Discover the Thrill of Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow: Southeast Michigan’s Best Golfing Experience




Shepard Hollow

Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow in southeast Michigan is a challenging par-5, with water hazards and bunkers throughout the hole. The hole starts with a narrow fairway and requires a precise second shot to avoid the water on the left side.

The green is protected by bunkers on either side, making it crucial to hit an accurate approach shot. Overall, hole 26 is one of the most demanding holes on the course and requires careful planning and execution of each shot.

Golfers who successfully navigate this hole will feel great accomplishment and satisfaction.

Discover the Thrill of Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow: Southeast Michigan's Best Golfing Experience


History Of Shepard Hollow Golf Course

Located in the picturesque countryside of southeast Michigan, Shepard hollow golf course is a place that needs no introduction to avid golfers. Spread over 200 acres, the course is a unique blend of challenging holes and scenic beauty. Now, let’s delve into the history of this golf course in more detail.

Brief History Of The Course

  • The shepherd hollow golf course opened its doors to golf enthusiasts in 1990.
  • It was the brainchild of an experienced and visionary entrepreneur named Rodney B. Shepard.
  • Since its inception, the golf course has garnered a reputation as one of the most beautiful and challenging in the region.

Discuss The Founder And Their Vision For The Course

Rodney b. Shepard was an entrepreneur with a passion for golf. After acquiring the land in the early 1980s, he spent over seven years ensuring the course would be perfect. He aimed to create a golf course that would challenge even the most experienced golfers while retaining a beautiful and serene ambience that would attract golfers of all levels.

Shepard’s vision was to create a timeless course that golfers would enjoy for generations to come.

Notable Events Or Golfers Who Have Played There

Shepard hollow golf course has hosted various events over the years, solidifying its standing as one of the region’s best courses. Some notable events and golfers include:

  • Michigan PGA sectional championship in 1992.
  • Michigan junior amateur championship in 1994.
  • Michigan opened the championship in 1997.
  • Numerous college tournaments with participation from the top golfing schools in the region.

With challenging holes and breathtaking scenery, Shepard hollow golf course is truly a haven for golfers of all levels. With a long history of hosting prestigious golf events, it continues to be a cornerstone of the golfing community in southeast Michigan.

The Design Of Hole 26

Located at Shepard Hollow in southeast Michigan, hole 26 is a challenging hole that golfers need to strategize effectively to score well. This hole is specifically designed to require skill and precision from golfers, demanding the best from their game.

Here’s a brief description of the hole design:

  • Hole 26 measures 490 yards with a par of 5, making it one of the longest holes on the course.
  • This hole is a dogleg left, which means the fairway bends slightly to the left and requires golfers to hit a long and accurate shot to land in the fairway.
  • The green is surrounded by hazards that challenge the golfer’s accuracy and skill. There is a water hazard on the left, and the front and right sides have bunkers placed strategically to challenge the golfer’s approach shots.

Describe The Layout Of The Hole

  • Golfers start by teeing off at a slightly elevated position, with a few trees and a bunker blocking the view of the fairway.
  • The fairway is wide but is sloped toward the rough on the left and is guarded by a creek that runs alongside the fairway.
  • The hole requires a golfer to hit a long and accurate shot, followed by a well-placed second shot to avoid the hazards surrounding the green.

Discuss The Challenges Golfers Face While Playing Hole 26

  • The whole length requires golfers to hit a long drive, and hitting the ball accurately to the fairway makes the shot more challenging. The slope of the fairway also adds to the difficulty of the shot.
  • The position of the green about the hazards surrounding it makes it challenging for the golfer to make an approach shot. Golfers must think and strategize carefully before every shot to avoid these hazards.
  • The bunkers on the right and front sides of the green add an extra degree of difficulty, requiring golfers to be precise in their shots to avoid them.

Emphasize The Importance Of Strategy When Playing The Hole

  • Planning and strategizing before every shot are crucial to succeeding on this hole. Golfers can use the contour of the land to their advantage and aim their shots accordingly.
  • Since the hole is a dogleg left, golfers must position their shots well and aim cautiously to avoid ending up in the hazards surrounding the green.
  • Using the right club for approach shots is also important. Golfers must identify the right club to use based on their distance from the green and the surrounding hazards.

By being aware of the design, challenges, and importance of strategy when playing hole 26 at Shepard Hollow, golfers can significantly improve their chances of scoring well, avoiding the hazards, and navigating successfully through the hole.

What Makes Hole 26 So Special?

Discover The Hidden Gem – Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow In Southeast Michigan

You must visit Shepard Hollow in southeast Michigan if you are seeking a golf course that offers breathtaking views, challenging greens, and a unique experience. This hidden gem is known for its exceptional golf holes and is a favourite among locals and tourists.

However, we believe there’s one hole that truly stands out from the rest – hole 26. In this section, we will discuss the unique characteristics of Hole 26 and why it’s worth the visit!

The Unique Characteristics Of Hole 26

Hole 26 is not your typical par three holes which you can conquer with a single tee shot. It’s a challenging and strategic par four that requires accuracy to avoid hazards. Here are the key features that make this hole so special:

  • The difficulty:┬áHole 26 is a par four that measures approximately 358 yards and has a slight dogleg to the left. The difficulty factor comes from the fact that the tee box is elevated and the fairway is narrow. The hole offers a stunning view of the surrounding forest and the pond. It’s truly a beautiful sight, but don’t get too distracted!
  • The sloping┬áfairway slopes gently from right to left, meaning the ball naturally rolls left when it lands. Golfers can use this to their advantage by aiming to the right and letting gravity do the rest. However, they must avoid the trees and the pond on the left.
  • The pond:┬áThe pond is located on the left side of the fairway and adds an extra layer of complexity to the hole. Golfers need to hit their tee shot straight down the middle or aim to the right side of the fairway to avoid getting wet. They risk losing their ball or facing a challenging recovery shot if they miss.
  • The green:┬áThe green is slightly elevated and slopes from back to front, so approach shots must be accurate to avoid rolling too far past the hole. The green is also guarded by two bunkers on both sides, adding another layer of difficulty to the hole.

Tips To Tackle Hole 26

If you’re planning to tackle hole 26 at Shepard Hollow, here are some tips to help you master the hole:

  • Use a driver or a wood off the tee to give yourself the best chance of clearing the pond and landing on the fairway.
  • Aim to the right side of the fairway to take advantage of the natural slope and avoid the trees.
  • Approach shots should be aimed at the centre of the green to avoid the bunkers and the sloping green.
  • Always remember the wind direction, which can drastically affect the ball’s flight.

Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow in southeast Michigan is undoubtedly the golfers’ favourite and a unique experience for every golfer. It’s a challenging and strategic hole requiring accuracy and precision. The stunning views, sloping fairway, and tricky greens make it a hole that you’ll want to play time after time.

So what are you waiting for? Come and try your luck at hole 26!

Tips For Playing Hole 26

Tips For Playing Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow In Southeast Michigan

The legendary Shepard hollow golf course is nestled in the stunning beauty of southeast Michigan. Known for its 27 challenging holes of top-notch golf, this course guarantees an unforgettable experience for golfers of all levels. One hole that truly stands out is hole 26, an incredibly challenging par-five that tests every aspect of a golfer’s game.

Here are some tips to help you play this hole like a pro and make the most out of your round:

Tee Shot Strategy

The tee shot at hole 26 requires precision and accuracy to avoid the cavernous bunker on the left side of the fairway and the woods on the right. Here are some tips to help you nail that perfect tee shot:

  • Aim your tee shot at the right side of the fairway, giving yourself a clear look at the green.
  • A layup shot might be the safest for most golfers, especially if the wind is strong against you.
  • Be cautious when using a driver to tee off, as it may carry the ball through the fairway and leave you with an even more challenging approach shot.

Second Shot Strategy

Once you have found the fairway, the second shot on hole 26 is a real challenge. With a pond present on the left side of the green, you’ll want to be armed with a clear strategy. Here are some useful tips to help you make the most of your second shot:

  • Choose your club carefully, ensuring you can clear the water on the left side of the green.
  • If you are unsure if you can get your ball to the green, lay up to a comfortable distance instead of risking the water hazard.
  • Take into consideration the pin placement while aiming for the green.

Putting Strategy

It’s finally time to get your ball in the hole! However, the putting surface here is undulating, making it a tough task. To make the most of your putting, here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Read the green carefully, observing any bumps and undulations to choose the right putting line.
  • While putting, opt for a smooth stroke without applying too much force.
  • Avoid leaving yourself with a long comeback putt by hitting your approach shot as close to the pin as possible.

Hole 26 at Shepard hollow golf course is truly one of the most unique and challenging holes in the region. Following these tips will undoubtedly enhance your chances of shooting a great score on this tricky hole. Get out there and take on the challenge!

Frequently Asked Questions On Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow In Southeast Michigan

What Is Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow?

Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow is a golf hole in southeast Michigan’s rolling hills. It is one of the 27 holes within the course and is popular amongst golfers due to its layout and scenic beauty.

What Is The Length Of Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow?

The length of hole 26 at Shepard Hollow is approximately 390 yards. It is a par four hole and requires a well-struck drive to avoid hazards and set up a makeable approach shot to the green.

Is Hole 26 At Shepard Hollow Beginner-Friendly?

Hole 26 at Shepard Hollow is relatively challenging, even for experienced golfers. It features a narrow fairway and a tricky approach shot that requires precise club selection. However, beginners can still enjoy the scenic beauty of the hole and challenge themselves.

What Are The Amenities Available At Shepard Hollow Golf Course?

Shepard hollow golf course offers a range of amenities such as a driving range, practice greens, clubhouse, and restaurant. Additionally, the course has experienced instructors who offer lessons and clinics to golfers of all skill levels.

What Is The Best Time To Play At Shepard Hollow Golf Course?

The best time to play at Shepard hollow golf course is in the summer, preferably in the morning or late afternoon. The course is well-maintained throughout the year, but summer days provide excellent weather and scenic views of the surrounding area.


After exploring hole 26 at Shepard Hollow in southeast Michigan, it’s safe to say that this course is a true gem for all golfers. The stunning views and challenging holes make it a favourite among locals and visitors.

The course’s attention to detail and commitment to providing a full experience for golfers sets it apart from others in the area. When you step onto the green, you’re greeted with calm and exclusivity that can only come from a well-maintained course.

While some holes may be more challenging than others, each one provides a unique opportunity for players to sharpen their skills and enjoy the game. Overall, hole 26 at Shepard Hollow is a must-visit for any golf enthusiast looking for a memorable experience.

So grab your clubs and hit the green – you won’t be disappointed!


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