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Walsh vs Yeleussinov

Hollywood Fight Nights is back! With the Callum Walsh vs Dauren Yeleussinov fight on Friday, March 15, 2024, at the Brooklyn, N.Y, Irish star Walsh looks to continue his progress in the boxing ring when he faces Yeleusinov.

The leading man officiated at New York’s St. Patrick’s Day fight night. That weekend was Michael Conlan’s. Walsh is set to take over in front of passionate boxing fans at the Hulu Theater in Madison Square Garden.

Callum Walsh vs Dauren Yeleussinov: Live & Start Time

The Callum Walsh vs Dauren Yeleussinov will occur on Friday, March 15, 2024, at the Brooklyn, N.Y, at 8 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. PT.

How to Watch Callum Walsh vs Dauren Yeleussinov?

  • Confirmed Broadcaster:
    • UFC Fight Pass (Subscription service)
  • Potential Broadcasters (Check closer to fight date):
    • ESPN Networks: ESPN channels often carry major boxing events. Check their listings.
    • Showtime: Showtime has a history of broadcasting significant boxing matches.
    • DAZN: A sports streaming platform that sometimes covers boxing.

Important Notes

  • Fight Location: Knowing the venue helps target broadcasters. For example, if the fight is in the UK, channels like Sky Sports or BT Sport become possibilities.
  • Fight Date: Broadcasters are more likely to be confirmed as the fight date approaches.
  • Online Resources:
    • BoxingScene.com: Frequently updated fight schedules and broadcast information.
    • LiveSport.TV: ([invalid URL removed]) Provides listings and streaming options for sporting events.

Betting odds for Walsh vs. Yeleussinov

The upcoming event between Callum Walsh and Dauren Yeleussinov is generating buzz in the boxing world, and with that buzz comes a surge of interest in the betting odds. Let’s break down the current odds and examine what they might tell us about this highly anticipated match.

The Heavy Favorite: Callum Walsh

Callum Walsh comes into this fight with a significant edge in the eyes of the oddsmakers. His undefeated record, power, and aggressive style have made him a substantial favorite. Current odds often place Walsh around -4000, indicating a very high implied probability of victory.

The Underdog: Dauren Yeleussinov

Despite his Olympic pedigree and experience, Dauren Yeleussinov enters this fight as the clear underdog. His odds are generally around +1200, implying a lower chance of winning but a potentially lucrative payout for those who bet on him.

Factors Behind the Odds

Several factors contribute to these odds:

  • Age and Experience: Yeleussinov, at 37 years old, faces a younger, fresher opponent in Walsh. Age can sometimes play a factor in boxing stamina and durability.
  • Recent Form: Walsh’s undefeated streak and impressive knockouts suggest he’s in peak fighting form. Yeleussinov, while experienced, may have a more challenging time keeping up with Walsh’s intensity.
  • Style Matchup: Walsh’s aggressive come-forward style could pose severe problems for Yeleussinov, potentially overwhelming his defense.

Important Considerations

  • Odds Fluctuate: These odds are not set in stone. They can change leading up to the fight based on news, public betting trends, and other factors.
  • Upsets Happen: Even with Walsh heavily favored, boxing is unpredictable. Yeleussinov’s experience and power could surprise everyone.
  • Beyond the Moneyline: Look at additional betting markets like a method of victory (KO, decision), round betting, and various prop bets for more betting options.

Where to Find the Odds

Reputable sportsbooks and online betting platforms will provide the most up-to-date odds for the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov fight. Some reliable sources include:

  • DraftKings Sportsbook
  • FanDuel Sportsbook
  • BetMGM

Callum Walsh Bio

Dauren Yeleussinov Bio

Callum Walsh vs Dauren Yeleussinov: Fight Card


How can I watch the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov fight live?

  • List the confirmed broadcasters (e.g., UFC Fight Pass).
  • Mention potential broadcasters who will check closer to the fight date (e.g., ESPN, Showtime, DAZN).
  • Indicate if Pay-Per-View options might be available through cable/satellite providers.

Are there free streaming options for the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov fight?

  • Be honest – it’s unlikely unless a significant network broadcaster picks up the fight.
  • Caution against unreliable or potentially illegal streaming sites.

Can I watch the fight on demand after it happens?

  • Services like UFC Fight Pass often offer replays.
  • Check if other broadcasters provide on-demand options.

What are the undercard fights for the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov event?

List exciting matchups to increase viewer interest in the entire card.

Where can I find the latest news and updates about the fight?

Recommend reliable sources like BoxingScene.com, major sports news outlets, and the fighters’ social media.

How much does watching the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov fight cost?

  • Subscription costs for confirmed services.
  • Explain the potential for PPV costs, which will be known closer to the fight.

Are there any regional restrictions for watching the fight?

Emphasize that broadcast availability depends on location.

What are the betting odds for the Walsh vs. Yeleussinov fight?

  • Provide a general sense of who the favorite is.
  • Mention reputable sportsbooks where viewers can find up-to-date odds.

Will there be a pre-fight press conference or weigh-in that I can watch?

Provide information on where to find these events if they are broadcast or streamed.

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