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The upcoming match between Houston Gamblers Vs Birmingham Stallions is sure to give you an adrenaline rush! These two teams have an old rivalry against each other. As the Gamblers broke the winning streak of Stallions last season making a record of 8-1. So it’s pretty sure that Stallions would try to retaliate this Sunday at Protective Stadium, Birmingham. The action will kick off on May 14 at 2 am GMT+6 (USA). So make some space in your bucket list cause you wouldn’t wanna miss this thrilling match!

Here, we’ll discuss how to watch Houston Gamblers VS Birmingham Stallions, Live Stream. Moreover, we’ll cover Predictions, Overviews, Key Players, and Team Stats. We’ll provide everything you need to know about this thrilling match. So stay tuned to get every update of USFL.

How To Watch USFL – Houston Gamblers VS Birmingham Stallions Live Stream

How to Watch USFL Prediction, Overview, Key Player and Team Stats

This USFL match will be officially broadcasted on USA Network. Moreover, Streaming services like  PeacockTV, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, Sling TV, Hulu+, FuboTV, and DirecTV will be streaming live. Most of these services would require a subscription to watch. But you can try a trial for a month without paying. Furthermore, You can cancel the subscription anytime. All these streaming services are only accessible in the USA. So if you’re from a different country, you would need a VPN like FastVPN, NordVPN, or ProtonVPN to access these streaming services. These streaming Services would be streaming the match in HD and 4K. This means you can witness every thrilling moment closely and clearly! 

USFL – Houston Gamblers VS Birmingham Stallions Prediction and Overview

Houston Gamblers (2-2 · 3RD IN SOUTH)

Head Coach Curtis Johnson and the Gamblers have shown impressive performance so far. They defeated Philadephia Stars by making 41 points to victory last week. Thompson RB scored three touchdowns over the weekend. He was practically phenomenal that day, rushing up 134 yards on 13 tries. Climbing to the top of the plays leaderboard with this 33-yard romp for a score. Houston gave great treatment to Philadelphia’s defense breaking a 41-16 blowout. The gameplay got pretty tough for the Stars as the Gamblers were pretty hard to beat. Keke Chism showed great contribution by making a 54-yard touchdown.

The Gamblers are looking to defeat the Stallions once again. The Stallions’ defense is pretty hard to beat. So the head coach must be planning a different strategy with the team to break through the defense and make a score. Also, prevent the Stallion’s offense from taking any advantage. 

Birmingham Stallions (3-1 · 2ND IN SOUTH)

The Stallions showed phenomenal gameplay last week, defeating the Maulers by 24 points. That match was pretty challenging for both teams. The Maulers scored 20, it was tough luck for the Maulers as they didn’t have much time to cover up the damage. 

Deon Cain KR scored a 91-yard touchdown which bought his troupe the lead midway through the 4th quarter and made Stallions a 3-1 on the season. The lead QB Alex McGough gave a big-time heroic performance. He won Offensive Player of the Week for his great performance in 2nd week of the season. And looks like he’s not done yet. This time he’ll be showing off his creative juiced-up gameplay on the Maulers.

The Stallion got a great opportunity to get back on the Gamblers for breaking their streak of winning 8 matches last season. And I’m sure they won’t let it down. The head coach Skip Holtz and the team is making great strategies to get through the defense of the Gamblers to score. Taking advantage by preventing the offense and making big plays. 

The match will be held at Protective Stadium, Birmingham. Which is the home of the Stallions. So there’s a high chance most of the fans in the stadium would be supporting the Stallions. This put great pressure on the Stallions as they’ll have to win this match. This makes the match more thrilling!

USFL – Houston Gamblers vs Birmingham Stallions Stats

Team Stats

Stats Houston Gamblers (3rd in Sorth) Birmingham Stallions (2nd in Sorth)
PTS/G 28.8 31.0
Pass Yards 206.5 219.5
Rush Yards 136.3 107.3
Opp PTS/G 27.3 19.3
Opp Pass Yards 230.8 194.8
Opp Rush Yards 70.3 139.8

Key Players Stats

Houston Gamblers

Kenji Bahar QBPassing Yards 835, Passing Touchdowns 7. 

Mark Thompson RB – Rushing Yards 214, Rushing Touchdowns 5.

Justin Hall WR – Receiving Yards 250, Receiving Touchdowns 4. 

Nick Vogel K – Kicking points 19.

Anthony Ratliff-Williams WR – Kick Return Yards 318.

Justin Hall WR – Punt Return Yards 51. 

J.T. Tyler LB – Interceptions 1.

Khalan Tolson LB – Total Tackles 31.

Reggie Walker DE – Sacks 3.0.

Birmingham Stallions

Alex McGough QBPassing Yards 764, Touchdowns 8. 

CJ Marable RB Rushing Yards 151.

Alex McGough QB  – Rushing Touchdowns 2.

Davion Davis WR – Receiving Yards 268. 

Jace Sternberger TE – Receiving Touchdowns 3. 

Brandon Aubrey K – Kicking points 28.

Deon Cain WR – Kick Return Yards 491.

Davion Davis WR – Punt Return Yards 30. 

Donnie Lewis II CB – Interceptions 1.

Christian McFarland S – Total Tackles 27.

Rashad Smith S – Sacks 2.0


The USFL’s Gamblers vs Stallions match is sure to be thrilling gameplay. Both teams are well prepared to face each other at Protective Stadium, Birmingham this Sunday, May 14 at 2 am GMT+6 (USA). Both teams had are hungry to take on each other. So this match will be a fight to prove themselves once again. Especially, The Stallions are on a mission for retaliation for last season’s loss. So fans can surely expect to experience some great football matches throughout the game. Whether you’re watching in person or tuning in from home. You sure wouldn’t want to miss this Electrifying matchup! So let’s get ready for some great football!

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