ball early and often to avoid Panthers from having the ball. They could also use their talented receiving to make big plays downfield. They will also need to avoid turnovers. As Michigan’s defense is one the strongest in the game.

Defensively, The Showboats will need to step up their game and try to break Panther’s offense. They’ll have to focus especially on Josh Love and preventing him from taking any advantage. Also, surround Reggie Corbin and prevent him from making big plays.

Michigan Panthers

The Panthers have done pretty well so far. And they are definitely a powerful team this season. And they almost got every game in their hands. With great strategy, They should attempt to establish an early run in the game. Using Reggie Corbin to keep Showboats offense off the field.

They’ll have to avoid any turnovers, cause Showboats might take any advantage.

Defensively, The Panthers will need to put a stop to Showboat’s passing game. Thus, forcing them to run the ball. They’ll have to push back Brad White from taking any advantage. And prevent Alex Collins from making big plays.

Memphis Showboats VS Michigan Panthers match is sure to be thrilling. The Showboats will try their best to win this game as they would need to keep up in the league. And the Panthers would try to stop them from achieving the glory. This makes the game more exciting!

USFL – Memphis Showboats vs Michigan Panthers Venue

The game will be played at Ford Field in Detroit. The stadium can seat up to 65,000 fans. The stadium features a retractable roof. So the game can be played in rain or shine. Fans can expect to have a great time by attending in person. The stadium offers plenty of food and drink options. Moreover, it offers comfortable seating and great views of the field. 

Key Players Stats

Memphis Showboats

Brady White QBPassing Yards 323, Touchdowns 2. 

Alex Collins RB Rushing Yards 98, Touchdowns 1.

Ryan McDaniel WR – Receiving Yards 144, Touchdowns 2. 

Brandon Wright P – Kicking points 8.

Rashard Davis WR – Kick Return Yards 230.

Lamont McPhatter II S – Interceptions 1

Troy Warner S – Total Tackles 17

Greg Reaves LB – Sacks 2.5

Michigan Panthers

Josh Love QB Passing Yards 490, Touchdowns 4.

Reggie Corbin RB –  Rushing Yards 198, Touchdowns 2.

Joe Walker WR –  Receiving Yards 149.

Trey Quinn WR –  Receiving Touchdowns 2.

Cole Murphy K – Kicking points 18.

Ishmael Hyman WR- Punt Return Yards 18.

Frank Ginda LB – Interceptions 1.

Breeland Speaks DE- Sacks 4.0.  


This upcoming match is sure to give fans goosebumps as they witness the thrilling gameplay.

Both teams are well prepared to face each other at Ford Field this Sunday, May 7 at 5.30 am GMT+6. So fans can surely expect to see some great football throughout the game. Whether you’re watching in person or tuning in from home. You sure wouldn’t want to miss this Electrifying matchup! So let’s get ready for some great football!

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