2024 Snow Polo World Cup: Live, Start time, teams, schedule, How to Watch




2024 Snow Polo World Cup

The Snow Polo World Cup St. Moritz 2024 is set to kick off in 3 days and will promise, as usual, excitement, glamour and premier polo action in the Engadin Valley, welcoming the Cup as a perfect winter wonderland where a completely frozen Lake St. Moritz contributes to making the environment magical and perfect. Among the valued partners, Excellence Magazine, as usual, is listed as the media partner of the Word Cup.

Six top teams from across the polo world await the coveted prize. Argentina’s La Martina is back, armed with their trademark aggression and impeccable horsemanship. The Swiss powerhouse, the glamour polo team, looks to defend their 2023 title at home. Don’t miss Park Place’s rising stars from the USA; their youthful flair is a stark contrast to the seasoned skills of the Ayala Polo team from Azerbaijan.

Snow Polo World Cup: Live & Start time

The 2024 Snow Polo World Cup is set to kick off on 26-27-28 January 2024, promising a spectacular display of polo power. The tournament will span over 3 days, culminating in a thrilling final showdown. Polo enthusiasts worldwide can mark their calendars for this exciting event that blends sportsmanship with picturesque winter scenery.

2024 Snow Polo World Cup: Locations

Snow Polo World Cup Game Format

The Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz is not just a sporting event; it’s a breathtaking spectacle where elegance meets adrenaline on a frozen canvas. But what exactly makes this competition tick? Dive into the game format and prepare to be captivated by its unique blend of speed, strategy, and sheer equestrian excellence.

How to Watch the 2024 Snow Polo World Cup?

2024 Snow Polo World Cup: teams list

The 2024 Snow Polo World Cup in St. Moritz is heating up, with six top teams vying for the coveted trophy. Each team brings a unique blend of talent, experience, and playing style, promising an exciting tournament full of surprises and nail-biting competition. Get to know the contenders before the action begins!

2024 Snow Polo World Cup: schedule

Thursday: January 25, 2024
Friday: January 26, 2024
Saturday: January 27, 2024
Sunday: January 28, 2024


How many players are in snow polo?

There are four players per team in snow polo. Just like traditional polo, each team competes with four mounted players on the field. They have specific roles on the team, with attackers, defenders, and a captain working together to score goals and win the game.

Which airport is closest to St Moritz?

The closest airport to St. Moritz is Samedan (Engadin Airport), just 10 minutes away by car. However, several other airports are within driving distance, depending on your priorities:

  • Zurich Airport (ZRH): 3 hours 30 minutes drive, largest airport with frequent connections.
  • Milan Malpensa Airport (MXP): 2 hours 30 minutes drive, a good option for flights from Italy.
  • Milan Linate Airport (LIN): 4 hours 10 minutes drive, smaller airport with shorter transfers.
  • Innsbruck Airport (INN): 3 hours 30 minutes drive, convenient if arriving from Austria.

What is snow polo?

Think of it as a winter wonderland meets high-octane sport. The ponies have special spiked shoes for grip, and the players bundle up in stylish cold-weather gear. The whole scene is breathtaking, making snow polo a must-see event for any sports fan or winter enthusiast.

Who is the king of the polo game?

The title “King of Polo” isn’t officially held by any individual player or team. However, several contenders throughout history have earned that distinction through their exceptional skill and dominance in the sport. Here are a few notable “kings” in the realm of polo:

  • Facundo Pieres: Currently the highest-ranked player in the world, known for his incredible horsemanship and playmaking skills.
  • Hurlingham: A legendary 19th-century team from India, undefeated from 1854 to 1891, considered the “Invincibles” of their time.
  • Juan Carlos Harriott is an Argentinian player nicknamed “El Rey” (The King) for his masterful gameplay and leadership in the 1960s and 70s.

Ultimately, the title of “King of Polo” remains subjective and based on personal opinion and historical achievements. Regardless of who holds the unofficial title, the true majesty lies in the sport itself and the awe-inspiring skill and dedication of its players.

Where is polo most popular?

While polo is enjoyed in over 77 countries, it’s considered most popular in these three regions:

1. Argentina: 🇦🇷

  • Home to some of the best polo players in the world, like Adolfo Cambiaso and Facundo Pieres.
  • Boasts the highest handicap season globally, with prestigious tournaments like the Tortugas Open, Hurlingham Open, and Palermo Open.

2. United States: 🇺🇸

  • Major polo hubs include Wellington, Florida, Santa Barbara, California, and Greenwich, Connecticut.
  • Hosts the Gauntlet Series, a pinnacle event in the US polo scene.
  • Has a thriving amateur and professional polo community.

3. United Kingdom: 🇬🇧

  • Renowned for its historic polo clubs and traditions.
  • Home to prestigious tournaments like the Cowdray Park Gold Cup and the Royal Windsor Polo Cup.
  • Polo is often associated with the British aristocracy and upper class.

Who is the best polo player in history?

Determining the absolute “best” polo player in history is a complex and subjective question, as the sport has evolved over centuries and playing styles differ across regions. However, several legendary players consistently top the list when discussing all-time greats:

  1. Adolfo Cambiaso (Argentina): Nicknamed “Dolfi,” Cambiaso is widely considered the current top player and arguably the greatest of all time. He boasts an unmatched 10-goal handicap, numerous championship wins, and exceptional horsemanship and tactical skills. 
  2. Tommy Hitchcock Jr. (USA): A dominant player in the early 20th century, Hitchcock was renowned for his incredible athleticism, powerful strokes, and leadership qualities. He led his team to multiple US Open victories and is still revered for his impact on the sport. 
  3. Foxhall Keene (USA): A true polymath in the world of sports, Keene excelled in various athletic pursuits, including polo. He won the US Open a record eight times and was known for his exceptional horsemanship and strategic mind. 
  4. Juan Martin Nero (Argentina): Another contemporary legend, Nero is a 10-goal player known for his aggressive style, precise shots, and ability to create scoring opportunities. He has been instrumental in La Martina’s numerous championship wins and remains a dominant force in the sport. 
  5. Guillermo Gracida Jr. (Mexico): Gracida held the 10-goal handicap for a record 21 consecutive years and won the US Open 16 times. He was a complete player, adept at offence and defence, and his longevity and consistency solidified his place among the greats. 

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