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Canada vs Latvia

The Canada vs Latvia game is on Wednesday at the 2024 World Junior Hockey Championship. The puck drops in Gothenburg, Sweden, as the 2024 IIHF World Junior Championships heat up with a compelling encounter between two contrasting forces: the mighty defending champion Canada and the scrappy underdogs of Latvia.

Canada, fresh off their electrifying gold medal victory at the 2023 tournament, enters as the Undisputed Favourite. Led by the offensive prowess of Connor Bedard and the defensive wizardry of Brandt Clarke, the young Canucks boast a depth of talent that’s genuinely frightening. But the pressure of upholding their legacy can be a double-edged sword, and any complacency could be ruthlessly exploited.

Latvia, on the other hand, thrives on the underdog narrative. They may not have the same star power as Canada, but their underdog spirit and relentless work ethic are legendary. Underdogs in every sense, the Latvians will rely on their suffocating Defence and opportunistic offence to frustrate the Canadians and steal a potential upset victory.

This game promises to be a thrilling chess match on ice. Canada’s offensive juggernaut will face off against Latvia’s defensive wall, creating a battle of attrition and tactical Manoeuvring. Expect dazzling displays of skill, heart-stopping saves, and a few clutch goals that could swing the momentum dramatically.

Canada vs Latvia: Live and Start time

Get ready for the clash of the Titans at the iconic Scandinavia Arena on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, at 1:30 Eastern Time (6:30 PM Swedish time). Both teams share Group A in the preliminary round, and this game could significantly affect their playoff aspirations.

World Juniors Today Game: Schedule

How to Watch Canada vs Latvia Game?

TV Channels

  • North America: NHL Network, TSN
  • Latvia: TV3
  • Sweden: SVT1
  • International: Check local listings based on your region

Streaming Services

  • North America: FuboTV, TSN Direct
  • International: Check regional streaming platforms like Viaplay (Nordic countries)

Mobile Apps

  • NHL App: Watch live streams and highlights (subscription required)
  • TSN App: Access live streams and game updates (subscription required)

Radio Coverage

  • Canada: Check local sports radio stations
  • Latvia: Radio Riga
  • Sweden: Sveriges Radio P4

World Juniors Beyond the Live Action:

Whether you’re a die-hard hockey fan or drawn to the drama of underdog triumphs, Canada vs Latvia promises to be a spectacle worth tuning in for. So, grab your jerseys, gather your friends, and prepare to be captivated by the magic of the World Juniors!

Remember, this game is more than just a hockey match; it’s a clash of cultures, a test of wills, and a testament to the spirit of competition. 

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Canada and Latvia: Key Players to Watch?


  • Connor Bedard, C: The undisputed “it” boy of the tournament, Bedard is a scoring machine with a highlight reel for a resume. His dazzling puck skills, laser-sharp shot, and hockey IQ make him a threat every time he touches the ice. Shutting him down will be Latvia’s Everest, but watch for him to weave magic regardless.
  • Brandt Clarke, D: The rock of Canada’s defence, Clarke possesses a maturity beyond his years. His poise under pressure, gap control, and pinpoint outlet passes are crucial to Canada’s transition game. Expect him to lead the charge from behind and silence Latvia’s offensive forays.
  • Josh Kidney, G: The last line of defence, Kidney has earned the starting nod for Canada thanks to his calm demeanour and athleticism. His ability to make the big saves in high-pressure situations will be critical, especially if Latvia manages to sneak past Clarke’s blockade.


  • Dans Locmelis, C: Latvia’s captain and veteran of the World Juniors stage, Locmelis is the offensive fulcrum. His crafty playmaking, accurate shots, and leadership will be crucial in guiding Latvia’s underdog attack. Look for him to create scoring chances out of thin air and inspire his teammates.
  • Niks Fenenko, D: The heart and soul of Latvia’s defence, Fenenko brings a blend of grit and skill. His physicality, shot-blocking prowess, and ability to disrupt plays will be Latvia’s first line of defence against Canada’s offensive onslaught. He’ll need to play a near-perfect game to keep his team competitive.
  • Patriks Zabusovs, G: Behind every underdog story is a heroic goalie, and Zabusovs might be Latvia’s knight in shining pads. His agility, reflexes, and ability to steal momentum-shifting saves could frustrate Canada and keep Latvia in the game for an upset victory.


Where can I watch the IIHF World Juniors 2024?

NHL Network is the home to the 2024 World Juniors in the United States. E.J. Hradek is providing play-by-play for each Team USA game along with analysts Dave Starman and Jon Rosen.

Where will the World Juniors play in 2024?

Gothenburg, Sweden, is the host site for the 2024 tournament. The games in Gothenburg will be split between Scandinavium and Frolundaborg, two arenas in the city. Scandinavium is home to the Swedish Hockey League’s Frolunda HC, one of the top Swedish professional programs.

What channel is the World Juniors on in Canada?

World Juniors Hockey On TSN In Canada

In Canada, the event will be televised on TSN and streamed on TSN+.

Is Connor Bedard playing in the World Juniors 2024?

As usual, Canada will be without several Junior-eligible players currently playing at the NHL level. This includes 2023 No. 1 pick Connor Bedard, as well as Adam Fantilli, Shane Wright, Kevin Korchinski, and Zach Benson.

Is India in the IIHF?

It became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF) on April 27, 1989. The current president of the Association is Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali.

How many countries are in the IIHF?

The International Ice Hockey Federation has 83 member national associations.

Can 20-year-olds play in World Juniors?

The 10-nation tournament features the world’s best men’s players under 20 years of age and is a 31-game event that takes place for ten days.

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