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Bellator Belfast Fight

Bellator MMA Fights are back! The Bellator Belfast FightAnderson vs. Moore will occur on Friday, March 22, 2024, at SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland. In the main event, Anderson and Moore will compete for the vacant Bellator light heavyweight title.

It’s a massive occasion for Karl Moore, who believes this is his time to shine in his first shot at world honors. Anderson has been here before, challenging three times already.

When and where is the Bellator Belfast Fight?

Bellator’s Belfast fight Anderson vs. Moore takes place on Friday, March 22, 2024, at the SSE Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, at 5 p.m. UK / 1 p.m. ET, Main event cagewalks 10 p.m. UK / 6 p.m. ET.

Bellator Belfast Fight Location?

Where Can I Watch Bellator Belfast Fight?

  • DAZN (Most countries): DAZN is the primary broadcaster in most countries worldwide. Check if your country is included on the DAZN website. You’ll need a subscription to watch.
  • BBC iPlayer (UK Only): The BBC will air the main card of Bellator Belfast live on its iPlayer streaming platform. This service is free within the UK.
  • The SSE Arena, Belfast (Limited Availability): A few tickets may still be available for the event live at the SSE Arena. Check the SSE Arena website for details.

Important Notes

  • Start Times: The exact start time varies depending on your location. The prelims typically begin around 5 pm UK time, with the main card expected around 10 pm UK time. Check an up-to-date local schedule for your specific time zone.
  • VPN Service: If DAZN isn’t offered where you live, consider using a VPN service to access the fight through DAZN in a supported country.

How to Watch Anderson vs. Moore Fight in the UK?

Bellator MMA brings thrilling action to Belfast, and UK fans have several ways to catch the fights. Here’s the breakdown:

Where to Watch

  • DAZN: The premier streaming destination for Bellator events in the UK. DAZN offers a subscription service that includes extensive coverage of Bellator.
  • BBC iPlayer:  Occasionally, BBC iPlayer will live stream select Bellator events, including certain “Bellator: Europe” cards.

How to Watch Anderson vs. Moore Fight in the US?

  • DAZN: While not guaranteed for the Belfast event specifically, some Bellator fight cards outside the US are available on DAZN.
  • VPN Option (Caution): Some fans use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to access DAZN streams in other countries where the event may be broadcast. Be aware of potential risks and the complexities of using a VPN for streaming.

Corey Anderson Bio

Karl Moore Bio

Bellator Belfast Fight Card?


Is Bellator MMA losing money?

  • Private Company: Bellator is privately owned and doesn’t release detailed financial information.
  • Mixed Signals: Some reports suggest they need more viewership and smaller revenue streams than the UFC. However, they’ve secured partnerships like the DAZN deal, indicating some financial stability.

Is MMA big in Ireland?

Yes, MMA is quite popular and multiplying in Ireland. This is mainly due to the success of Irish fighters like Conor McGregor, who have boosted the sport’s profile.

Who is the CEO of Bellator MMA?

Scott Coker is the CEO of Bellator MMA.

Does UFC own Bellator MMA?

No, the UFC does not own Bellator MMA. The Professional Fighters League (PFL) recently purchased Bellator MMA.

Why is Bellator MMA ending?

Bellator MMA isn’t ending entirely, but here’s why its presence in the US has changed:

  • Showtime Shift: Showtime, Bellator’s major US broadcast partner, dissolved its sports division, leaving Bellator without a primary US broadcaster.
  • PFL Interest: The Professional Fighters League (PFL) attempted to acquire Bellator, but negotiations failed.
  • Future Uncertain: Bellator’s future in the US market remains to be seen. They might find a new broadcast partner, focus on international markets, or face challenges in continuing at their previous scale.

Why is it called Bellator MMA?

“Bellator” comes from the Latin word for “warrior.” It reflects the fighting spirit and competitive nature of mixed martial arts (MMA).

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