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2023 FCS playoff

The 2023 FCS playoffs are an exciting time for college football fans nationwide. This highly anticipated event brings together the top Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) teams to compete for the ultimate prize – the national championship.

This blog post will provide all the information about the 2023 FCS playoffs, including live coverage, full schedule, TV channels, and how to watch the games. So, grab your favorite team’s jersey and prepare for an action-packed postseason!

The FCS playoffs are a single-elimination tournament determining the national champion in college football’s second-tier division. It features 24 teams selected based on their regular-season performance and conference championship.

The playoff bracket is divided into four regions, each represented by six teams. Teams compete in a bracket-style format until the final two teams meet in the championship game.

FCS playoff: Live and TV channels

The FCS playoff games will be broadcast on several TV channels to ensure maximum coverage and accessibility for fans. Here are some of the main channels that will be posting the games:

GameFCS playoff
DateSaturday, Nov. 25Sunday, Jan. 7
TVESPN app | ESPN+ | Fubo
Last WinnerSouth Dakota State
  1. ESPN: ESPN is one of the primary broadcasters for college football and will likely have a significant portion of the FCS playoff games on their various channels, including ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN3.
  2. CBS Sports Network: CBS Sports Network is another popular channel that often covers college football games. They are expected to broadcast some FCS playoff matchups.
  3. NBC Sports Network: NBC Sports Network may also have coverage of select FCS playoff games, providing an additional viewing option for fans.

You must check your local cable or satellite provider for your area’s specific channel listings and availability.

FCS playoff: Full schedule

First round :

GameTV channel
Sacramento State vs North DakotaESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Delaware vs LafayetteESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Richmond vs NC CentralESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Southern Illinois vs NichollsESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Mercer vs Gardner-WebbESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Chattanooga vs Austin PeayESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
North Dakota State vs DrakeESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Youngstown State vs DuquesneESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV

Second round

Saturday, Dec. 2

GameTV channel
South Dakota St. vs MercerESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Montana vs DelawareESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
South Dakota vs Sacramento StateESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Idaho vs Southern IllinoisESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Albany vs RichmondESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
North Dakota State vs Montana StateESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Furman vs ChattanoogaESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV
Villanova vs Youngstown StateESPN app | ESPN+ | FuboTV


Saturday, Dec, 8

GameTime (ET)TV channel
 Furman vs Montana9 p.m. ETESPN+
Villanova vs Dakota St12 p.m. ETESPN+

Sunday, Dec. 9

GameTime (ET)TV channel
NDSU vs South Dakota2.30 p.m. ETESPN+
UAlbany vs Idaho10 p.m. ETESPN+


Saturday, Dec. 1516

GameTime (ET)TV channel
UAlbany vs Dakota St7pm p.m. ETESPN+
NDSU vs Montana4:30pm. ETESPN+

National championship

Sunday, Jan. 7

GameTime (ET)TV channel
Semifinal winners2 p.m.ABC

How to watch FCS playoff games

  • TV channel: ESPN family of networks
  • Live stream: ESPN app | ESPN+ | Fubo

FCS playoff games will air on ESPN’s family of networks, with ABC airing the national championship game on Jan. 7.

Streaming options for the FCS playoffs include ESPN+, the ESPN app, and Fubo, which offers a free trial.

How to Watch FCS Playoff Games Outside the US

If you’re a college football fan living outside the United States, you may wonder how to watch the FCS playoff games without cable or access to US-based streaming services. Here are a few options:

  1. VPN Services: A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows you to change your IP address and appear to be browsing from another country. By subscribing to a reliable VPN service, you can connect to a US server and access streaming platforms like ESPN+ or Paramount+ as if you were in the US.
  2. International Sports Networks: Some international sports networks may have agreements with US broadcasters to air college football games, including the FCS playoff. Check with your local sports networks to see if they will air any playoff games.
  3. Online Streaming Platforms: Explore online streaming platforms specific to your country or region that may have acquired broadcasting rights for college football games, including the FCS playoff.

Teams and Players to Watch in the 2023 FCS Playoff

The FCS playoff features some incredibly talented teams and players who are worth keeping an eye on throughout the tournament. Here are a few notable teams and players to watch:

  1. Dakota St: This team dominated their conference throughout the regular season and boasts a high-powered offense led by star quarterback Easton Stick. Their explosive playmaking ability makes them a formidable contender in the playoffs.
  2. NDSU: Known for their stout defense and disciplined gameplay, this team has consistently performed at a high level under the leadership of head coach Matt Entz. Keep an eye on their tenacious defense and ability to limit opposing offenses.
  3. Brock Jensen: As one of the top quarterbacks in the FCS, Brock Jensen has showcased exceptional skills throughout the season, repeatedly leading his team to victory. His ability to make accurate throws and read defenses will be crucial in their playoff run.
  4. Kyle Emanuel: This dynamic running back has been a force to be reckoned with, consistently racking up yards and touchdowns for his team. His speed, agility, and elusiveness make him a game-changer in every matchup.

These are just a few examples, but there will be numerous standout performances and exciting storylines as teams battle for glory in the playoffs.

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Are the 2023 FCS Playoffs still going on?

Yes! The FCS playoffs are in full swing, and we’re heading towards the semifinals on December 22nd and 23rd.

How can I follow the live scores and updates?

  • NCAA.com: The official NCAA website features a dedicated page with live updates, scores, and highlights.
  • ESPN.com: ESPN offers a comprehensive scoreboard with real-time updates and analysis.
  • Team websites and social media: Most FCS schools provide live updates and scores on their official websites and social media pages.

Where can I find the full schedule for the remaining playoffs?

  • NCAA.com: The official bracket with dates, times, and TV channels is available on the NCAA website.
  • Sporting News: Sporting News provides a clear and concise schedule with TV information.
  • ESPN: ESPN’s website and app offer a detailed schedule with streaming options.

What TV channels are showing the FCS playoffs?

  • ESPN family of networks: Most FCS playoff games air on ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN+.
  • ABC: The national championship game on January 7th will be broadcast on ABC.

How can I stream the FCS playoffs without cable?

  • ESPN+: All FCS playoff games are available to stream on ESPN+. You can subscribe to ESPN+ for a monthly fee.
  • FuboTV: FuboTV offers a free trial that includes ESPN, ESPN2, and ESPN+. You can use it to watch most of the playoff games.
  • Team websites: Some schools may stream their home games on their websites or YouTube channels.

Who are the top contenders for the championship?

  • No. 1 South Dakota State: The Jackrabbits are the top seed and have looked dominant throughout the playoffs.
  • No. 2 Montana: The Grizzlies are a perennial contender with a solid home-field advantage.
  • No. 5 UAlbany: The Great Danes have a high-powered offense and upset No. 4 Idaho in the quarterfinals.
  • No. 7 North Dakota State: The Bison are a veteran team with experience in the playoffs.

Where can I find more information about the FCS playoffs?

  • NCAA.com: The official website is the best source for news, statistics, and highlights.
  • FCS Football: The official FCS Twitter account (@FCS_Football) provides updates and news throughout the playoffs.
  • Sports websites and podcasts: Many sports websites and podcasts offer coverage and analysis of the FCS playoffs.

We hope this FAQ has answered your questions about the 2023 FCS playoffs! Enjoy the exciting remaining games and cheer for your favorite team!

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