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Prepare for an unforgettable night of bare-knuckle action as former UFC fighters Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez face off at BKFC 56. This highly anticipated event promises non-stop excitement and will be held at the Maverick Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.


BKFC 56 Details

  • BKFC 56 Details: Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship event featuring bare-knuckle boxing matches.
  • Date: Sunday, 02 December 2023
  • Start Time: Preliminary card: 8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT
  • Main Card: 9:00 PM ET / 6:00 PM PT
  • Venue: Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.
  • Fighter Name: Mike Perry vs. Eddie Alvarez

2023 BKFC 56 Details Fighter Name List

Main Card

  • Vacant BKFC Lightweight Championship: Anthony Kane (11-1) vs. Murthel Groenhart (12-1)
  • BKFC Light Cruiserweight Championship: Chris Ngimbi (10-0) vs. Murad Rahimov (9-1)
  • BKFC Cruiserweight Championship: Arnold Adams (12-0) vs. Abdallah Mabel (10-1)
  • BKFC Welterweight Championship: Luis Santos (15-2) vs. Sean Gannon (13-1)
  • BKFC Featherweight Championship: James Tucker (17-1) vs. Chris Ngimbi (10-0)


  • Vacant BKFC Bantamweight Championship: Tom Hodgson (8-1) vs. Charlie Bennett (7-2)
  • BKFC Women’s Lightweight Championship: Shannon Taylor (5-0) vs. Lauren Fogarty (4-1)
  • BKFC Lightweight: Jordan Williams (9-2) vs. Anthony Kane (11-1)
  • BKFC Light Cruiserweight: Murthel Groenhart (12-1) vs. Daniel Skibba (7-2)
  • BKFC Cruiserweight: Chris Ngimbi (10-0) vs. Chris Ngimbi (10-0)
  • BKFC Welterweight: Luis Santos (15-2) vs. Murad Rahimov (9-1)
  • BKFC Featherweight: James Tucker (17-1) vs. Abdallah Mabel (10-1)

Impressive Lineup

BKFC 56 will showcase a stellar lineup of MMA stars, including Ben Rothwell, Todd Duffee, Jeremy Stephens, and more. Fans can expect heart-pounding fights and jaw-dropping knockouts throughout the night.

The BKFC 56 card is stacked with exciting matchups, including:

  • Middleweight: Mike Perry vs. Eddie Alvarez
  • Heavyweight: Ben Rothwell vs. Todd Duffee
  • Women’s Flyweight Championship: Christine Faria vs. Bec Rawlings
  • Light Heavyweight: Arnold Adams vs. Mick Terrell

Perry vs Alvarez

The main event of BKFC 56 is a highly anticipated matchup between two of the biggest names in bare-knuckle fighting. Perry is a former UFC welterweight title challenger known for his aggressive style and knockout power. Alvarez is a former UFC lightweight champion who is a well-rounded fighter with a proven track record of success.

Rothwell vs. Duffee

The co-main event of BKFC 56 features two heavyweight sluggers who are both looking to make a statement. Rothwell is a former UFC heavyweight contender known for his granite chin and heavy hands. Duffee is a former UFC heavyweight known for his explosive power and knockout ability.

Faria vs. Rawlings

The BKFC women’s flyweight championship will be on the line when Christine Faria takes on Bec Rawlings. Faria is the reigning champion and is undefeated in her professional career. Rawlings is a former UFC strawweight and is a challenging and experienced opponent.

Adams vs. Terrell

The vacant BKFC heavyweight championship will be crowned in a highly anticipated matchup between Arnold Adams and Mick Terrell. Adams is a former UFC heavyweight contender known for his size and power. Terrell is a former BKFC light heavyweight champion who is a well-rounded fighter with a proven track record of success.

Women’s Flyweight Title Fight

One of the event’s highlights is the women’s flyweight title fight between reigning champion Christine Ferea and former champion Bec Rawlings. These determined competitors will leave no stone unturned as they battle for the coveted title.

Christine Ferea vs. Bec Rawlings

The BKFC 56 women’s flyweight title fight was a rematch between reigning champion Christine Ferea and Bec Rawlings. The fight took place on December 2, 2023, at the Maverik Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.


Ferea won the BKFC women’s flyweight title in 2022 with a victory over Paige VanZant. Rawlings is a former Invicta FC atomweight champion and has also competed in the UFC.

The Fight

The fight was a close and competitive contest. Ferea was able to land some heavy punches in the early rounds, but Rawlings fought back and won the later rounds. The judges scored the fight 47-46, 47-46, and 48-46 in favor of Rawlings, who became the new BKFC women’s flyweight champion.


The fight was a major upset and Rawlings was very emotional after the victory. She said that she was “dedicating this win to my family and all my fans.”

Fight Stats

  • Christine Ferea
    • Record: 5-1
    • Height: 5’4″
    • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Bec Rawlings
    • Record: 7-7
    • Height: 5’3″
    • Weight: 125 lbs

Fighters Corner

  • Christine Ferea
    • Age: 31
    • Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    • Gym: Combat Sports Academy
    • Fighting Style: Brawler
  • Bec Rawlings
    • Age: 34
    • Hometown: Australia
    • Gym: Fortis MMA
    • Fighting Style: Striker Overall, the BKFC 56 women’s flyweight title fight was a great fight.

Live Streaming Options

If you’re unable to attend the event in person, FanSided MMA has you covered with live streaming options. Tune in to the main card on FITE TV at 10 p.m. ET or catch the prelims on YouTube at 9 p.m. ET. Experience every punch, kick, and submission from the comfort of your own home.

In today’s digital age, live streaming has become crucial to consuming sports events. It provides accessibility for fans around the globe who are unable to attend the event physically. Live streaming allows viewers to experience the thrill and excitement of BKFC 56 from their homes, ensuring that no one misses out on the highly anticipated fights.

Official Live Streaming Options

To cater to the growing demand for live streaming, BKFC has partnered with various platforms to ensure that fans can access their favorite fights easily. Here are some of the official live streaming options available for BKFC 56:


BKFC offers its dedicated streaming platform, the BKTV App. Available for download on both iOS and Android devices, this app allows fans to stream all BKFC events, including BKFC 56, directly on their smartphones or tablets. The app provides high-quality streaming and exclusive content, making it a must-have for any BKFC enthusiast.


FITE TV is a popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of combat sports events, including BKFC. Fans can purchase pay-per-view access to BKFC 56 through FITE TV’s website or app. With FITE TV’s user-friendly interface and reliable streaming quality, it’s a trusted option for those looking to catch all the action from BKFC 56.

Social Media Platforms

BKFC also recognizes the power of social media as a live streaming platform. They often provide free live streams of select fights on their official social media channels, such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. While this may not cover all fights on the card, it’s a cost-effective option for casual viewers who want a taste of BKFC 56 without committing to paid streaming services.

Unofficial Live Streaming Options

While official live streaming options offer a reliable and convenient way to catch BKFC 56, there may be unofficial sources that provide free streams. However, it’s essential to be cautious when accessing unofficial streams, as they may be illegal and pose potential risks such as malware or poor video quality. Choosing official streaming options is always recommended to ensure a seamless viewing experience without compromising your device’s security.

Tips for a Smooth Streaming Experience

To enhance your live streaming experience during BKFC 56, here are some handy tips:

  1. Stable Internet Connection: Ensure you have a reliable and stable internet connection to avoid buffering or interrupted streams.
  2. Quality Settings: Adjust the video quality settings to your internet speed for smooth playback.
  3. Device Compatibility: Check if your preferred streaming platform is compatible with your device to avoid compatibility issues.
  4. Pre-Stream Check: Test your chosen streaming option before the event starts to ensure everything works correctly.
  5. Notifications: Enable notifications from your preferred streaming platform to receive updates and reminders about BKFC 56.

Connecting with Fellow Fans

One of the exciting aspects of live sporting events is sharing the experience with fellow fans. To connect with other BKFC enthusiasts during BKFC 56:

  1. Social Media Groups: Join BKFC fan groups on platforms like Facebook or Reddit to discuss the event, share predictions, and converse with like-minded fans.
  2. Live Chat: Many live streaming platforms offer a live chat feature where fans can interact with each other during the fights, providing a sense of camaraderie and shared excitement.

Reliving the Highlights

After experiencing the thrilling fights of BKFC 56, you should relive the highlights or catch up on any missed moments. Some live streaming platforms offer on-demand access to past fights or highlight reels, allowing you to revisit your favorite moments or catch up on any action you might have missed.

Support the Sport Legally

While we understand that financial constraints can be challenging for some fans, we strongly discourage illegal streaming or piracy. It is always best to support the fighters and the sport by choosing legal streaming options whenever possible.

Mark your calendars and brace yourself for an unforgettable night at BKFC 56. Witness the epic showdown between Mike Perry and Eddie Alvarez and other incredible matchups. Stay tuned to FanSided MMA for the latest news and information on attending the event in person. Let’s enjoy BKFC 56 responsibly and show our love for this thrilling sport by supporting it legally.

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